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  1. Contact Niche, I think on a few there was a problem with the lettering. Sure they will probably sort you out.
  2. I just found it a real ballache and much easier to use the Niche....I have not used my E92 since. The E92 cost me a lot of money too as I purchased it brand new!
  3. Even people (enthusiasts) who spend thousands on kit don't clean their machines nearly enough. Totally agree with the cars comment...people just use the machines and if there is not an obvious problem, if it's not in the handbook...then they think it's all good. I suspect many with lever machines don't remove the shower screen and clean it often enough....
  4. The brew circuit should be normally sealed when the machine is resting.....yours is not, find out where it's not, fix it and the problem will go away. If it's age, a component may need replacing (group valves, weak spring, valve seats, expansion valve), or it could be limescale or some other piece of crud and descaling might solve it. Good luck.
  5. My mind is still young... Now where did I put my teeth?
  6. I don't know to be honest. If I had to guess I'd say they are a company never satisfied and always looking to improve. So it's likely but as always, each machine needs to have it's technological and economical place in the range. Sometimes to make something new you can only enhance the existing so far and it becomes easier to start again.
  7. Always good advice. Most HX macines cut power to the heating element if the water is below the level probe but better to be safe than sorry. Switching off the machine has the benefit of stopping the pump refilling the boiler and preventing draining all the water
  8. I think it's extraordinary that people are comparing a £500 grinder with a Monolith flat costing 4x more. I think it shows what a good job Martin did with the Niche. Good quality grinding, affordable, compact, easy to use, seemingly reliable and almost free of exchange (retention).
  9. It's also very hard, much harder than brass! I welcomed the suggestion from the other poster, really though, it's best to use practical proven and inexpensive methods...cheaper too
  10. Honestly, If I knew the part you were talking about. I would be happy to help. Try turning the steam boiler off, does the constant flow of steam stop? If it does then it could be from 2 fittings, the vacuum breaker or the safety valve. Check which ones have tubes leading to the drip tray (may have changed since I last reviewed it), if only one does you found your problem. If they both do, remove each tube in turn (from the fittings on top of the steam boiler and see which fitting hisses.
  11. Doctors....see what they say. If the nurse can steam a latte with it....then it's probably a visit to hospital!
  12. We refused to deliver....problem solved Mind you, they did complain about not having my address
  13. It's a rule designed to make you participate in our community and keep posting after you have sold your item. It also makes the forum look nice and busy. As a member I love reading all the posts people make to reach the 5 post threshold.
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