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  1. Truer words never spoken. A cartoon I did well over a decade ago. http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/blap-26-becoming-a-qualified-barista-humour
  2. DavecUK

    Cat lovers

    The problem is they sleep all day so would be better suited to the house of lords....
  3. DavecUK

    Cat lovers

    They would have to start doing MPs first...it's too late by the time they get in the house of lords.
  4. I don't know specifically about Sage machines, but those sort of solenoid valves usually are directional....often there will be an arrow on the case of the valve.
  5. ACS Minima is still an immeasurably better machine for not that much more. If the issue is you can only spend 900...sure you get what you can, if you can stretch that little bit more it would be madness not to because of features/performance offered by the Minima.
  6. Fracino Classici Vs ACS Minima, I would choose Minima every time!
  7. I'm surprised the chains even merit discussion on any serious coffee form. The crap they produce unskillfully is undrinkable to me.
  8. If you ground that connector wire onto the body of the machine, presumably the pump cuts out, if it does, then remove the probe and clean it.
  9. Many BTC machines simply run twice the amount of water through the puck and laughingly call it a double, certainly even the top Jura (who don't like me) machines do this. I couldn't believe it when I asked for a double shot. The Mellitta Caffeo Varianza actually grinds and dispenses 2 singles one after the other into the same cup when you press the double shot option. If you think about it that's really the only proper way for the domestic BTC machines to do it.... If they didn't do it this way it's either twice as much water, or to have a variable grind amount and chamber size....this would be mechanically quite complex (and unreliable) to make a brew group that does this. A good info read on the BTC machine is at the link below. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/melitta-caffeo-varianza-csp/
  10. From what you are saying it sounds like the probe is scaled up. It's a remote possibility the connection to the probe itself is bad, if you connected to the actual probe body ( rather than the connector) and it stops, then this connection would be fine. Of course when you say won't stop I assume you mean doesn't stop at all and floods out of the boiler through the expansion valve or safety valve..if it's just not stopping when you think it should it, could be the probe has moved upwards or the top is scaled.
  11. DavecUK

    Cat lovers

    This normally means any cat makes a bee line for you and jumps in your lap when you sit down....
  12. I'm going to get a tent and stay at the bottom of my garden.
  13. I saw a wall collage of the runners and riders and couldn't help myself comparing the similarities with famous characters from fiction. Rory Stewart Sajid Javid Dominic Raab Michael Gove Boris Johnson
  14. What's your budget for machine and grinder, will you also make milk drinks?
  15. Oh just a thought, a long time ago I said that the Nich in the hands of the average coffee drinking family would probably pay for itself vs another grinder in under 10 years or even much less. This was because you no longer have to purge 3-5g every shot. in fact vs a grinder costing 300, it becomes a cost neutral difference in about 5 years or less. I have now been using the US version Niche for 15 months every day for about 6-10 doubles. I can confidently say each bag of coffee I open lasts longer, I waste less, dialling in is very fast (another source of wasted coffee). Have other people who have had the Niche for some time found that their coffee seems to last longer and much less is wasted?
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