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  1. I picked one of these up at the start of the month. Seems like a decent piece of kit. 3yr warranty too.
  2. Looks like great fun. I'd love to try a taster but unfortunately no velodrome over here.
  3. It's a good beer. Great with BBQ.
  4. Balsamic vinegar? In a good way.
  5. punk IPA I believe was contract brewed for a while.
  6. Tesco's also worth a check. They do vocation brewing which are on a power with brewdog. This was a recent Tesco haul.
  7. I really like brewdog. It's what started me on the craft stuff (not sure I like that phrase). Dead pony club is also really tasty.
  8. I know it's not Friday but thought it was time to contribute again. Finca Argentina Los Mangos. I always watch out for this coffee when it comes around each year. As for the pouring skills, no improvement there.
  9. I've heard you can use a terracotta pot base instead.
  10. I got a big roll of turkey foil. I put a couple of layers over the bottom of the pan then put the sand on top and folded the sheets over the top of it. I can manage to lift this package in and out of the pan in case I want to run it dry. I put another layer on top of the whole thing while cooking incase grease got on it.
  11. Wish I had Waitrose here. There's no where I can buy them in a shop here. Would have to order online.
  12. When I did the pork shoulder I used the old style weber briquette. Filled the basket with a 3kg bag and it lasted 10hrs, think it could have gone another hour but wanted to get back to sleep so topped it up with a second bag. I used sand in the pan and it definitely didn't use as much fuel as I need with water in the pan. I put a smaller foil tray on top with hot water in it just to add some moisture. No topping up required. I've also gone dry pan when I wanted to hit the higher temps for the duck.
  13. Really want some pulled pork now. I have 3 vac packed bags in the freezer from last time. Mmm, too late to defrost and eat!
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