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    Coffee grinds

    What do you do with yours? I have been reading about what can be done with the spent grinds and think I will try them in the garden to get rid/help with slugs as we are always over run (or slid!) with them.
  2. It's going really well. He is mega busy at work, hence not joining himself yet. He has been making great coffee for us including latte and cappucino-I had my first go at the weekend but I think I tamped the coffee too much as it took ages to come through and was very watery ( But I need to practice I think! we now have flavoured syrups as well so that we can make hazelnut and vanilla latte's. We need to get more beans also now, if anyone has any recommendations?
  3. We have crema! My husband seems to have mastered it now. We watched a video on you tube (so many rancilio and rocky videos on there!) and he is now pulling lovely shots with great crema. The shots are taking about 27 seconds at last timing! Thanks for the advice Banish Instant-heating the machine certainly helps. Does anyone else have a rocky and if so what grind setting do you have it on? When my husband first started he had it on 6 as recommended in the manual but the shots were a little bitter and had no creama, he's now increased it to 8 and we are getting much better results. I think I might have a go later at pulling a few!
  4. We have just pulled the first shots (well my husband has). They were really nice and he made us both a great latte; but we have yet to master the crema so think it's possibly to do with the grind or the tamp. We need to do more reading and research on it and I need to contact Glenn about coming to do some training for us. Any tips?
  5. Well guys he has not long opened his gifts and he loves it! He had got an idea that I might be getting him a coffee maching apparently but thought it would be filter or pod-he was 'extremely chuffed' (I think is the right expression!). Thank you all so much for your help and advice. I've told him all about this site and how helpful you all are and I am sure he will be joining soon to gain some coffee knowledge. Thanks again-oh and it's a lovely looking machine! he he
  6. TheDoc

    Storing beans

    Brilliant thanks for the advice again guys, I will get some containers and tell my husband about using his beans in good time. It's his birthday friday and the beans were roasted on the 28th so hopefully they should be good. Hmm, home roasting huh!
  7. Well guys just a little feedback on my espresso for you all. I have been sent the doser less grinder instead of the doser that I ordered, but seeing as it's my husbands birthday next week I will be keeping it...but I called my espresso just to check it was the doser less. I did this because I didn't want to open the outer box if I decided to sent it back. I was told that yes it was the doser less and offered no apology for being sent the wrong item. I then had the difference explained to me again between the two types and told that although I hadn't ordered the doser less it was really a fortunate mistake I had beenn sent it as it would be better for us. I have decided to keep it as I won't be able to return it and get another one before next week. But this certainly isn't the great customer service I was lead to believe I could expect from my espresso. I also ordered a milk jug from them and when it arrived the box is all ripped. I haven't complained about this as it seems trivial, but it's still not what you would expect for a £20 jug-Nigella Lawson's is cheaper ;o)
  8. TheDoc

    Storing beans

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on the best way to store roasted beans. I've recently purchased a Rancilio Silvia for my husband with a rocky grinder. It's his birthday next friday and I've had 2 lots of beans delivered today from has bean. Will they be ok in their bags for a week? I've just read something about a bag Glenn had expanding and him letting the air out of a one way valve (these bags don't appear to have a valve!) When we do open them, what's the best method of storage? Thanks TheDoc
  9. I think you might have posted in the wrong thread Mark? Great to hear you are happy with your machine though and good recommendations for Glenn-I must contact him. The Rancilio and grinder arrived yesterday guys, along with a tamper, knock box and milk jug and I have just had some beans delivered today. I plan on getting him some syrups too as he loves these, and maybe some other bits-but not sure what. I haven't opened the machines as they are all stapled tight, but I think my espresso might have sent me a doserless grinder when I ordered a doser one-just trying to contact them to check this out. It's his birthday next friday so I will be on to let you know how it goes!
  10. Brilliant, thank you again for all of your help and advice. Fingers crossed he likes it all now!
  11. It's done! I have gone for the rancilio silvia with the rocky doser grinder. I have ordered it from my espresso and he gave me a good talk through the difference between a doser and doserless. I've also ordered him a knock box, tamper (not the RB one as I couldn't get the one I wanted, but will get him this later on), and a jug. I will then probably let him chose some other bits for himself. I now want to get him some nice beans for with it-I've had a look at the thread by Glenn and also get him some cappucino cups. Thank you all so much for your advice and now becoming totally fed up with my constant questions. I am also going to see if he would like some training with Glenn as I think that would be a great thing to help him/us understand the machines.
  12. Right-I feel I am getting more confused the more I ask, but I need to order soon as his birthday is the beginning of Feb. Pleaes bear in mind I love coffee and drink lots of it, but have never owned a machine at home-so I am sure some of my questions are very very basic! RisingPower-what do you mean, we could make things other than espresso's if we had a rocky and removed the portafiler? I like the idea of less mess with a doser (as I'm sure the cleaning will fall to me) and don't mind spending a few extra minutes cleaning the machine out if it means the kitchen stays cleaner over all! The two machine's I am still considering are the rocky and the iberital mc2. But I also don't want to be wasting lots of coffee each time we make a drink. We do entertain and usually then there will be 6-10 of us drinking coffee, not sure if that would affect it? In terms of tampers, are they all standard sizes? If I order the reg barber one (love the zebra wood one!) will it work? Thanks again, The Doc
  13. I have had a look at some of the reviews provided by BanishInstant (admittedly, very quickly). Is the benefit of a doser that he could grind more coffee? He probably won't drink more than 2/3 weekdays and maybe we will make about 10 cups on weekend days. So is a doser worth while? I have to say, being a girl, I would probably go more for looks. But obviously I want it to be the best it can be for him!
  14. Oh boys, let's not turn this thread into a dispute....I still need to find a machine and grinder! I don't fancy my husband being scalded by a bottomless anything either he he. So I am set on the rancilio machine, and I love the suggestions for the accessories-I really like the reg barber tamper and it is his birthday...so will probably get that! But which grinder, I am not technical and don't understand clumping etc. This thread is making me feel quite coffee dumb!
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