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  1. Yep, I use them both side my side, and pretty much as chap says, Kony +more complex on dark roasts, better consistency,less dialling in, very quick grinding - can’t really do light roasts, shead loads of retention Major + not much retention,much beter at light to medium roasts, and will do dark, - not as consitant, need adjusting more often, and quite a bit noisier both really require a weight in the hopper, to keep things consistent for home use Hope that helps ps if I win the xmas raffle will do you a good price on both
  2. 01. Coffeechap 02. dfk41 03. Mrboots2u 04. CageyH 05. Dylan 06. MWJB 07. Snakehips 08. Joey24dirt 09. Kennyboy993 10. LukeT 11. arellim 12. Stanic 13. AndyDClements 14. Jony 15. Johnealey 16. GingerBen 17. Flying_vee 18. Soll 19. MatBat 20. Steveholt 21. Johnbudding 22. grumpydaddy 23. Thecatlinux 24. Greenblood 25. David Bondy 26. jimbojohn 27. jlarkin 28. Christos_geo 29. MediumRoastSteam 30. Tewdric 31. Heligan 32. blackstone 33. Salty 34. Stevied62 35. Jackblackmore 36. PPapa 37. Simon_s 38. Xpenno 39. Daren 40
  3. are you sure your grinding fine enough? Looks like the coffees pouring out on pre infusion, shouldn't even get a drip for at least a few seconds
  4. Hello, think it may be 2010 but will have a look when I get home, Theres timer that you can program for up for single and double if that's what you mean, and yes it has a funnel, I have some brand new factory burrs spare and a 320 g hopper to make it more compact,
  5. Hello may have a mazzer major e coming up for sale soon if you're interested
  6. Just my 2 pence worth, I find the ims much more forgiving if you like a central poor
  7. Mmmm interesting that it increases flow rate a little as well
  8. Why not go for a vario? Probably the only grinder that's easy to switch......unless you've got £2k,
  9. But there is a new pump so not all bad news, not that I really need one
  10. Think that'll take quite a long time tbh, think 22g basket is abit much for standard L1 anyway, unless you can do the Fellini move. Or when the upgrade kit becomes Available
  11. Could someone send me a link for the correct gasket for l1 at Bella barista, really need to buy a set of callipers
  12. Think you'll find it was a custom cut out one like I have, speak to Callum or coffee chap
  13. Haha boots, thought you'd given up modding really can't remember, was a while ago and paid in euros, but wasn't cheep, seemed like a bargain cos mazzers where more expensive (new) back then
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