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  1. Thanks for the welcome and advice! I'm currently using a Starbucks burr grinder that I hacked so it produces finer grind than standard and the amazing press, both of which do produce an okay shot provided I warm the presso, use freshly roasted and freshly ground beans, but I'm really looking forward to being able to produce something better. I didn't have any space for a proper machine until now. My budget is negotiable (with myself) though I was thinking that the next logical step up would be the gaggia and perhaps see how I get on with my grinder for now. I do need to spend some money on the flat as opposed to just new toys! I'd be grateful for any views on my plans, if anyone has any (hoho).
  2. I think you'll find I did. Wasn't expecting criticism of my first post!
  3. Just a quick post to help fulfill my mandatory 2 posts. Anyone got a Rancilio Silvia or Gaggia Classic in London that they'd like to let me have for a decent price? Just moved into a flat with a kitchen with space for a coffee maker and very excited to move away from the Presso soon...
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