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  1. Just a quick question, I know it's obvious, but again perhaps not. When you say the boiler doesn't fill, I am assuming the pump is not running....is the pump running to fill the boiler and it's not filling, or is the pump not running and that's why it's not filling? Really unless you have a faulty brain box (doubtful) and there is not damage to the insulation grounding the wire somewhere, when you disconnected it from the probe, the pump should have run.
  2. If water got in the control box, it might have caused the problem, even though they are fairly well sealed, that's against water ingress in normal use/failures...not during shipping if it was full of water in the tank. If I hear from ACS, I'll let you know if they have any sensible ideas tomorrow.
  3. Nope, I'm out of suggestions, sounds as if that autofill has either never worked, or a fault developed during shipping. If disconnecting that wire didn't make it fill, then there is a fault that you are unlikely to be able to fix easily. Sorry about that. If you can hang on until tomorrow, I sent a message to the designer, but I am pretty sure he isn't going to come up with anything that you could do yourself. Sorry to say the obvious, but the internal tank is full of water isn't it, you would be shocked at how people have surprised me before?
  4. I've found absolutely no need to tamp when it's set up correctly. I also agree it seems better when I rotate clockwise, which I did from the start.
  5. Here is an interesting twist. After I posted on my review site, someone contacted me to say that I was turning it in the wrong direction. I was interested as I agree the coffee rakes look as if it should be turned anticlockwise, but that seems very unintuitive. Turning clockwise feels more natural and when I first used it I remember looking at the rakes and thinking about which way to turn it. I chose clockwise because I felt the gentle slopes would shift distribute and pack the coffee nicely leaving a nice polished and level coffee bed. It certainly worked well that way. I just tried turning antclockwise and 2 things happened. 1. The coffee bed was left with 3 little mounds, so I had to polish by finishing anti-clockwise. 2. The rakes trapped a little bit of coffee in each edge of the leveller, which I didn't like I also feel that racking across with a "hard" edge, rather than a soft slope, may not deliver the effect required. Yes it will physically rake a few mm of coffee around. Turning clockwise would seem to actually bear down on the coffee in a way that seems more likely to move the coffee under it in a more homogenous way but that's just my best guess. I then went in search of Videos for how to use these things and to me they appear to be turning it the same way as me. Sure some have 4 rakes instead of 3, but the principle is the same?
  6. I would not have guessed that from your comments....
  7. I'd have called the short one Danny rather than Derek as in:
  8. What if he used a small diameter, but tall cup, would you then call it Stephen as in Merchant?
  9. The 2 minutes bit at the beginning and the 2 minutes at the end. I admit, the other 111 minutes did contain a fair bit of gratuitous violence and killing....I lost count at 200 though....;)
  10. At my age, I only care if I get a present! 😜 I was also thinking I would need to tamp, but surprised myself by getting a better pour by adjusting the depth of the device and letting it do the work.
  11. I'd say your drinking strong hot americanos with some milk added....
  12. I went to see Parabellum in the cinema a few nights ago. I was pleased to see that it wasn't all gratuitous violence and killing, more a well thought through, sensitive movie with a great story line.. Did anyone else see it...do you agree?
  13. you were right to reconnect the earth lead. See that metal probe in the top of the boiler on the left, the one with a 90 degree bend in it and the black wire connected to it. that's the autofill probe. the wire is held on by a screw and nut affair to prevent it falling off. If you unplug the machine disconnect that wire then switch the machine on, the service boiler should start filling. If it does, switch the machine off straight away and reconnect it. Do that first and then report what happens. P.S, that black wire insulation should be intact and not touching any metal all the way back to the control box.
  14. Well I finally succumbed for my birthday. You can read my thoughts on it here. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2019/05/23/coffee-leveller-tamper/
  15. Somehow the service boiler must think the autofill probe is grounded....odd that it worked OK and now does not work. Or did it never fill for you and was perhaps only filled when BB tested it? You didn't mention that you had steam and hot water working once and because I replied on my phone, I didn't have the user guide to hand. If wish you had said this before as, I wouldn't have suggested turning the service boiler on. I don't usually reply when the information is sketchy for this very reason. Remove top plate of machine 6 screws and take photograph....I am unwilling to suggest anything else until I can see the top of the service boiler. I'm wondering if the autofill wire has come off the spade connector and is grounded preventing it filling. Oh I suspect your not using the latest version of the user guide (I checked the text you wrote and the number and it's not the same)....it's on version 1.6, grab a copy here and there is a smartphone version in sway as well. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vesuvius/owners-manual-acs-minima-t258.html P.S. The more information you give, the better I can help, if you noticed anything, sounds, something not looking right, whether the service boiler ever filled etc..
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