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  1. Just don't let them catch you....they sound like rice crispies!
  2. DavecUK

    Puck crater

    It means life is coming full circle and you are about to real the benefit of all the hard work. Holes in the puck are often indicative of missed opportunities or upcoming potholes in life, to be avoided
  3. Or it could be the Langoliers catching up with it at the end of the shot....especially if you're noticing a flat dead taste in the espresso?
  4. It's not really unusual but if you ever invest in one, just get better facts and make sure it's the right machine for you. It never hurts to get good information on what you are thinking of buying. It's a sort of red pill, blue pill thing some people don't want to know, others do..
  5. DavecUK

    Vegan Milk

    I must admit my personal experience of dairy farming has been positive with no signs of cruelty. It was many years ago though, but I can't imagine things can have changed all that much in the UK.
  6. Yes, I have so many tips I could write a book...... Heres one....put felt circles on the bottom of the feet.
  7. For home roasting the point is to buy a good coffee, no point roasting cheap coffee, you can buy that on line. I agree when you buy only small amounts it's really expensive. It's why I roast share with a few people, it allows me to buy in larger quantities and have 4 or 5 coffees on the go. If I didn't roast share, I couldn't do that. Usually about this point in time some wag suggests why don't home roasters get together and form a "greens club", tried that, been there got the T shirt and also got burned as well. So if your next thought is why don't people get together...don't bother
  8. You won't get too much from smelling hot beans in the tryer no matter how big. If you angle the tryer to the 10 o clock position it will collect more beans and faster.
  9. Im not talking about Pennine or anyone in particular here To help give you some form of reference. Buying green coffee at wholesale and selling it for a markup of 2 to 3x is not unusual (or unreasonable) as they have to buy the coffee ,pay delivery, bag it up into kilos, label it, store it and then P&P on top of all that. So if they order enough postage can be down to 30-40p per Kg (cos coffee is heavy), if they buy in at £3.30, they will sell out at £7-10 per kg, sometimes more! I won't bother roasting coffee of that price and usually pay from 7-10 per Kg wholesale, sometimes more for speciality grade. It costs me much more to have shipped because I buy smaller quantities and can be up to £1 per kg on cost. If you want decent greens to give the lighter roast, they need to be speciality grade and at retail you are more likely to be paying £16-£30 per Kg. Hope that helps
  10. DavecUK

    Saint Greta

    Unfortunately she is being used, a convenient mouthpiece for those with other motives. The real mystery to me is why anyone sane listens to the fanatical environmentalist twaddle promoted by some of these groups and activists. I sometimes wonder if it's not PC to disagree, soon find out I guess?
  11. I have a little saying (my friends know this one well). Can you actually articulate clearly why it's so good, the "Rolls Royce" with actual facts and clear understanding of the technology it offers and why that specifically benefits you and your requirements. If you can, great you are going for the right machine...if you can't, then you have been "marketed to".
  12. Ideally you need to source speciality grade coffees. Colombian Excelso is the cheapest commodity grade Colombian there is and unlikely to provide anything good when roasted lighter.
  13. DavecUK

    Mara X

    At some point I'll get one to have a look at...be interesting to see how it stacks up to the prototype Mara X I reviewed.back in July/August sometime.
  14. DavecUK

    Am I mad

    So am I, although I am a different Dave
  15. A good hand grinder for espresso one of 3 hand grinders I reviewed. Nothing like seeing one in action. This particular one would be way better than some cheap electric grinders. so you have a choice of electric and a choice of hand grinders as opposed to the usual recommendations. These seemed very well made when I used them.
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