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  1. Many of our forum sponsors do a subscription, don't forget to check them out as well. The forum sponsors help keep this place going. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/forum/100-discounts-special-offers-from-our-advertisers/
  2. That's exactly what happens, they almost look like they have been vacuum packed.
  3. Because they need to run in a little bit, I'm reserving judgment until next week
  4. Just had to give the button a little tap...it's definitely working.
  5. If necessary I'll let you press the button then 🤣
  6. @Spazbarista please read the forum guidelines. Brexit and political discussions are not allowed. It was voted on and agreed. I am quite happy to use the Omega 13 device if needed, it's recharged now!
  7. Don't forget to read my wordpress review and videos on the paddle system, that also needs to be maintained over time....very important and very easy.
  8. @Sibling Chris you will probably find your tapwater TDS gets higher in summer, mine does.
  9. I mean absolutely no risk.....ever, unless that ph value ever changes....which is unlikely
  10. @Baffo Absolutely no risk of corrosion at all.
  11. I'm almost 100% certain it's going to be the same as all the others on the market...so any should work.
  12. Which one was that, do you have a link? P.S. You must be a glutton for punishment.
  13. @Karka No, they are a split in the specific sense of only if MaraX sells. If MaraX sells, then you can offer on the grinder alone and the first valid offer after MaraX sells is the first valid offer. e.g. someone offers asking price for MaraX, then first asking price offer (after that) on Niche wins
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