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  1. Good afternoon, I am looking to upgrade, currently owning a Gaggia Classic with ascaso grinder. Having owned this setup for about 4 years now it's time for an upgrade. I drink 2 milk based drinks in the morning, with the occasional added espresso for those rough mornings, 5-6 drinks a day during weekends. Basically what I'm looking for in my setup is convenience, consistency and quality, in that particular order. If you would have to choose a setup with these requirements, what would you choose? Requirements grinder - consistent in terms of dose - doserless, on-demand - low retention (let's say I'm willing to purge a couple of grams (4-5g) everyday day) - Fast and relatively quiet - mess-free Requirements machine - consistent - stable in temperature (to keep the need to purge to the bare minimum) - the ability to make a couple of milk based drinks back to back Let's say money isn't an issue but for the sake of the argument let's keep it under £5K new. Honestly I'd rather have a super convenient, easy, quick to clean, mess- and hassle-free setup with a sliiiiightlyyyy less tasty espresso, than to have a lot of hassle to have the ability to pressure profile and have that increase in espresso quality... I'm currently looking at the Rocket R58 and a mahlkonig K30. I love the look of the R58 and I believe the double boiler would give me my consistency, stability and steaming abilities... Whenever I see the k30 in action it looks as if it is easy, convenient, fast and clean to use. However I still feel that a k30 would be overkill for home use. Does my perfect setup exist? What would you buy?
  2. I swear I wrote kettle! I blame autocorrect on iPhone...
  3. My setup for my tiny apartment at uni, saved a long time for this! Gaggia classic with naked portafilter and steam wand upgrade, ascaso I-steel mini grinder, espresso gear tamper, and a knock box and tamper holder. Additional stuff contains scales, 2 bags of locally roasted beans, red French press, red cappuccino cup, red coffee box (contains various spare parts) a kettle and most importantly, a box of 200 pieces of little biscuits! Gets the job done!
  4. It has some good points though, maybe not on the perfect-espresso-side of things but it points out some points that do bother me when I'm working (I'm a waiter at a restaurant). The decaf point makes sense, I get customers asking about 5 times if the coffee really is a decaf, and when I assure them it is they don't even believe me. The sugar/vegan thing makes sense as well, a lot of people have a really wrong idea of what is good for them and what is healthy. The 'be nice and tip' thing is just common sense, I get about 10-15 tables per day with people that are just plain rude and have no respect whatsoever for the people serving them. Tipping (in Belgium) is more of a sensitive subject, I never expect people to tip me, but if the bill is 19,95 and you give me 20, is the 5 cents really worth making me run back to the counter when the restaurant is overcrowded with people and I have about 5 customers yelling at me? The coffee side of the article is something else though...
  5. But the main problem is that when I turn the knob the needle itself doesn't turn. The knob just turns by itself, the hole in the knob has become bigger than the needle.
  6. I just opened it up again and there is no leaking, if my valve is being damaged is there a way I can see it? Closing it with finger and thumb is impossible as the machine gets too hot to touch, I don't know if that is normal though...
  7. It does not leak at all, when I turn it off using the knob (I can only go this far without having the plastic knob to 'overturn' (without actually turning the needle)) it just keeps puffing some steam. If i close it using the pliers it is completely closed and does not leak a bit. So is it possible to have a 'better' (sturdier) steam knob or will this damage the valve by overturning the needle?
  8. The steam knob on my Gaggia Classic isn't working properly anymore, after taking it off it kinda looked like it had been turned the wrong way a couple of times. It actually feels like the half round-half straight hole turned round and the plastic is just all messy. I've been using pliers to open and close it now (when I close it with the knob it keeps puffing out a little bit of steam) Now the thing is, I can probably order one from eBay and have the same flimsy plastic knob. I am however planning on keeping my Gaggia a while so I was thinking of getting a nice decent (metal?) knob. Does anybody know where I could buy one that fits or is anyone able to produce one for me? I am located in Belgium but would be happy to pay for shipping costs.. Thanks in advance!
  9. I stopped myself from using a ruler to straighten out my machine next to the grinder on my bench..
  10. It does seem to come hand in hand! Or maybe everybody just cleans up just before updating their 'show off your setup' reply...
  11. I've got a bit of OCD when it comes to cleaning and putting stuff away, just wondering how clean you guys keep your machines/grinders/bench. I tend to rinse the portafilter and completely dry it after every shot, flush the brew head before and after every shot and pretty much vacuum the bench every day. I know this is probably a bit much but I really can't stand grinds on my bench (which is also my table where I eat, med student living in a tiny apartment) Anybody else with severe OCD issues? (can't even have my cups' ears facing a different way )
  12. Good thinking, might be on to something there Would anybody have any clue what it might be worth? I can pick it up for about £80 but I don't know if it's worth it!
  13. I googled every brand you said and I still can't find this exact model. But I'm sure you're right, most if the models do look very similar, I just can't seem to find the twin one.
  14. After some more research I'm fairly sure it is a Futurmat, probably branded under different names, anybody any idea? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  15. Found this online, can't seem to find it anywhere else. I'm sure someone on here knows what it is (and what it is worth). -picture not working- here is the link: Thanks in advance!
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