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  1. Perhaps they were getting concerned about the quantity of disputes?
  2. I opened a dispute with Paypal then the only response I got from Peter was a tracking number. The Hausgrind arrived a few days later. If no response I would have escalated the dispute for Paypal to intervene.
  3. O-ring goes under the dial knob. The other where the two halves of the body join. The instructions tell you how to use it. ;-)
  4. My Hausgrind arrived this morning. Excellent, well made product. Spare o-rings and instructions included. Would have happily waited for delivery if I'd been told the truth at the beginning. Just a great shame about the appalling service.
  5. My contact with PayPal has elicited a response! A Royal Mail, special delivery tracking number. No apology or other comments. So should arrive tomorrow. Must create so much unnecessary extra work for them to work this way.
  6. I ordered and paid on 22nd October. What annoys me is he says he has stock, which is why I ordered, but then you hear nothing. I've opened a dispute with Paypal. So far no response. The website says he will be selling at the Glasgow Coffee festival on Saturday. I hope someone enjoys the grinder I have clearly paid for.
  7. 1. CharlieJ Eureka Mythos( bought used) 2. Eyedee. Eureka Mignon 3. DavecukEureka Zenith 65E (black) 4. Soll. Eureka Mythos ( Almost new condition) 5. CoffeeJohnny Eureka mythos plus used (tamper removed) 6. Totallywired Eureka Mythos (won on here in the raffle) 7 charris Eureka Mignon (bought new) 8. Walter Sobchak - Mythos (Victoria Arduino version) 9. glevum. Eureka Mignon 4 years old from new on 3rd burr set..still loving it 10. Obnic Mignon 4 years old from new. Black and chrome from BellaB. On light duties now using Mini E. 11. Working Do
  8. The web site says he's on holiday 'til the 20th
  9. No just tap water. I make about 6-8, mainly flat whites a day plus 3-4 cups of hot water. Also have not experienced any slowing-up of the R58. Last machine was a DeLonghi which needed descaling every few weeks.
  10. I have really hard water here. I put one in the reservoir four months ago and have no visible signs of scale (normally appears on tap outlets) Not tried it without so have nothing to compare it with. Be interesting to see what happens when I give it a descale in another three months.
  11. I find the steam tip with the smaller holes gets better results. I have temp tags but prefer hand temp. I texture the milk with tip almost on surface so it hisses and then lower the tip into the milk after it has expanded about 10% and the jug feels Luke warm. Then stop when it's too hot to hold (Temp tag normally glows just after this) I find if I texture the milk any longer it gets much too thick and difficult to do latte art etc. Milk looks like Dulux after the jug is banged and swirled a couple of times!
  12. Hi Kenny I've been suffering 'Wet Puck Syndrome" on my R58 for the last few months. Was dosing 16g in 15gVST basket. Recently tried dosing at 20g in standard 18g basket, 30 sec extraction giving me 30g espresso with mainly dry pucks. Have tried several blends with same results.
  13. Mine looks the same (wonky) but not leaking. Silicone will fix temporarily, also might fix if tightened, but considering overall good build of Rocket it seems a bit Mickey Mouse!
  14. There is a thread on here which tells you how to mod the Dualit. (Modifying Dualit 75015 to achieve a finer grind) which was easy to do and worked for me.
  15. Ditto for me Double or single with the standard baskets and have also tried 15g VST. I'm mainly dosing 18g or 10g in the single but grind or bean doesn't seem to have any effect. Coffee tastes great but puck generally has pool of water on the top or is very sloppy and goes everywhere apart from the knock box. Need to work out the signature for this: Rocket R58, Eureka Mignon, VST 15g, Espro Automatic 58mm flat.
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