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  1. Aw mate I'm so sorry to hear about the outcome.
  2. Sorry to hear this martin. I hope it all gets resolved, especially the tribunal.
  3. My spiced pumpkin ale worked out well but I had a problem with my keg and struggled to keep it carbonated. I discovered the problem was the seal in the pressure release valve, it had unseated itself and allowed for most of the pressure to leak out. Already planning my next beer which will be a low abv, low ibu hop bomb. I'm basically going to work a recipe around what hops I have in the freezer and see how it turns out. I'm only at the planning stage, which basically means that I haven't don't anything more than what I've written...
  4. Ah yes, maybe I should have put 'decent' in the context of the Preston coffee scene...if there is such a thing. I guess its a small step forward for Preston, which is something in itself. I currently work just round the corner and noticed that they have opened the 'tarted up' Winkley square, its currently looking quite nice.
  5. Finally managed to put some time aside and get another brew sorted. I've gone for something a little different, probably a marmite beer to be fair, a not so seasonal pumpkin spiced ale. I had been given a pumpkin and wanted to do something other than make soup, I guess it helped that my wife gave me an ultimatum that if I didn't use the pumpkin she would sling it out the window. It had been some time since I had last brewed beer, although I had done a country wine in the summer. I was glad to get through all the processes quite smoothly but am a little worried I have over spiced the beer, the wort kind of tasted like gingerbread men.
  6. A little slow off the mark here but I stumbled across cedarwood coffee this afternoon. Spotted that they use atkinson's coffee so decided to throw caution to the wind and give a flat white a go. I was pleasantly surprised and will gladly go back at some point.
  7. I was recently away from two weeks and my starter was a bit sluggish after its rest in the fridge. I gave it a few regular feeds and it was back up to speed again. I'm happy with the way the loaves came out this morning.
  8. Interesting. I've made many of his recipes with great success and I actually thought the strong flour scone recipe was an absolute winner.
  9. Yeah I've been using one for a bit but I don't get that lip that Gary has got.
  10. I've found its better with cooler dough but never quite got the full lip like yours. I'll give it a go with an oiled blade and see how I get on.
  11. Absolute top drawer! How do you get it to split open like that, is it in the depth and angle of he cut? Mine never achieve it
  12. You mean this...http://road.cc/content/news/196676-video-chris-froome-smacks-spectator-stage-8-climb
  13. I know it's not for everyone, I've always liked it, as do my kids so it's a regular in my house.
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