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  1. You should write to them (nowadays it's called reaching out) and ask..
  2. Dualit Vario, they also do a 2 slice, unless you REALLY like toast., or have some need to make bulk batches of toast....
  3. DavecUK

    The FFFrench

    When he first said about blueberries....this jumped into my head. Is this the vision you had? Note the very brief appearance of @MWJB at the very end!
  4. No I only add bicarb for the espresso machine/extraction, can't be bothered to do it for drinking, although If I was a purist I might for coffee.....I've just not had any problem with the taste. My whole family drink RO water, our bones have not crumbled, our brains have not rotted and my wife is probably healthier than me. Should your dogs bark 3 times and then fall over dead after drinking RO water with mineral depletion, or end up with their bones turned to rubber....I take no responsibility. However, I do not think anything like below will happen to them. My 3 legged cat Ernie also drinks RO water. I know what you're going to say, his leg fell off but no it's not true. It's possible I suppose that his leg might grow back if I put him on tap water, or buy one of those fancy jugs every ones going on about....who knows. or the salt gets leeched from your body like this: As for is a Niche better than a Mignon, there's plenty of people who have had both, I suppose they should chip in...
  5. It's a tricky one, as being like Branson with shares in all these companies....I can't lose whatever you decide. The problem is the question you're asking. It's like asking a parachutist which is more important, having a good parachute or the height you pull the ripcord? I believe both are important. You need a good grinder, whether that be a Niche or some other grinder you like (just not to enrage anyone on the forum)...I've shares in all of them so it doesn't matter, well except a Monolith, don't buy one of those. You need to control water, for me in a fundamental way, get rid of all the crap, then put back what you find helps in a controlled way. For me it's a touch of bicarb. The end result is an espresso machine that will rarely develop faults, as 95% are water related. The faults that do develop are often easier to fix and cause less damage. I'm a believer in RO water after drinking the ditchwater that comes out of our taps for too many years. Coffee can be an expensive hobby....sorry. Oh and my shares....don't forget those.
  6. It's also about all the other crap in water....removing it can't be a bad thing e.g. Chlorine, rust, flouride etc.., all going to help the taste and stop the machine gumming up. And my shares...don't forget those....
  7. Also please think of my Osmio shares...
  8. At the price and with the current situation, I am baffled people are not all over this. I certainly wouldn't want to make regular trips for bottled water, or have loads stored. Of course, I base this on my 6-10 doubles per day, whereas (if the adverts are to be believed) most people make less coffee than that in a week
  9. Unless you want algae in the plastic tank...yeah. Life can sometimes be that simple
  10. I've no idea either, obviously he didn't even read any posts in this thread!
  11. Coffee doesn't make you more corona virus susceptible you know You don't need to decomission it, just run it up to temperature every week or two. Draw brew water through group, steam and water through wands etc.....then switch it off. Keep internal water tank empty and dry.
  12. DavecUK

    Mara X

    true, although it's interesting that I cannot taste the copper from the copper boilers in the Crem One 2B. Have no idea why, perhaps different copper formulations? Copper also does have an antimicrobial advantage over stainless.
  13. Machines been leaking in a few places, connector top of HX unit, and at the safety valve, water used looks to have been hard (strange as you're in Devon). Have you owned the machine from new, recently acquired it, what's it's history? Gicar looks toasty, could well be going bad (hope you took a photo of how it was wired). Safety valve needs replacing Insulation needs removing to inspect for further leaks Machine probably needs a full service E61 group probably needs going through Clean it up inside, that way any issues and any new issues will be easy to spot Pump should be disonnected from motor and inspect for leaking (check weep hole is positioned downwards) Heating element connector might have been overheating, check not loose, corroded or a bad joint.
  14. DavecUK

    Mara X

    You mean taste of course!
  15. DavecUK

    Mara X

    Harrogate has good soft water, the issue is the crap in the pipes, the flouride, the chlorine etc.. none of it adding to the taste in a positive way, or is it? Osmio will certainly purify, and act as a kettle...IF, control of other things is your concern. For me it is, YMMV.
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