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  1. We had the same issue with ours, Sage themselves didn’t want to know but did send us several packets of coffee beans because they blamed our fault with the oracle on the beans we were using. Don’t get me wrong we were pleased to receive the beans but the fault continued several phone calls & emails later over several weeks & in the end sage just didn’t want to know. It was driving us mad & we both were getting upset due to the faulty machine & money it cost us to buy. AO who we bought it from sent us four machines in total the state of the boxes they came in is another story but AO themselves were great in sending us replacements to try but enough was enough and sage not even acknowledging our issue we sent the last one back and had a full refund from AO
  2. Yes those holes are redundant, the magnet is fixed into the fan & like you said the fan can be removed with the tool although you can just grab hold & pull down. The central silver fan connector you see in the photo can be unscrewed
  3. Hello, The only part that’s missing is the fan & you should be able to get a replacement from Sage, The part in the middle is called the Fan connector this can be altered to adjust the height of the finished Tamped coffee I believe
  4. Hello, we’ve had our Oracle Touch now for about two months at first everything was fine, But shortly after the first week it’s developed a Fault & doesn’t seem to Tamp correctly or finish the job you could say. Being such a new machine we’ve checked, cleaned & reset everything we could but this has not resolved the intermittent fault. Sage themselves have been little use to us infant we seem to be going round in circles, they’re conclusions now are we’re using the wrong beans or should I say the beans don’t agree with the Oracle. Don’t get me wrong I can see their understanding but Sage sent us a bag of Pact coffee beans & the conclusion was the Oracle has or had the same fault as with our beans. Now almost four weeks down the line with reporting the fault & getting nowhere Sage are sending us another package yes some more Pact beans ( we are grateful for the beans mind ) but this has got us nowhere. We are very frustrated in what was a considered purchase for us & are feeling like we’re getting nowhere. Any help please would put our minds at rest or the next step for us Many Thanks
  5. Hi, Could someone please point me in the right direction for a new group head gasket for my Silvia v3, I have spotted several sites offering them but not sure who to go with as the price varies between different sites. Who would be the better parts site for the Silvia ? Many Thanks.
  6. Hi, Having just got round to trying my Bottomless Portafilter on my Rancilio Silvia V3 (Thought I'd get use to the silvia with the standard Portafilter first in case any mishaps) I have noticed after using the bottomless one a couple of times With the standard double basket that came with the Silvia it seems to leak unless I turn it further than I would have using the original Portafilter. I suppose if the Handles are made with even a slight difference it would require that extra tweak to make the seal but having got use to the original one turning the handle further concerned me a little as I didn't want to force anything I shouldn't.
  7. Hello, Yes I have just treated myself (about 3 weeks ago) to a Eureka Mignon, We bought a new Silvia V3 a few week previous & soon learnt our Krups grinder just wasn't up to the job so after lots of research decided to go for a Mignon (in gloss black) though it's not really gloss more between Gloss & Satin. Ours has all the controls located on the side - the on / off switch with neon light - timer adjustment knob when pushed either locks in or out & Timer button that does the same either locks in or out with a push (this switches between using the grinder in manual or timer mode. lovely grinder goes well with my Silvia.
  8. Hi, Could anyone give me some advice please on some espresso shot glasses, I have seen a couple but one was marked with 30ml/1oz & 60ml/2oz then the other glass had markings single shot 25ml & Double 50ml Both nice glasses but I can't think why the different measurements between the two glasses (single & double shots) I would like them to go with my Rancilio Silvia V3 any thoughts or recommendations would be great.
  9. Hi, Firstly I have to say a big thank you too some very helpful people on this forum, I bought my Silvia a few weeks ago & soon learnt a new grinder would follow as my Krups Grinder just wasn't up to the job ! A Eureka Mignon soon followed & now sits proudly on my Kitchen worktop beside my Silvia. Now my Question is That I have the original Silvia Double shot basket that came with it but am a little confused with the science (Quantity of coffee I should be using) is it just down to the more coffee weight in beans or ground the longer/ larger your of Shot of coffee ? or is it the same shot just stronger & the timing of your shot or is it just down to your own personal taste - Can anyone help me with my Silvia Dosing.
  10. Sorry I don't think I got the hang of this was trying to Reply to an earlier post - Someone said they may sell a mignon Grinder
  11. When would you look at selling & Have you any idea on price ?
  12. When would you look at selling & Have you any idea on price ?
  13. Think I would like new & Looking to spend around £250 - £300 I just spotted the Eureka Mignon - out of the three (Rocky & Mahlkonig Vario) Any idea what would be the better for my Silvia V3 or is it down to personal Preference ?
  14. Can anyone recommend a Good Grinder for my new Silvia V3, I would rather get it right first time around - than buy a new Grinder & Wished I'd bought different one ! I was looking at the Rancilio Rocky or Mahlkonig Vario Or if anyone can suggest another I would appreciate a few pointers ..
  15. Hi, Yes we tried it on the finest first time, then today I tried the next one back ( it has 17 different positions ) I was just wondering if it's finest is too fine & there's nothing in between (so to speak) in other words do I need a bigger range of fine settings perhaps this is how the rocky or others would suit better & the krups is limited.
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