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  1. Check with the retailer, to see if they are OK with you trying to free it up using pliers...if they are you have nothing to loose. Just be careful not to scratch the case. The worrying bit is the knob rotating but the shaft not moving....that's not right, and I hope the inside of the knob has not been rounded out.. I can't see deep inside as it's not square on, but it looks like it might be OK. As steam valves should only ever be closed gently and never opened completely...you should be OK....unless of course the valve has a fault. P.S If the shaft moves really easily w
  2. @tompoland Doesn't pull oils/aromatics to the surface They will still age whilst in the freezer, so best freeze them as fresh as possible.
  3. @postexitus It might drip a few drops after drawing water, but if the hot water tap continually drips while the steam boiler is on...that's not right. Steam should not come out of the hot tap when warming up.....are you sure it's coming out of the hot tap?
  4. That's not right at all...something else must be wrong
  5. @turkalpmd Is the lower burr carrier nut a normal thread, anticlockwise to loosen?
  6. Unfortunately with forced air roasters, they are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations.
  7. @Sbug I use a plastic automotive oil jug with a flexible spout. About £8 from Amazon.
  8. And you can backflush as often as you want!...in fact once every week or 2 weeks, is recommended
  9. My dampers all move very easily, not stiff at all?
  10. Sorry guys, couldn't resist...😉
  11. The Astoria Greta...."how dare you get a shot wrong, you have stolen my childhood"! 😁
  12. @JohanR Thaty's because of the larger breaker zone, packs the burrs better...You might find the breaker zone in the replacement burrs is at a steeper angle as well. There have been some strange goings on in the cut of some flat burrs in Italy, as manufacturers try to achieve something different with their grinders.
  13. It looked a lot better, the dead spot was probably a minor distribution/tamp issue. What pressure is the machine running?
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