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  1. Elizabeth pro tip
    New upgraded Lelit on the block - Elizabeth

    May I request this ’everyone should know’ tip to be added to Dave’s document for ‘pro’ results? ! Really is an important point for machine operation, I’ve been able to concentrate on extracting coffee since that became sorted for me! cheers mediumroast

  2. Crem one 2b
    Crem One 2B R-LFPP
    24 minutes ago, Cuprajake said:

    thats not true....its nothing to do with the lever useage, its a fault with the design, crem acknowladge it..and have made a fix

    some more details appreciated

  3. Semi-automatic or Double Spring Lever....which one ?
    Semi-automatic or Double Spring Lever....which one ?

    At the outset, I am sorry for the long winding post.

    Some bragging rights 

    We have used a few cheap espresso machines in the past. We do not have one at the moment. The budget (£1.5k-£2.5k) still needs to be approved by the High Command.  

    We are originally from a brewed-coffee drinking family and the current set up is follows:

    • Osmio Zero
    • JX pro
    • Aero Press, Indian Filter, Clever Dripper with Swiss Gold Filter
    • 0.1 g (3 KG) and 10mg (200g) scales
    • 2-3 (max 4) back to back brews each in the morning and evening and another 2 during the day. So, totally, we make about 6 (min) - 10 coffees (max) a day. 
    • Each grind is typically 15 - 20 grams and at times we grind 24-30 g for long steeps for two.
    • More than 60% of the coffee will be milk based. 

    What I am looking for:

    • A dual boiler 
    • Ability to steam milk simultaneously 
    • Pull back to back shots daily and occasionally when friends and family visit (can’t put a number, but I think it may just be a few more)
    • Happy to get my hands dirty on the maintenance side of things, although would like to avoid messing with electricals 
    • My family (Wife and Daughter) may use it without worrying too much about the how side of things 

    Two opposing choices

    • ACS Minima and mod it with Paddle Flow Control 
    • Lelit Bianca
    • V-Vostok 1 Group 

    I like all the three and read Dave’s reviews and videos. Thanks Dave @DavecUK for all amazing reviews and videos. 


    • The Minima is very attractive including the price point; it has relatively fewer wear and tear parts, and maintenance requirements (which I love) compared to Bianca. David @BlackCatCoffee was very helpful and measured the Minima (Vibe pump) noise in dB using the app standing next to the machine on a steel test bench. It was measured at 69 dB, which I can liken it to Osmio Zero’s noise (~ average 65dB on an app standing next to it) when it is not quiet. This does concern me a bit. 
    • Is there anything to be gained for by choosing Bianca over Minima, if I were to go the non-lever route? I do not think the programmed pre-infusion on Bianca is not valuable, given the paddles.
    • I like these machines as I am very curious to try some of the brews (short vs long steep, wider brew ratios, etc).

    Vostok 1 group

    • I never had a chance to try the lever. But, I always liked the lever machines. This is more so after reading the Vostok 1 group, which is  impressive and has commercial-grade parts .  I am aware that Vostok is more difficult to cock the lever compared to other spring levers. Dave did message me with a video that folks with weaker hands could easily cock the lever with 2 hands, unless one has a medical condition. This double-handed approach will help some one like my wife, while I am confident that I will be fine as my hands are stronger. 

    My questions on this machine are :

    • How many pounds pressure one typically needs to apply while cocking the double-spring lever ?
    • Can it pull more than 3-4 back to back shots (if required), if my friends / family were to visit me? If yes, does it affect the stability and life of the machine?
    • Is there anything, which I should be aware of as far as this machine and/or the double-spring lever machines are concerned ?
    • I would appreciate some words of wisdom on regular maintenance and difficulties associated with DIY repairs 

    Final choice :

    I know these deliver the same result using two  different approaches. 

    My mind says, semi-auto, the heart says the lever. I want to buy once and hopefully keep it for a long long time. Although I do not want to regret after purchasing, I do not want to experiment, see if it work, sell and upgrade. We will keep what ever we buy and perhaps, won’t replace as long as it works.  

    • Please share your thoughts, expert opinion and recommendations - Vostok or semi-auto please? 
    • What are the advantages of the double-spring lever over semi-auto? Does it offer a better espresso than the semi-auto? 
    • Is it worth paying the extra price (perhaps £1k over Minima) for Vostok 1 group? 
    • If we are going down the semi-auto route, is it worth paying a few hundred pounds more for Bianca ?

    Finally, please add if I have missed out anything. 

    Many thanks!!!

  4. 2nd hand Vesuvius vs new Minima (vs new Lelit Elizabeth)
    2nd hand Vesuvius vs new Minima (vs new Lelit Elizabeth)

    @CoffeeAnon as with all things partially true. The pump statement is either badly phrased, or the author is unaware of the problem.


    The Vesuvius and some other high-end machines used a pump that wasn’t capable of maintaining pressure. This was a flaw of the pump manufacturer, not the machine, and has since been addressed.

    This is inaccurate. The pump was fine, there is a cheaper version of the pump, but none of the machine manufacturer's used it. The pump is from FluidoTech the induction motor from Cruzet... magnetically coupled. Giving a very long life.

    The problem was simply the potting of the magnet within the drive. On a batch of magentic rotors it wasn't complete and corrosion on exposure to the atmosphere gradually affected the magnetic properties. The rare earth magnets were chosen for low coercion and high field strength but needed sealing from the atmosphere.

    The symptom was a pump that was initially fine and in a year or so would gradually hit a lower and lower pressure. So it was not apparent in testing. Also, only some pumps were affected.The fix was to replace the magnetic rotor within the drive. A simple procedure. 

    Alol those pumps that may have had a badly potted rotor worked through the system at FluidoTech more 4 years ago....the problem was never the suitability of the pump. FOT felt it was easier to send a few replacement magnetic rotors  than recall a huge number of pumps that would all test OK. I have a new rotor somewhere and will take a photo if I remember.

  5. Purchase advice needed. What I want doesn't exist!
    Purchase advice needed. What I want doesn't exist!

    @Dave45 If you just want Americano, then a good filter brewer, or a small pourover kit will do everything you need. Good advice from @BlackCatCoffee I have a little kit myself, I really should just do a video on it. Sometimes in the wee hours or an early morning and the machines are not on, I'll do a quick filter brew....other times, I will do one just because I fancy it.

    My pourover kit is:

    • Gooseneck temperature controlled kettle
    • glass carafe and funnel thingy
    • filter papers
    • grinder (can be hand grinder, or electric)

    A hand grinder can make for a very compact setup and when grinding for filter, is very fast and easy. I have a JX pro, but a cheaper Q2 would do the job fine....It then becomes a very calming zen experience. Ill bookmark this and get a photo together next time I brew.


  6. So my minima has arrived
    So my minima has arrived

    Ive since modded the drip tray 😁






  7. Dalian Amazon Experiences
    Dalian Amazon Experiences
    46 minutes ago, Dartmoor Coffee said:

    @Daveuk64Did you take a phot in the end?


    No had some problems at home with my mother. Didn't get time and to be honest, completely forgot

  8. Dalian Amazon Experiences
    Dalian Amazon Experiences

    There are foam seals on the drawer?

  9. What did the Postie bring you today - Part 2
    What did the Postie bring you today - Part 2
    10 minutes ago, simplyme said:

    Where was this from please?

    I got it from Amazon, there are various places that do them , eBay, Ali express etc , they look like the same one.

    Amazon link ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08D3LVVQ1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  10. MaraX OPV easy mod DaveC
    Mara X: Redirect OPV discharge water from drip tray to re-use – easy mod instructions (with pics)
    13 minutes ago, MediumRoastSteam said:

    @nschnei1 I think I heard @DavecUK? (Maybe - might be wrong) mentioning another way of doing this is to remove the handle and slot the hose on that groove?


    I did it as below and removed one of the lifting handles...it's a long ovoid for the handle, so you lift it until the shape matches, and it easily pops out.

    I found the hose can route out of a small circular groove in the metalwork under the top plate on the left and then routes under the corner of the top plate with it being tightened down, but not enough to close up the tube. I found the best position for the groove was in the far corner as shown.

    To make the groove I drilled a large hole a few mm from the top edge and then trimmed down the sides to open it out.



    On important thing to do is snip 2 or 3cm off the tube to make a short piece you can bung up and place on the fitting where the original hose came from.



  11. Roastvision
    Espresso Vision - Roast Vision potential group buy.

    As some of you may be aware - I been using one of these for a few months now as part of my roasting workflow. They are not being offered for sale in the UK at present. I was able to get mine through my sister who lives in NY at  present.


    Anyway over on the Cormorant Facebook group a number of folk were able to organise a group buy which was in part handled by a US remailer.


    I already have a unit, but know of at least one other person on here that is interested in obtaining one.


    The unit normally retails for $299 plus shipping - but if 5 or more people are interested we could get this down to $225 plus shipping and duties. I thought I could ask my sister if she would be happy to foward the package onto me and then I would mail out to individuals once they arrived in the UK.


    To be clear I’m not looking to make any money out of this but offering this in the spirit of this community.


    If anyone is interested please let me know and I will look further into the costs of shipping and import duties that may be levied.



    Mods if this isn’t appropriate - let me know and feel free to remove.


    Cheers Phil


  12. Mara X: Redirect OPV discharge water from drip tray to re-use – easy mod instructions (with pics)
    Mara X: Redirect OPV discharge water from drip tray to re-use – easy mod instructions (with pics)

    Does anyone know if this mod would invalidate the warranty on the machine? Thinking specifically of the Bella Barista warranty. 

  13. Niche has ground to a halt (almost)
    Niche has ground to a halt (almost)

    Anyone able to help diagnose this problem. I've owned my machine since Oct 2018 grinding an average of 1kg coffee every 6 weeks. Today the motor will only run for a few seconds before stopping (no load). If left off and switched back on it will turn for a few more seconds then stop (the longer it is off the longer it runs on restart).

    There is a relatively faint odour of stressed motor too. I have not delved further into the internals yet but confident to do so if necessary. Anyone have links to teardown schematics? Any assistance will be gratefully received. I have emailed Niche.

    I have also posted this on the NZ FB group and appreciate the best advice will likely come from Niche. However any developments may benefit other owners at some point.

  14. Javahub - My experience
    Javahub - My experience

    I'm going to  say "very gently", this area is meant for "reviews", factual comment about the service one has received from a particular company, whether it was good bad and why. I fully understand the frustration some members must feel, and the burning need to pass comment/judgment on the company concerned.

    Unfortunately this dilutes the review area, and it's usefulness to others in deciding whether to purchase from a particular company. The general rule of thumb should be, if you purchased something then feel free to comment, if someone asks for advice about what to do, possibly help in a factual (non-inflammatory) way about their rights, rules of sale, CC remedies etc... Otherwise, sit on your hands and eat your popcorn. This prevents this area turning into:

    Shooting Black And White GIF by Buyout Footage

    I don't want to have to go through this thread with the mod blackboard rubber...which is just a gigantic PITA (cos once I do one, to keep it fair, I have to do all the others)

    Thanking you all in advance for your understanding.


  15. Mara x steam issue
    Mara x steam issue
    1 hour ago, djrustycans said:


    Looks like it was a faulty temperature sensor on my Mara X.  Apparently it wasn’t getting hot enough and reading incorrectly.  

    It’s been replaced with an ECM sensor.  Just had this info sent through on the service report.

    Still waiting for delivery of mine but fingers crossed that's the end of it. Martin said the ECM sensor is far superior to the stock one - more sensitive and accurate.

  16. Crown & Canvas
    Crown & Canvas

    Ordered 5 bags from these forum sponsors. I always think it is good etiquette to support those who support us. Royal Mail were very slow with delivery so the beans arrived today, 7 days past roasted date.....that means I can open a bag straight away to make a Moka pot....if anyone has any thoughts on this roaster by all means chip in on here

  17. Service/Steam boiler overfilling? - tests you should do
    ACS Minima steamer boiler fault

    Overfilling cause has been solved https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vesuvius/minima-leak-pump-overfilling-t318-s60.html

    As for your "problem" it needs some clearer tests to ensure it is actually overfilling and the possible causes.

    1. Does it autofill correctly, test by drawing small amounts of water and waiting for it to autofill. Then see if it autofills at approximately the same amounts of water drawn each time.

    2. Is the time of autofill broadly the same (obviously if you have taken lots of water out in one go, vs 30ml, it won't be

    3. Could the autofill solenoid be leaking, is the machine overfilling after running against a blind filter (do test 1 which tells you what should come out, vs what comes out after 60s against a blind filter)

    4. Do you use good quality water

    5. If it's overfilling does water ever come out of the vacuum breaker and pool under the machine or in the bottom of the case as the service boiler is warming up.. you will see this almost immediately (within 1m) if the service boiler is full

    6. is the steam overly wet, e,g, is water coming out at the same time

    7. If you drain the contents of the service boiler, how much do you get out. (machine on fully hot, switch off, open water tap, collect and measure water). Compare this with another owner.

  18. Mara x steam issue
    Mara x steam issue
    1 hour ago, MonkeyHarris said:

    Sure I'll do that tomorrow. I can assure you it's not getting hot. The hissing is just air not steam. When it first happend I thought I'd over cooked it but then I felt the side of the pitcher and it was luke warm.

    That's interesting, it's the only explanation that makes any sense. Had you turned the machine on and warmed it up, then steamed...I'm must review that vid again

    I've looked and looked but can't find anywhere you say how many ml of milk you have in the jug?

  19. Minima leak
    Minima leak
    non of the copper ones with the compressiony bit in them, PTFE tape can make them leak. No PTFE on any PTFE tube to elbow fittings. Anything with a coarse thread where the thread is forming the actual seal, usually 5-7 turns does it. It must be tight all the way in but not over tight. When using PTFE don't tighten fully, it's not necessary and it's why you will be able to get that elbow pointing the right way (don't turn back if you go too far though, it will just probably leak).
    Wrap the tape around the threads in the right direction...it's more like Meccano than brain surgery.

    Hi Dave
    Managed to get to the elbow and move the boiler but the elbow was extremely still and using the adjustable grips to rotate the elbow I think I have inadvertently crushed the thread on the elbow.
    What do I do now?IMG_0592.jpg

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