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  1. The reason for having a dual boiler is not whether you have black white or whatever coffee......but then you need to do some reading up on the various types of machines and their pros and cons.
  2. @dopefish. You are certainly learning quickly, now just remember you will want a dual boiler, if you go entry level the Expobar Dual boiler is best avoided, it's an old design and well overdue a complete overhaul, as for a little more/same better machines are available. Sounds like you might end up with a setup out of the gate that will actually deliver great spro and other drinks for a long time without the feeling you need to upgrade and without the sackcloth and ashes experience/self flagellation with lesser equipment for a year or two that some believe is a rite of passage.
  3. I love it when people come on post about some huge problem and then.......go on holiday for 2 weeks?
  4. I love it when people come on post about some huge problem and then.......go on holiday for 2 weeks?
  5. Perhaps it's easier to show and tell rather than just make a comment I can't back up. Rawandan Nyamulinda 808 cupped at 85.75, below are 3 examples being sold around the web of the exact same coffee and they are all around £26 per Kg. So it's unlikely a 86+ coffee is going to sell for £15 with free postage. https://www.goldensheepcoffee.co.uk/shed/product.php?productid=17702 https://methodroastery.com/product/rwanda_nyamulinda/ https://www.kilted-coffee.com/products/rwanda-nyamulinda/ Just so you know what a coffee like this should look like when roasted, I was helping one of my roast trainees develop a profile on the Amazon Dalian for a coffee he bought with him (Nyamulinda 808). A completely different look in terms of consistency, size colour, lack of scorching and defects. Yes it drinks fantastic, I am enjoying a cup right now. An incredibly rich and complex coffee, it is slightly below the price bracket I buy for myself but punches well above its price. Please note, I did use the power control feature modded into my roaster to achieve this, although an unmodded roaster would achieve the same, just more air would need to be pulled in the hot weather we had a 3 weeks ago now....this might slightly affect the flavours e.g. slightly mute them.
  6. Hmm... just saw that re quote photo from you Bootsie. If I had done that the coffee would have gone into the bin! Looks like there might be problems with the green and an overly aggressive roast profile....but hey, what do I know.
  7. Are you in the USA I noticed dollar pricing. If you have asked them for a refund and been refused (unsuprising if they have shipped overseas), you won't be covered by our distance selling rules it might be best to see if the cc company/paypal can do anything as an item "significantly not as described". So go back to your credit card company or paypal and you might find it easily sorted with them as they can reverse the payments. I did assume you were in the UK as I am sure lots of other people did....
  8. @dopefish why not see if a member local to you has kit you can go and have a look at...
  9. I posted about the difference when the burrs were run in a while ago and because I could side by side run in vs brand new burrs, there was a clear and quite large difference (to me anyway). I would imagine there are more than a few people who have not noticed a gradual change and with the coffee consumption of many, I suspect a lot of grinders have not had more than 3 or 4kg through yet! At the time I did think some of the taste comparisons and things in the KNT were a bit hasty as they were on grinders with brands new burrs.
  10. Do you know what this means.....the neuralizer doesn't work...
  11. Thank you, I look forward with eagerness to the results of your experiment and willingness to take one for the team. If you can, try and heat the beans using another method as well, e.g. plastic bag and hot water, just in case the action of microwaves is affecting the bean differently in some way.
  12. I certainly wasn't, all I was recommending is that you treat it as such to get it resolved in a pleasant easy manner and not let it get adversarial. Next time you buy something it may change your decisions about retailer you use. The other thing is that this is a result of the online economy and the driving down of costs in the supply chain...consumers buying mainly on cost. This sort of race to the bottom is probably set to stop at some point and an online companies' customer service will become important. At the moment this isn't always the case. e.g people still buy from Crappy Italia, no matter what you say and often it's well I had no problems....which is great until you do get a problem...then you wish you had never purchased a machine from them.
  13. Early this year the instantaneous electric water heater in my mums Annex failed. I purchased another one and fitted it after ascertaining the fault which was a single faulty high amperage microswitch. I phoned the company that makes them to explain what I had found and the fact that the heater is in two parts and the failed microswitch was on the second heater which was NOT connected to the neon "on" indicator. This meant that the heater looked like it was switching on and off correctly, but one heater was always energised....quite dangerous. Fortunately the single limit stat was tripping before a fire....imagine though if that had failed. Their response was that it wasn't covered under warranty, they couldn't send (or sell) me spares or replace it etc.. etc.. You see they had heard "blah blah blah unhappy want restitution", not what I was saying which was to feedback something to help them and future customers. I explained I didn't want anything, was simply trying to help and feed back something technically useful. This time they heard me, the attitude changed and they also send me the entire pressure assembly free of charge (even though the unit was no longer under warranty and they didn't supply spares). Thanked me and said at least I would have a spare unit....if the other one ever went faulty. It seems it can quickly get adversarial by accident when it usually doesn't need to....then both sides end up losing.
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