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  1. You buying it from Cafe Italia?
  2. @evoman Ok I've edited the other post to say the code no longer works. However, there are lots of other great roasters (forum advertisers) offering some great discounts and coffees. Perhaps time to try some new suppliers.
  3. DavecUK


    Sometimes, but it doesn't give the expected return to those "investing" as often as it should.
  4. DavecUK


    @MediumRoastSteam I'd second this, it's surprising how many things come out of alpha testing and prototype testing. Often the designer can be blind to the issues users can experience. It's definitely a high risk strategy.
  5. I was going to mention a Minima was put up for sale in classifieds 1 hr ago, but it seems to have sold.
  6. @atkinsd91 The bit inside that the coffee falls into when ground and water enters with a piston type affair.
  7. focus on the brew group inside (you don't want mould), front dispensing area and milk system.
  8. Welcome to the forum. if you like Coffeemate, use it. If you like milk, use that. 1. Set it to the highest temperature it can reach. 2. It it usually a brief pause in brewing to try and get a bit more strength and flavour out of the coffee 3 grinding finer can give more flavour from the coffee, you could also do 2 shots instead of 1 for a cup I think it's best to use medium to medium dark roasted coffee in these machines.
  9. I'm all relaxed for the night now. If you guys really want to start another thread that bad, I'll move the relevant posts to it when I'm back on the PC.
  10. I believe that was the point of the thread? The other discussion should really be on its own thread.
  11. I think we're veering well off topic here...the post was about "My new Londinium L1 replaced with a Lelit Bianca". Somehow we have moved to closed forums and other companies? Please keep on topic guys.
  12. I don't think so...spend a little more, get a lot more. Below is just an example...there are many machines on classifieds for which a great price can often be negotiated
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