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  1. Sorry can't actually say....not sure it public info.
  2. He did but could be subject to change, it pre production atm
  3. I wandered over to the ECM stand, very interesting little machine and with pressure profiling ability. Launching Q2 next year, but hopefully I will get a pre production sample to have a look at in a few weeks. Michael seemed pretty cool about sending one over.
  4. I have been at the show for 3 days now watching many of the stands set up. Chatted to Michael at ECM, Lelit and a few others. Show opened yesterday and it's huge. I have only had a chance to see some of the exhibitiors in 2 of the halls. There is more coffee stuff here than you could ever think exists. Many other things too like a Robot that cooks omelettes or scrambled eggs at the click of a button. I have some Video and photos, but wish I had bought my camera. Met John from Decent who has a Niche & DE1 at the Ripples stand near where I am. Strangely enough some people recognise me even though I don't post my photo on the web, I think perhaps reflections in panels, a few even mentioned my kitchen tiles. Got to go now as we're driving in soon
  5. As explained before, it depends what the temperature of the brew boiler was and whether OFF is showing in the PID display one you know the temperature? Best time to do it is first thing in the morning with a cold machine.
  6. what was the temperature f the brew boiler? what was in the portafilter, rubber disk or metal blind filter?
  7. I think it's within a week, unless they run out of stock.
  8. Put on youtube. Most water expansion occurs below 50 or 60 degrees, if the incoming water is colder than the brew boiler which might well have residual heat e.g. 50C after 3 or 4 hours, you will still get expansion. It's the only thing I can think is causing it. Otherwise don't know...seems to be counter to all known laws and reason has got me beat cos there are no preinfusion chambers? Perhaps the backflush disk leaks a bit and then seals and then you get full pressure, try with a metal blind filter??
  9. Is the boiler hot and you just turned the heating elements off, whacked in a blind filter and tested it?
  10. Your mistaken, if your machine is set as in the Bella Barista user guide then it will be fine
  11. I extensively reviewed the prototype for Lelit and Bella Barista. This included 5 days of temperature testing on my equipment. I believe Lelit made my settings the default, certainly the BB user guide has my recommended settings. The brew temp is very accurate over a wide range...at the correct flow rates.
  12. I think your first thought might be one to go with. Take a bit of time some used bargains may pop up, if not something brand new like a Lelit Mara is only £850 ish. it is an HX machine, but a nice little machine. For a bit more than your budget you can move into dual boiler territory and then for more still e.g. starting at £1850 ish you can get into a dual boiler rotary pumped machine with manual profiling. If a quick fix means upgrading in a year or so...make the leap now.
  13. If it's buzzing even after solenoid disassembly and cleaning, then you need to replace the solenoid as the shading coil is probably not working/damaged. Often though the fault is because the plunger doesn't seat close enough to the shading coil (dirt damage etc..) and then the spring pressure causes it to chatter as the collapsing AC field only induces a relatively small force in the shading coil. The base of the plunger not seating properly makes this a little too far away to "grab" sometimes at field collapse.
  14. I think so.....you go for it. The solution won't be posted on here by me, so it really doesn't matter what happens to this thread.
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