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  1. This is two photos from the element failure Gaggia GD compact we carried out work on.
  2. Its actually two machines, I cant remember the top left tank but the other three are from a wall mounted Zip hydroboil water boiler. We had quite a large amount from a gaggia gd compact last week, I will try and find the pictures. Some of this stuff is seriously hard, I envy nice sand like scale! Thats not something that could be plumbed inline though is it Gary?
  3. I have just given this Mazzer Super Jolly a strip down, re-grease of the doser and clean and was just wondering what sort of price this should be advertised for? many thanks.
  4. They do help but the frequency of replacement is very short so it becomes quite costly.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. It certainly keeps us busy and we have a cupboard full of descaler at all times
  6. Had a quick search but couldn't see any similar threads. Thought i would put some pictures up of the hard water and limescale we have to deal with on the Isle of Wight. Has anyone else got any experiences with bad limescale build up?
  7. Hi there, thought I would start a thread. Anyone else on here from the Isle of Wight?
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