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  1. It won't be, although I found it less hassle to use than the E92 (smaller too)....I purchased my E92 new and have not used have not used it for years now....I doubt even 60kg has gone through it. 🤣
  2. Take the lever and cam out of the E61 group and post up a close up photo of the cam chamber...
  3. Full Welsh. Mab I egg, Mab i bacon & Mab I sausages (from Jones the butcher) , Mab i mushrooms, Lava bread that we say is delicious and pretend to eat, so we can laugh at the tourists. Then we can laugh again as they eat the cockles. When they ask for Welsh Rarebit we say we don't do that, because it's not Welsh. Then back to the kitchen to tuck into some English rarebit, because it's nice but we don't tell them that. (obviously tongue in cheek)
  4. My view was Gail did her best to help and inform people, it's all any of us can do. We use what knowledge we have to do the best we can.
  5. Hold on a moment...... just updating ignore list....done!
  6. "How oft the sight of means to do ill deeds makes ill deeds done!" King John Act 4 Scene 2
  7. I wanted to send Ramsay a personal e-mail to show him what I'd expect as the absolute Minimum for a £19 brekkie...OK it's not perfect but you have to admit, it's getting there! or this Or preferably both and for desert....one of these......<clear>
  8. You have to stir the HP sauce into your yolk a little bit to form a well you can dip yer sausages and bacon into.. I don't like one big shroom, I like a pile of button mushrooms (I have this thing about the mushroom compost not being washed out of the gills). Baked beans should be on the plate and the plate made huge if necessary...I hate it when they are in a space capsule awaiting breakfast re-entry....even worse when they are in a ramekin bowl with the dirty outside plonked into the middle of your breakfast. P.S. If possible I like my sausages skinned before cooking.
  9. Chips or fried potato slices then.
  10. Served at the Savoy, I thought this comment was insightful and I only wanted to add...where's the white and brown toast butter and Marmalade (or Lembas Bread)....Tis truly a different world for the rich and famous. Punching down "that's a damn fine meal and good value too", punching up "please sir, can I have some more". Aaaand the fried bread...2 triangles.
  11. There is a quote from William Congreve's 1697 play The Mourning Bride...often wrongly attributed to Shakespeare...lets hope we don't get misquotes.
  12. Just shows what can happen when a large corporate buys a company....
  13. I think that's true for a few machines over the years. For some good marketing kept them "relevant" in the consumers minds...for others they seem to have largely disappeared from the Prosumer scene....Isomac, Izzo etc.. I think there is still too much "Marketing" of machines although it is changing. I remember the days when they never showed you the inside...I think I was first to do that, now a lot of retailers and companies want to tell you about what's inside and show you as well. I think we have finally (thanks god) moved into a new era where the manufacturers are starting to "listen"
  14. Sadly I can't say but a lot more than has already been mentioned. I was relatively unimpressed with the machine for the money...no offence intended to Silvia owners.
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