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  1. Chaps. Can anyone give me a rough idea how much id expect to get for this mazzer grinder. New burs No hopper or grind cover. Pics included Mike
  2. Ace i'll get it posted in the selling group see what interest i get.
  3. Hi all. Im after some advice. Iv a mazzer grinder which i have had for some years now and im clearing my loft and i came across it. As you can see there is no hopper or cover for the grinds, is it worth selling?
  4. For sale is my dewalt roghing gun, only had this for a few months but prefer paslode hense up for sale Perfect working order. Usual scuffs but near brand new looking. Price £300
  5. Hi all. What flour does everyone use and prefer? Mike
  6. Thanks for the tip with the RYE next day my started looked more active than ever, i now feel like i have getting there with the started.
  7. Can anyone recommend the best Flour for a starter and making bread?
  8. Gent's I started a started 7 days ago and although there is small bubbles that look to be activity i do wonder about the smell though....Yogurt smell? Start is just AP flour and Water equal quantities. Mike
  9. Payment has been received.
  10. Let's knock this down. Anywhere here in the Uk delivered £250
  11. For sale is my trusty Rancilio Silvia. Machine is in excellent condition as can be seen in the photo's, it has a Auber pid. Machine has been regularly cleaned and also de-scaled approx once every couple of months. As you can see it also come with a original porta filter aswell as naked porta filter, also has various baskets and 2 tamps. I am asking for £300 including shipment anywhere in UK. Thanks
  12. mike361

    PS4 For sale

    Payment received/cleared/ LEt me know your address please? Thanks Mike
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