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  1. Thanks for the reply! Malvern eh, I've been up those hills a good few times! I could chase the retailer, but they are in Queensland and it would be way more trouble than sorting it myself. I am now kind of thinking it might be the high water pressure. Shots do pour pretty quickly. <12 secs and it should be 17-19 I think. I might look into a restrictor of some kind. I'll have a go at the group head too. Does everything drop out when you remover the nut on the front? There is no screw through the screen like with the Cherub. Cheers Nathan
  2. Couple of things, but mainly I am after a general or Francino specific guide to descaling mains supply machines, anyone have something along those lines? I have a maybe 8 years old Cherub that needs a good service. I moved to Australia with it and it is now awaiting a good servicing. I converted it to mains supply so I guess I can convert it back. Am I better to covert it back to do this? Anyone have a guide to general service for a Cherub or similar? I decided to get a Classico recently. Going well so far, but it gets awful hot by comparison to the Cherub! It also occasionally dri
  3. Yeah, that is what I was thinking. A bit of a pain really, the change over is quite complicated. Some one should invent an inline descale mix, to swap out for the filter. N
  4. Thankjs Mr G Ho, I guess that is this one: http://www.happydonkey.co.uk/hd0904-gaggia-classic-bottomless-portafilter.html A 21g basket seems large! Will the one I currently use fit too? Nathan
  5. So, a while back I got some great advice from here and invested in a Cherub. I recently got the chance to plumb it in, so have done so. Anyone else done this? My pour is quite fast but I am currently running filterless. I am going to fix that next week, any advice on inline filters? Britta-C seems to be the thing. Do you think the filter will slow the water down or is this all due to the pump? I think the grind is dialled in correctly. Any finer and my pucks break up. And the coffee is good, so. One annoying thing about the plumbing is that it comes out of the bottom of the unit and the
  6. St Georges market is the best, but I get mine from a guy who works for SD Bells. You can go to their shop / cafe, open all week, too: http://www.sdbellsteacoffee.com/
  7. I don't like to buy second hand. And whilst I don't steam milk I do use the machine to make hot water. We don't drink tea and so the kettle I have is hob top and rarely used. It really needs to be quite full otherwise the outside burns. Thanks for the comments!
  8. Hi, I have asked a few questions around the place, thanks to those who helped me out! It has come down to a final decision between: 1 A Rancillio Silva with a Rocky non doser 2 A Francino Piccino & Fracino grinder (reading around, I get the impression these are ascaso grinders re-badged). Given the added bits, bobs and delivery they are roughly equivalent price. I rarely, if ever, use any milk. I make espresso and Americano. I use beans from a local roaster. Is there any good reason not to go for 2, which is the direction I am leaning? Thanks! Nathan
  9. Yeah, I think your right. I'll send it back on the grounds it cannot do what it was sold to do: make coffee from ground coffee. I dunno about a classic. I like to make Americano and like something that a. will fit my favourite cup under the brew head, and b can do hot water (and I don't like using the kettle - I know, perverse reasoning, but hey). I guess this means me browsing the grinder forums! Thanks for you help! N
  10. Well, I only paid a couple of hundred. It was on offer from Amazon but I might well return it. I really wanted to get an Francino Cherub but we had an Ascaso before and it was on offer so we grabbed it on the assumption that it was exactly the same...
  11. Hi Kyle Here is a picture of the whole thing (sorry it is upside down, I don't know why...). As you can see, no steel pipe down into the drip tray. Also a picture of the brew head. A 'versatile' brew head and, at ten o'clock, a black cap on the hole where said pipe would protrude. Thanks!
  12. Hi Glenn From the sticker on the bottom, is is an: Dream M.F. (Red) Therm.inox. versatile DR-14 (05/2013). 132508. Not sure if that last number is what you are after, there is no indication of what it means! There is other info, but that is just voltage etc. There is another sticker with a barcode. It also has DR-14 printed on it and the code is 8 435172610146. Any use? N
  13. I have just bought an Ascaso Dream but have been getting very wet pucks and, on less fine grinds, craters. I now understand that this is because I have a 'versatile' model which means shower screen/dispersion plate does not have enough holes to brew ground coffee properly. Furthermore my model does not have a pipe into the drip tray as seen on this model here: Ascaso Dream but not on this one here Does that mean I do not have a 3 way solenoid either? Anyone got any advice? Especially whether I can get a shower screen and convert it? Not my model selection BTW... Than
  14. Does anyone know the actual measurements? There seems to be conflicting info out there, especially on depth, e.g. http://fracinoshop.com/fracino-cherub-bespoke/ and http://www.fracino4u.com/cherub-p23
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