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  1. Sorry. - yes I will take at asking. Just ironing out the collection details with OP.
  2. Yes! Where and when? Perhaps take this to PM?
  3. Love this. If you decided delivery was an option, I’d be all over it.
  4. For the record, my post wasn’t aimed at you specifically. It was simply noting that 95% of the responses to the OP were referring to the condition of his grinder.
  5. Yeh that sums it up nicely. I’m not suggesting there’s any malice intended, but if you’re not interested, don’t comment. The rules say this and it’s common courtesy. I’m saying no more on the matter now as I’m only adding to the clutter!
  6. I don’t need to my friend, I got it crystal clear the first time. From the forum rules: “You may only reply within a For Sale thread if you are interested in purchasing the item” Does that not apply to this thread? Or is the benefit of your wisdom exempt?
  7. And slating the appearance of the seller’s grinder is helpful I assume?
  8. I must have missed the bit in the original post where the seller asked for advice on how to sell his grinder....
  9. Quick question. When it comes to emptying and refilling the tank, is it as simple as lifting the plastic tank out and placing back in? I appreciate it can be filled in situ, but what about emptying? I'm interested in a Barista, but coming from a Gaggia Classic, which is very straightforward to empty the "stale" water from, I'd like to be sure the Barista equally as straightforward...
  10. Ok, understood. Would you meet in the middle at £475? That’s as far as I can stretch I’m afraid. Edit: On reflection, I’m going to withdraw my offer. GLWS.
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