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  1. I just want to see the expressions on the faces of some MPs as they lose their seat....priceless. For me this election is like CPR to our democracy....I don't know if our democracy is fatally wounded or not but this election is just the treatment it needs. I think many MPs jumped before they were pushed by their constituents?
  2. Yeah I'm staying up....don't want to see a second of it. I expect those who voted remain will go to bed early with a stiff whisky or something. Me I'm sitting here with one of my (very occasional nowadays) lattes, looking at the art fade away thinking, I should really drink this. However testing a new machine so taking one for the team! Funny how the pound has gone up against the Dollar and the Euro?
  3. In reality you most likely have 2 choices as these firms have become very good at what they do and are unlikely to make mistakes in signage etc.. nowadays. After all they have had a lot of time to perfect it. 1. Pay the £60 and get on with your life 2. Don't respond and wait for small claims court letters to come....they might, they might not. Court action will take place in small claims court, it's a rinse and repeat process for them. Whether the increased amounts are legally enforceable is debatable as those contractual conditions are probably not on the notice board. It might say you may get additional charges but that can not really form part of a fair contract as those charges theoretically could be un limited based on the text in the sign below. It costs them money and time to actually attend court and they would normally hope that you admit guilt on court letters sent to you. Of course you could say no I'm not guilty because: The lettering on the signs was too small The signs were unclear The signs were not clearly visible The bay was not properly marked You purchased a ticket from a machine close by and reasonably assumed you could park in the bay, the signs were not visible from the ticket machine The lighting on the signs were either defective or not working as you would have noticed a lit sign It was not clear the sign related to the space you parked in Just choose a few (just not ones that contradict each other) as I would imagine they will have to prove you wrong, I don't think you have to prove your right, at least the law didn't work that way last time I looked. All this legal stuff...really they got you bang to rights...the reality is will they bother following through if you look like you would defend a small claims court action? Will they call your bluff and how far.
  4. Easier than on any other grinder (probably).
  5. Most manufacturers don't share detailed cad of the Hydraulics and any I do have I can't really share.
  6. The hipster kitchen shop recommended we buy this. Strongly endorsed by Greta Thunderberg. Modern light not included, you are expected to use candles.
  7. It would be very handy if someone had removed the signs or in some way made them non visible when you were caught by the ANPR. Especially if you have a photo of the obscured signs, they would have to prove they were Visible. Always remember the bay must also be clearly marked.
  8. All I need now is a bonfire in the kitchen for heating water and I can go totally off grid. Just off to order my earth closet!
  9. Well In Scotland you simply contact Nicola Sturgeon, tell her you want independence and she will sort you out.
  10. Finally returned after some time away, so I can continue playing and having fun.
  11. It used to be the case that you could ignore these letters (I did a few times) but our wonderful government changed the law many years ago so you now have to be more careful and not make mistakes. The guidance below isn't too bad. Mainly it's check for compliance re signage, be sure it's not a council thing and hence a proper penalty because you said "permit bay" and the rules are different in Scotland I think. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/private-parking-tickets/
  12. Sometimes the "precision" baskets can be more difficult as they can have a wider area of holes at the bottom. I have both IMS competition baskets (2 or 3 types)/VST and whatever the machines come with. I do find differences in grind level between the different baskets but the "precision" ones don't seem to really help, often the reverse. I actually forget what machine has what basket nowadays and simply know the grind levels/dose for each machine. I'll pull a shot with any basket and when testing always use the supplied baskets. The real differences I find is with the coffees certain varietals and roast levels. Some are easy to obtain a perfect non spurty pour, others far more difficult, requiring accurate grind level and fill level.
  13. Sorry it's a long answer but it's complicated (the reasons) for such a simple thing as a flush. Yes your reasoning is almost correct but please read on. I wish it was so simple and one of the reasons the HX machines I used to test in the old days were such a PITA to do. Yes the volume of water in the HX is the same so if we talk about exactly the same machine an increase in boiler temp causes an increase in HX thermosyphon temp. They usually (should) have injectors fitted for incoming water, this will cause some mixing and heating as it enters and the water that comes down the group pipes is not quite at thermosyphon temperature....as it enters it's being reheated in the HX and the heating elements kick in. This means after the flush the water is heating right back up again. This first effect varies a lot by machine...an Andreja might require a 30 second wait after flushing, an Izzo might be 10 seconds or pretty much flush and go by the time the PF is loaded. So boiler temperature affects this step. The second area affected is the group and if you like, the metal in the system, the air in the case (everything that isn't water). This all serves to help maintain heat, the group temperature will have a direct effect on shot temperature. When you flush the group temperature comes down, but if you start off hotter it doesn't come down as much for an Identical flush starting from a lower temperature. Now these effects above are subtle but will affect initial brew temperature as the water hits the coffee and, intra pour stability. With a small change in temperature (1-2C) then you wont see too much difference, but moving from 123 to 130 you might see quite a lot. The HX design in the particular machine and any thermosyphon restriction, size of thermosyphon pipes, insulation, temperature control mechanism etc.. will also affect greatly how it reacts to changing boiler temps. There are a few machines so bad that if the boiler temp is too high, they become very difficult to flush down and warm up again almost instantly. One is coming off the market as a new machine the other is still on the market and unsuspecting owners have no idea (initially), usually it takes about 12 months for the penny to drop. The other test I do when temperature testing is an "on test". Warm up machine, after warm up period say 30 minutes (flush then check shot temp), then leave it an hour (repeat), then leave it 2 hours (repeat_. Try it you will see the flush volumes increase, surprising because you wouldn't expect any real change after 1 hour. It's a super PITA when setting up dual boiler PID settings as this and other tests have to be repeated for each temp step from 90-96...takes lots of time. All this is why I used to put a recommended pressure/temperature for the boiler on machines HX I used to test and write manuals for or recommend to BB. With one exception, I don't test HX machines these days. The One exception is the Lelit Mara X because it's very unusual. I had a prototype back in July last year and it failed some special temperature testing as it was designed to be a "better HX" that didn't need much if any flushing. In a lab that may have been true but not in the real world used like an owner would use one. They went back to the drawing board after my report and solved the problems...In January I will get a production Mara X to side by side with the prototype and I will spend time going through the differences and the journey from prototype to final production and the case off changes.....keep an eye for it on my review site and youtube channel I think you might find it interesting. As always things are a compromise in any machine, the HX is a larger compromise but as we compromise on pressure, grind, roast level at any specific point in the shot, as long as it all works together to produce an acceptable beverage....no problem. It's when that compromise (for any element) falls way outside the reasonable parameters we start noticing a difference. So for your specific machine I don't know the flush down volume/time, or the ideal wait period before lock and load, or the time between shots where you don't have to flush or require a reduced flush volume.. You will have to test these things yourself. You can get a pretty good idea for free by watching the water flash off to steam from the shower screen. If you pull a shot and then prep for a second, does it flash to steam again before you lock and load? If it does, how quickly does it calm down again (usually much faster) and it's easy to over flush as group temp changes as well.
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