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  1. I can just see it in a domestic kitchen sitting on the counter....not mine though.
  2. We have dab and dot, but it's too close to the brick behind, this makes most conventional plasterboard fixing systems useless. I have to use metal fixing with a point that's quite stubby, there are lots of variants but most are too long. Other than that with a longer fixing you have to drill out behind which unless your careful widens the hole and will only work for certain long twist in fixings. There are other types but something like these are short enough...if not I have to take the tip off and drill a small pilot. There is a different type even shorter, but I can't find the image. I have wondered about these below as they seem like they would work well when the wall is close to the back of the plasterboard, but they are expensive.
  3. I luv smart plugs...makes the "but it takes 30 minutes to warm up" moan a bit pointless.
  4. You would need to ask Niche as I am not sure anyone on here could give you the answer. Beyond the normal "continuous improvement" all companies do, it would be illogical to put different components in If you have a winning formula that seems to be holding up well.
  5. Theres a term called rancidity.....which speeds up when those oils are driven to the surface and partially degraded.
  6. If you have an extension lead with a red neon light mains indicator and are happy to leave that plugged in....
  7. Much easier to grind dark roasted beans. This is why I tested the Niche with a hard bean that had not quite completed 1st crack.
  8. Lets start something that's not about, when is my grinder coming, interesting as it might be. How is everyone who has received their Niche Zero finding the grinder. Have you compared it against your existing grinder if you have one, has it helped the coffee making process, do we have some videos of your Niche in action and the shots it's producing. How are you finding the weight consistency out vs in etc..
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