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  1. VERY occasionally have a sneaky espresso post-dinner, if it's been a big one, and feel that I'm going to sleep with a full tum anyway
  2. Junction 39 I think - Tebay
  3. When on the M6 hot-foot it to Westmoreland - it may be 100s of miles out of the way for you, but well worth it!
  4. Jacam


    I second that!
  5. Hmm. Got a GC and was thinking about swapping to a La Pav, but having seen your deal I now think "why switch? - keep!"
  6. Hi The title says it all really. I've a Rancilio Rocky grinder (doserless version) and am looking for a replacement spout (transparent blue) as even though I was careful when I've taken it on and off it's still cracked. I'm in London Many thanks Jacam
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