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  1. Will you accept £150? Can collect from Central London or Clapham Junction....
  2. Hi, I'm on the lookout for the following books in good condition at £15-20 each. Scott Ray's Everything But Espresso - Professional Coffee Brewing Techniques. David Schomer - Espresso Coffee – Professional Techniques. Many thanks Sof
  3. Hi, I'm on the lookout for a refractometer that does espresso and brewed coffee. Willing to pay £300-400 depending on condition, age, warranty, etc... Thanks Sof
  4. I bought it from chris coffees https://www.chriscoffee.com/mobile/Product.aspx?id=39495
  5. I had the thermoprobe installed on my last e61 machine and will definitely recommend. Helps a lot to do your warming/ cooling flush accurately. Installing is very easy if you follow the instructions carefully...
  6. Morning, yes it is. This afternoon 1.30 onwards suits me. I'll send you a pm with my contact details...
  7. Hi Neil, I have been looking everywhere like a mad man for the receipt and I think I have lost it. I had problems purchasing the machine through their website and I do have an email from Alchemy verifying that they can call me to take the payment over the phone. I already sent an email request to Alchemy for a copy of the receipt and hopefully should hear from them on Monday... It is possible to carry as I'm about 5 mins from the station but happy to lend you my trusted IKEA trolley if you want...
  8. Hi! It's a standard single box. It weighs more than 30kg and I would definitely recommend double boxing it, I can possibly source a larger box and some padding from somewhere to pack it securely.
  9. Rocket Cellini Evoluzione V2, purchased from Alchemy Coffee in May 2013 for £1400. The Rocket has been lovingly looked after – only using Ashbeck bottled water and thoroughly cleaned after every use. I still have the original box and comes standard with: single and a double sprout portafilter with baskets to match. original Rocket tamper backflush disk plumb in kit You will also get approx £120 worth of extras: Eric's thermometer (approx. £80) installed to aid temp surfing, repeatability and to also find best temp to suit your taste. A must for HX machines bottomless portafilter with triple basket (£30) set of 4 Rocket team tips (£20) spare shower screen and cleaning brush spare gasket 0.5 gicleur The machine has a small mark on the top of the brew head – about 5mm long and is only visible from certain angle and is purely cosmetic (see image). Other than that the machine is very forgiving and works flawlessly. Selling for an upgrade, possibly an L1 You're welcome to come by for a demo and I am happy to offer basic training on espresso and milk texturing. £1000 collected from Kennington, London or buyer to arrange courier. Any questions? ask away! Thanks, Sof
  10. Thanks guys, I actually found a post on the Londinium forum with a similar question. I think I am interested in the L1 and why i find it appealing is because its different to Rocket - both because it will be a different and hopefully a new exciting experience for me and the style of espresso it produces. I think I just talked myself into buying it now
  11. Totally makes sense Mrboots. I know most L1 users are really happy with their machines - i guess I'm curious to know what to expect during my initial use. Do I need to re-learn the process of grind adjust and tamping? Silvia can be tricky to pull a good shot if your grind isn't perfect, where I found the Rocket much more forgiving...
  12. Thanks Mrboots, it's a shame I won't be able to make the grind off at Rave. Would've been the best place to ask and try the machine.
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