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  1. Yep thank you very much ....im going to phone them Monday.....
  2. Thank you...it seems strange that proper solution hasn't been found by eureka .if it's been going on for a long time
  3. You're a star thanks .would this invalidate my warranty if j did this
  4. Thanks . j know it won't affect performance ,but it bugs me
  5. Thanks for that it's very helpful....i will have to call them
  6. I've had my eureka zenith 65e for a week and there are coffee grinds at the LCD any body else had this . The grinder comes from bella barista, who i have emailed two times asking for a solution .but theh have not replied . Any solutions here from any body .thanks
  7. i wonder how many people know what meniscus is
  8. hello boys and girls i have had my gaggia classic for a good few years now. recently i tested the pressure and adjusted it down to 9 bars. BUT i have taken a small nick out of the green gasket at the moment it is not leaking but i would like to get a new gasket have you any idea where i can get on.... many thanks
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