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  1. Yeah it’s been a while since I serviced the e61 grouphead too, which I probably shouldn’t have left this long...
  2. Well, it seems adjusting the pump pressure, 8bar or over it leaks at the top of the e61 mushroom. Scratch that, guess the mushroom just needed tightening as gasket looked fine. Fine at 9 bar. Pump adjuster screw seemed pretty damn tight.
  3. Think it was coming from around there, but didn’t have case open. Don’t think water is returning to the tank when the pump is running and the opv wasn’t stuck, or so I think because was backflushing moments before. Haven’t checked actual pressure with a portafilter w pressure gauge at brewhead, but flow looked less. Still need to check the screw for the pump pressure. Pump continually running even when switched off via front switch, until pulled from mains something obvious?
  4. Hasn’t happened again, but instead had a new fun issue, clicking, then brew pump dropping to 2 bar and continuously running until machine turned off at mains.
  5. Would those cause intermittent issues? I'm wondering, saw a while back that someone saw a buildup of particles in the anti backflow valve from a brita filter, could those have caused an issue?
  6. No knocking, nothing flexing or moving about. Irritating stuff like the vacuum breaker not sealing entirely immediately, but nothing of real note. Possible some gunk was stuck in pump?
  7. Well this is irritating, been like this for a good few days and it seems fine today so far. I'll have a look inside a bit later.
  8. Hi, seems like the brew pump under load on my izzo whether brewing or backflushing builds up pressure and then starts to knock/oscillate between 7 and 9 bar a few times a second until it's stopped. Descaled regularly enough (did this after it started), backflush did seem to help albeit the first time only. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Ok, turns out pretty easy aside from having to curl pipe and get the nut on the gauge end onto the thread. Curiously, gauge seems to top out at 1 bar, not 1.25 bar like before this stupidness with the gicar unit. Wondering whether I need to adjust the pressurestat now... Cheers
  10. Tried removing the old manometer for brew pressure at the brass connector just on the left hand side of the boiler, but pipes seem to flex a bit even gripping the pipes with the amount of force to remove it. Any suggestions so I don't end up bending the pipes? Picture here of similar internals, below the pressure stat and autofill, at the bottom of picture, the brass connector under the pipe: http://coffeetime.wdfiles.com/local--files/boiler-insulation-duetto-steam-boiler/4_TopPieces.JPG
  11. Yeah aside from checking the switch with a meter everything looks fine. If something was fouling the platform would it be occasional?
  12. Hi, got an izzo alex which normally would cut out when tank is near empty and stop pumping, sounding the alarm buzzer, but twice now it has failed to stop pumping letting the pump run near dry. Possible it's the gicar box or something else?
  13. Only tried this morning, but was only when pulling a shot, not flushing.
  14. This morning, brewhead pressure was stuttering between 2 bar difference quite rapidly and didn't sound great on pulling a shot, yet a backflush seemed to keep pressure fine. Guessing if it happens again, something is on its way out like the pump?
  15. What on earth is the doser sweep made out of, a vane snapped off and it's clearly not metal, some powdery metallic looking epoxy stuff. Presumably can only get parts from somewhere like chriscoffee in the us? Don't think i've seen this on a mazzer...
  16. I was just reading the specs at bellabarista tbh for the fresh, probably the doser they have which makes up so much height. I know the k10 is pretty damn good, had a mini ages back and it simply doesn't compare, figure the eureka is about the same. Even the pours looked different on the k10. But yeah, i'll run some more beans through the k10 and maybe not leave it for so long again.
  17. I think it's just a bit too damn big to put anywhere these days Retention i've never found too bad in the k10 tbh, but that's if you use it. It's been relatively near the sink but whilst it has been in use every day at least, there's never been issues (because presumably the oils coating the burrs). It's now further from the sink but yeah, even if I did get new burrs they have a ridiculous amount of seasoning required iirc. What I find surprising is the k8 fresh is bigger than the k10 fresh.. The problem is without a hopper it probably needs to be below 40cm in height. Iunno, the k10 is a pretty damn good grinder, tbh I don't know really how the smaller grinders like the vario and eureka mini compare these days.
  18. Left the k10 for a few weeks now and found surface rust on the burrs inside. Run 200ish grams of beans through and had a go at cleaning the burrs, which seemed to get rid of the majority of it, but any ideas? Almost thinking the k10 a little bit impractical now... I guess I could get a used super jolly or vario, but any other new choices out there? Don't fancy changing the burrs in the k10 unless I have to. The hg one is quite sizeable itself no?
  19. Really? If so, awesome. I remember seeing about the trouble they had.
  20. Ah, another I hate hasbean blends thread, how unusual. I'm still to find a bean as good as the machacamarca.
  21. Got any pictures of the jampit? Think I may have taken it a bit too far last time.
  22. These are the changes so far as i'm aware. http://www.stoll-espresso.de/downloads/dl/file/id/107/izzo_alex_duetto_information.pdf
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