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  1. Hi all, i have just signed up to a subscription. Does anyone know when I should expect the first delivery?
  2. Please can someone post me the discount code. Thank you!
  3. koahhe

    Hand grinder

    Thank you. Since I am on a very tight budget I would prefer to get one of these grinders second hand. If anyone has one lying unused in a back of a cupboard please let me know
  4. koahhe

    Hand grinder

    Yes, I guess I should have specified that. It is for brewed, mostly aeropress, once in while clever dripper.
  5. koahhe

    Hand grinder

    Looking for a cheap and decent hand grinder. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. £1210 delivered with insurance to Singapore, or you arrange collection and you pay me £950. If you still want it I will pm you my bank details.
  7. I need to know where you need these posted so I can get a shipping quote. After I know how much delivery will cost I can give you the final price.
  8. Please give me the postcode of the address you want the delivery made to. If it's not very far from me I would prefer to deliver myself otherwise I will have to get some shipping quotes
  9. Was really hoping to find someone who can collect ... Where in UK you need it delivered?
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