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  1. Ah okay, apologies - I haven't had an 18g in a while as I have two 20g ones. Sorry about that -glad you're happy with it though!
  2. Any idea where to buy one of these as they seem to be sold out everywhere I found via Google. My ceramic V60 took a tumble and the idea of shutting off the flow is quite appealing as I've been trying that with my Moccamaster filter basket using the machine as a brewing stand since!
  3. Great, PM sent. Sorry for delay, I didn't get an alert about the reply or Systemic Kid tagging me - strange!
  4. Okay, no problem. I already have a Moccamaster with the thermal flask and have been improvising the fancy showerhead with an elastic band and an Aeropress filter but just thought I'd ask about it.
  5. Pictures on demand but hardly used basket, with the original box. Looking for £17.50 delivered.
  6. Hi there, would you sell the shower head separately and if so how much would you like for that?
  7. I'm in Cambuslang and never had a problem with scale. We have a separate tap that runs through a BWT filter (kit from Screwfix) just to remove chlorine smell and works nicely but wouldn't say it's essential. The Sage Dual Boiler water tank has a charcoal filter too obviously. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  8. Only these ones left now: Reggae Custom Hard Rock Jazz Latin Percussion Nashville
  9. Updated to remove ones that have already sold. The rest remain available and for sale, all at £25 each except Custom Shop for which I'd like £35 please.
  10. I've uninstalled and de-authorised the following EZX's and am selling them to fund a crossgrade to Superior Drummer 3: Electronic Dream Pop Vintage Rock Randy Staub's Rock Solid Drumkit From Hell Looking for £25 each. I also have the following which I might consider selling if the one's above are sold: Reggae Metal Machine Progressive Custom Made of Metal Hard Rock Jazz Latin Percussion Nashville I also have EZ Mix 2 (via EZ Mix 2 Lite and an upgrade to the full version) plus the Core Expansion
  11. Mint condition tripod, GT3543LS Gitzo tripod featuring the Carbon eXact carbon-fibre construction with Series 3 Ballhead (GH3382QD) which can take loads up to 18kg. Includes Gitzo-branded bag (GC4101), tools and alternative feet. (which have definitely never been used). I still have the original box and the shipping box for the fellow hoarders on here. I'll be honest, I don't think it's even left my house once - I bought it thinking I'd use it more but I've come to realise I tend to go out of my way to avoid using a tripod and that the money would be better spent on a lens which I wou
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