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  1. Props for finding the cause though...I was impressed and I'm not easily impressed.
  2. I need a postal tube and a fan motor for a bouncy castle (I actually had one once).
  3. I would recommend where the wire was trapped you put a few layers of electrical insulation tape neatly around the wire.
  4. I have been tempted to make a small homemade version of a commercial destoner
  5. I let Paolo know, he said remove the top panel next time and watch it heating in case there is something leaking and shorting it out, listen for noises. Could be something very simple.
  6. They must have bench tested it, so it had to be working when it left BB, I'd contact them, perhaps something has shifted in transit? I would assume they test connected to an RCD.
  7. I have had chocolate mint growing in the garden for a while now and not really given it a second thought until today. Whilst contemplating the pot I had so assiduously watered for the past 3 years I wondered how it would go in a chocolaty soft sort of coffee. Grabbed 3 or 4 leaves..Inside I crushed them up a bit, poured my double shot onto them, then added water (about 200ml) for the strong Americano with a splash double cream (I now have cream instead of milk for weight control). I let it steep for a few minutes, removed the leaves and then added the cream. Surprisingly good, I think I have finally found a use for this leaf and I am looking forward to trying it with other coffees. https://www.victoriananursery.co.uk/Mint_Plant__Chocolate_Mint/ I think I got my plant from RHS Wisley shop down the road from me. P.S. It's suffered through years of neglect, what's the bettting it dies now I have found a good use for it
  8. I'm sure if you were giving something away, you would never feel pressured let someone who just joined to grab it....I wouldn't
  9. My thoughts on your thoughts: I wouldn't want to have an accident driving anywhere My back hurts Why is my car accelerating so slow I wish I had purchased a larger 4x4 I wish I owned a Coffee Shop It's 16 years old, amazed it's still going I hope I can persuade someone to buy this at a really good price. When should I say how much I want for it
  10. I go one step further, If I was selling something on the forum (not something I usually do, not sure I ever have). Then I would not care if the buyer was a member with 5 posts, or simply dropped on, seagulled the forum purchased my item and left. My interest is selling my item...I suspect most sellers of stuff would feel the same.
  11. Oh just a bit of extra feedback. I had a look at one of your Coffees, the Guatemala Bojangles...£13 for 1kg of green coffee is a joke. I understand you want to make a profit, but to add on 460% is a bit much. If a roaster was roasting that and selling it, they would probably be no more than a £11.50 per Kg roasted coffee (and go to commercial outlets in bulk), they need almost 1.2kg of greens to get that 1Kg I was going to say if I roasted that and shared it with my roast sharers, they would probably be paying around £4 per Kg for this, but it's such a cheap coffee, I would never buy it. My own coffees cost around 3 times as much or more in the green. In fact you are getting to a place where for 250g the cost of the bag is almost 50% of the coffee within it. Why am I saying this, it's because there are a lot of roasters out there who have honed their skills over years and buy much more expensive greens. Their roasted coffee will be immeasurably better than anything you can produce. They are the ones that deserve peoples business.
  12. It's amazing how lack of knowledge and experience inspires such confidence
  13. Contact the reseller for advice and return it under warranty if necessary.
  14. It's why I think the restriction is a big waste of time. This guy will advertise his setup, sell it or not, but like many others will probably not be heard from again unless there is something else to shift. It would be better just to let them post immediately into classifieds....of course no one agrees and we get this rubbish generated.
  15. Well 0.4g retention is at the lower limit of "total retention" as tested in my review. Are you sure you mean retention or do you mean "dose consistency"? Have a read of the review I did and you will see the terms defined. If it's dose consistency: Do your scales have a resolution of 0.1 or 0.01 g? Are you banging the niche or trying to get all the coffee out each time you grind (that won't help) Are you making sure the coffee has finished exiting the chute before you stop the grinder, because that won't help ? Do you change grind settings between doses Do you use 2 different coffees and alternate between them Are you making 1 coffee per day and it varies from one day to another What weight in and out My answer is perhaps, it depends on what you're talking about, how you are using the grinder, and whether you are on your first few Kg....so little information for such a precise question. Even if it is 0.4g due to how you are using the grinder....I doubt you could taste the difference...well I know you couldn't because it's about 2.5 coffee beans..
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