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  1. @chimpsinties if the coils not open circuit, I believe it was 2200 ohms, so consuming 20W it should be working....in fact you would possibly hear it. You need to recheck your work. P.s. I did expect it to be lower, but it's well within the range of not being open or shorted.
  2. You should definitely expect steam pressure...and you're not getting any cos gauge is busted. There's two bourdon tubes in the gauge and one of them is either busted, or the pipe to the gauge is blocked.
  3. @Niall Hamilton Welcome to the forum....you will never have any success from pre-ground coffee. You need to buy a grinder. Check out the classifieds section https://coffeeforums.co.uk/classifieds/ You obviously have steam pressure....which means there is either a blockage to the gauge, or it's fecked (technical term). If you purchased the machine new, contact your retailer. The feed ends of the twin gauge are easy to remove and refit...but getting at the gauge itself is a bit awkward.
  4. @Like Medium Strong Coffee They have access to classifieds immediately...the old rule was dumped with the old system of selling stuff.
  5. @MediumRoastSteam I think some of the European companies have got their sales systems in order and either cover the VAT and handling themselves, so you pay a known price...or simply sell them Ex VAT and you pay VAT and handling.
  6. @bcoffee I have NBR O ring Kits and FKM....I would use either in the flow control valve because it typically doesn't get above 90 - 100C. One of the key things that will help it last is a good fit and regular lubrication. FKM should be the last rubber to harden and I would expect the o rings on flow controls to need replacement within 2 years depending on machine on time. They are not a permanent solution as many people might think. I have both kits to give me o rings to use in a wide range of applications from Vac breakers to domestic tap parts. I recently use the NBR to fix a Franke kitchen mixer cartridge tap that was leaking at one of the levers (it's usually the hot one and usually within 4 years. 10p or less and 2 o rings and it's good as new. I suppose I could try and find EDPM O ring kit as well...but they are tricky to find, most say rubber or NBR.
  7. https://trp.co.uk/what-is-the-difference-between-fkm-and-epdm/ remembering that Viton is FKM
  8. @Like Medium Strong Coffee Americano was a by product of convenience, but now it makes a different long coffee drink to a filter/pourover. I like the variety and will try beans using both methods.
  9. @chimpsinties To clarify and support what Norvin is saying. The solenoid is NO (normally open) to the brew circuit...which by definition means when the solenoid gets no power, the brew circuit WILL pressurise. Autofill of the boiler requires the solenoid to be energised...
  10. @woodbar I like FKM, but that's me
  11. @ScruffyDroid Welcome to the forum, time to jump down the rabbit hole and check out the classifieds.
  12. Remove vent tube place hand in front of fan outlet, is there a good strong flow? Remove entire fan motor assembly and photograph open metal box and check capacitor and photograph If it's all good, then you have a restriction before the fan make sure cooling tray holes are not blocked open cooling tray hatch, get mirror on a stick+torch and check where vents are near drum close CA and fully open SD, you should feel a bit of a draw at the drum/tryer side of things
  13. Nowadays, ALL machines have bespoke parts: Boilers (usually not off the shelf and are drilled with extra fittings, or blanked off ports etc..) Gicar boxes with their own firmware (box will be standard, firmware won't) specifically shaped copper pipes (where copper is used) The case the water tank Apart from those obvious bespoke parts, the rest of the parts are standard components widely available, or standard parts from Gicar and ProElind (which tend to be expensive). These parts can be purchased anywhere and substitutes can be used as long as the threads fit and the specifications are similar. e.g. the minima could be fitted with any vacuum breaker that has the correct thread size, or the pressure relief valve, as long as it's rated to 2.3 bar, or an ulka or olab pump instead of the AR15 vibe pump etc.. etc.. This is the same for all machines Your concerns are not the right ones, the right ones are buying the correct machine for you....focus on that.
  14. based on what you have done and the information provided and the assumption the solenoid wiring from brain to solenoid is all OK...yes. If theres something you failed to mention or didn't check correctly, possibly not. One of the ultimate checks (and to possibly save £100) would be to see if the solenoid is getting power when it tries to autofill...if it is, then you need to go check your work.
  15. Not sure where to measure it, they usually have a little circuit diagram on the side. That centre pin is probably an earth. You will figure it out. It will be something like this
  16. @chimpsinties resistance won't be infinite and it won't be zero shorted. It could have a value anything for 30 ohms to 100 ohms, just guessing Check there's no blockages on the body.
  17. Yup as @HVL87 said, the puck becomes more permeable as the shot progresses.
  18. @galey Separate boilers, what goes on in the steam boiler has no effect on brewing. Sounds like the machines working OK, time to look at the other links in the chain. I see you use the Niche...so unless that's faulty, which I doubt that leaves the man, the scales and the coffee
  19. @ScruffyDroid Welcome to the forum....why not just move to a better grinder...pleanty in classifieds.
  20. @Extricated Welcome to the forum...I can't help with the question but I am sure others will be along to help.
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