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  1. Yeah, forgot to mention that: also weighing the coffee. Lemme try a finer grind...
  2. I've been pulling shots from a used Gaggia Classic (unknown year) for a couple of months now. It's always taken a consistent 25 seconds to pull the requisite 2 oz or so. In the last week, it's suddenly starting to flow a lot faster. If I let it run for 25 seconds, I get way more espresso than I want. Another way to put it: now to get the same amount of espresso as I previously got in 25 seconds, it only takes 17 or 18 seconds. The coffee tastes and looks more or less the same. Maybe a bit less crema. When I got the machine, I adjusted the pressure on the OPV to have 9 bar at the group head. I just measured it again and it's still at 9 bar. I'm tamping just the way I always have and the setting on the grinder (Mazzer Mini) hasn't been touched. Any idea why this would happen or what to do about it? I'm stymied. All help appreciated.
  3. I've heard from my local Rancilio dealer--who sells both the Silvia and the Auber PID kit (and Silvias with the Auber PID kit pre-installed)--that he has heard from Auber that they are not sure their PID can be fitted to a Silvia E. It seems the 30-minute EU-mandated shutoff is a problem...
  4. I don't doubt that every pound is extremely important to you. I think that's probably true of most people! But in that other thread you wrote this: My offer was £245 plus postage (not realising postage was from Bulgaria). That's probably actually more than the £260 including postage that you were offering on that other thread. Anyway, that offer is off the table, but you might also want to spell out whether the £260 includes shipping and what the situation is with the warranty.
  5. Further apologies from me are now due: I'm withdrawing my offer. I didn't realise the machine (and presumably the warranty) were in Bulgaria but got this info from a thread in the Silvia forum. Best of luck with the sale.
  6. My apologies, all. Didn't mean to come off as rude but was a bit annoyed as it seemed like my offer was being ignored over 24 hours after making it. Again, sorry.
  7. Is this your way of saying you're not accepting my offer? Strange way of going about things: I would've preferred some sort of direct communication in the thread... From the sticky post at the top of this forum: i didn't consider my offer to be "substantially lower" than the asking price (only 5% lower) but my reason is: I think it's a fair offer. Now: please do me the courtesy of accepting or declining.
  8. I see now that there's another thread with what I take to be this same machine: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?28112-Sold-Rancilio-Silvia-V3-%A3210 Thanks for wasting my time.
  9. Would you accept £200 plus shipping cost to Dublin?
  10. And that says it all. You think that the only reason a new member might come along is to "get" something. And you think he/she should first "give." But, in fact, what I wanted to post would have been more accurately characterised as "giving" than "getting" since I would have been alerting members to the existence of an extremely good deal on a popular grinder (and, no, I have no connection to the company selling it, as should be obvious). How good a deal? Well, let's see, there's a 6-month-old version of this very same grinder listed in the For Sale section of this site at £220 plus P+P. This brand new one is selling for £229. So we're talking about doing your community a service. That's much more accurately characterised as "giving" than a bunch of meaningless posts the sole purpose of which is to get the post count up. Which is why the requirement is absurd.
  11. Ok, let me put it another way. You don't want frivolous posts. But you do want to force people to talk about things about which they have nothing to say (for the moment) in order to allow them to discuss things about which they do have something to say (if the appropriate forum for that substantive post is a restricted one). I'll leave it to you to decide what the appropriate name is for posts in which the author has nothing to say. I thought "frivolous" was accurate, but let's call them "vacuous" instead. You want them to talk about things on which they have nothing to say but you're very very annoyed with vacuous posting of any kind. Except, of course, the kind of which there are several examples in this very thread (e.g. "Lavazza, lavazza, lavazza"). But those are from regulars, so it's OK. And you think this place doesn't​ resemble a snooty coffee shop?
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