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  1. Very nice fit....especially that handy little draw.
  2. DavecUK

    Welcome to Rave

    I understand one coffeechap does still work at Rave....so enough off topic...back to the coffee and welcome to Rave
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    @Yoshitonks Welcome to the forum....it would be good to get a better grinder so you can stop buying pre-ground, the taste will be much better with freshly roasted coffee. I have only 1 cat....with 3 legs.
  4. DavecUK

    Welcome to Rave

    I did notice, hence my question earlier?
  5. I think if people are talking about pricing being "seen somewhere"...it needs to be backed up with a link, because it is more than just speculation at that point! Then speculation becomes "fact" and we've all seen narratives created like this before...where suddenly you can't tell fact from fiction. Very different to saying "looking at the machine, I think it will probably cost 1300 zolpeks, or at least that's what I would expect to pay" Or simply ask the guys...hey, how much will the Kafmasino ONE cost?
  6. DavecUK

    Welcome to Rave

    Does he still work there?
  7. I think a single brewer turns in at almost £6K including VAT....wowsers.
  8. DavecUK

    Welcome to Rave

    @AndyDClements "Fresher than a pillow with a mint on it".....I rather like that little marketing tag line. 😁
  9. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/50287-bambino-plus-leaking/?do=findComment&comment=834468
  10. At least you have excluded the service boiler heating element, connections and limit stat as potential causes. Now it's uplug, lid off and disconnect the brew boiler heating element wire from the limit stat on the brew boiler. Power on and see if it trips. If not, run the pump, and see if it trips.
  11. @pphaneuf The problem is likely to be temperature, and the inability to get it hot enough. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Does it happen with only the brew boiler on?
  13. @Like Medium Strong Coffee the pressure you end a shot will depend on your desired shot ratio. The pressure might be down a tad on mine but the swept volume may not be. So you might find 7 bar on yours gives 35g espresso from 18g like mine. It's just great not having to use scales, and know you will be within 1g. One more simplification of workflow. Preinfusion can be as long as you want, but may have increase bitterness, probably more in darker roasts... perhaps I said something misleading? I would use a longer preinfusion if I ground too fine to avoid puck compression. Possibly lig
  14. Did you change the group (portafilter) gasket by any chance? The portafilters only turn and release under pressure when they are not locked in far enough
  15. @JacksonB I hope he can help you...
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  18. Invisions web ui is great...make sure it's turned on and you're not using desktop view on your device.
  19. @kennyboy993 Do you mean like this? If you do simply Then Then
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