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  1. Managed to get around to tidy up my coffee corner.
  2. Some excellent towels from Mildred. So pleased with them. Many Thanks Scott
  3. Lawman

    Wet Shaving

    Rockwell 6C with some bluebeard razor blades. Citrus kiss shaving cream from Executive shaving. Whoeevr with lockdown, seem to be using it less than normal.
  4. Lawman

    A quest for berries

    Ooh, didn’t realise Grain and grind was just down the road from me. Might try them out now. thanks for highlighting.
  5. I find if I try and click on the next page button of a thread, the system seems to jump me to this. Both of MS Edge and Firefox. Anyone else seeing this issue?
  6. The dark roast theme is much easier on the eye. Thanks @MildredM for pointing it out.
  7. Welcome. From another Glaswegian
  8. Ahh, so it was MalcolmH that stole the last one from my basket . There was one left as I entered my CC details, only to be told that my ordered couldn't be completed due to no stock. Oh well, just had to order from Machina with some coffee
  9. Doh, was looking at this. Just missed out on the discount. Oh well...
  10. Code still working, jut splaced an order for the America selection.
  11. New switch (and PID) installed. Looking forward to getting back to better coffee tomorrow.
  12. Thanks @MrShades install complete. Still wondering where to mount it, but need to clean the machine first. It’s a bit late for coffee, but looking forward to tomorrow. Great set of instructions.
  13. Not coffee related, but thanks @JoshBrown. Received in one piece and now a happy wife [emoji847]
  14. To replace the one I broke during the mr shades upgrade. Looking forward to an espresso this weekend
  15. I ordered a new switch yesterday, as I hope to get the machine up and running by this weekend. Thanks for everyone’s help.
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