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  1. @Northern_Monkey - that’s the plan just wanted to roll the dice and check the interest levels I have a couple out in the wild even further north!
  2. Have been working on something for past few weeks is this something anyone would be interested in? I fancied something to finish off the grinder that was a little more decorative than a standard hopper.
  3. Just don’t try saving a buck or two importing yourself use a UK reseller and I can’t see why you’d have any issues [emoji1419] Mine can from a bloke in Northern Ireland - has one set ex demo strain gauge got damaged in shipping had to wait for the next batch but sent me a new set to replace the faulty ones. Scales were not packed in their OEM box so must have had a hard time in shipping!
  4. I rate my Felicita scales, buy from a decent reseller and you should be fine. Using the arc and the parallel daily for two years whilst the missus uses my old acaia lunar for baking. Plus plus two sets of scales for price of acaia, also a weird benefit if you use spouts or split shots, the Felicita arc is wider for double cupping [emoji1787]
  5. I’ll take at asking if you’d be willing to ship?
  6. Let’s go ahead and make it official; 1. grumpydaddy 2. Heligan 3. Hasi 4. johnealey 5. Dumnorix 6. MrShades 7. Rob177palmer 8. Jollybean 9. richwade80 10. Rhys 11. (Rhys's other half, unless a +1 is acceptable?) 12. MediumRoastSteam 13. Flying_vee 14. RobW 15. Deeez Nuuutz 16. jimbojohn55 17. Thecatlinux 18. Working dog 19. joey24dirt 20. Stevebee 21. dlash 22. Snakehips 23. Planter 24. Jaffro 25. Nicknak 26. Niche Coffee (James and Martin) 27. Systemic kid 28. MarkyP 29. H_P 30. CallumT Looking forward to this event as always - nice to catch up!
  7. Sorry folks this was listed on behalf of Lee, I would suggest trying to to get in touch directly with him. (And on here following forum rules) I understand the listing is attached to my user, but now hopefully people can have their queries answered!
  8. To reiterate what others have highlighted if the system is 12v you’ll want to look into changing the power supply / transformer they can have all sort of issues when operating with 90% of reduced load. This was the issue with my under cabinet lights in the kitchen, fresh LEDs and a Driver designed for the LEDs sorted it and no noticeable reduction in quality of light for 90% reduction in wattage.
  9. Nae bother Lee, have you still got the clima?
  10. Did not realise the resurrection of over a month on this
  11. I have a spare one, have you got my number?
  12. Isn’t that coffeechap on the tee?
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