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  1. 01. dfk 02. dfk 03. lake_m 04. Asgross 05. Steveholt - Ceado E37, backed first 50 Niche 06. Nopapercup 07. Jaffro 08. Haz_pro - Brasilia Rossi RR45 - Backed first 50 09. MatBat 10. Dayks 11. TonyCoffeeNewbie 12. MalcolmH 13. MediumRoastSteam 14. Syenitic 15. PPapa 16. 322 17. Russ 18. Gary G 19. Kilo 20. Rhys 21. pj.walczak 22. Djhep 23. donblacc 24. thenag 25. drawntowin 26. Rytopa 27. GeoffS 28. Deejaysuave 29. AliG 30. Rob666 31. jlarkin 32. markant -HG-1-first 50 33. David Body 34. Nuggy 35. oop north (I was number 3 )
  2. But you have months to go before it appears in the house so plenty of time to butter up / think of great reasons etc. And if all else fails just say "what that old thing? I paid for it months ago"
  3. Yeah, I think he will love it! I think he might already have a frother - not really sure. but it's his birthday not his wife's anyway!
  4. Ho hum - Silvia seller has backtracked, so I have ordered a Flair... His wife can learn to drink espresso neat
  5. Dylan / Inspector Thank you very much for the advice - I have just nabbed the Silvia at £240 in Billinghay. I would perhaps consider the Flair, but as it's a surprise pressie I cannot check out in advance if it's what he would like so don't want to take too much of a risk. Also his wife likes a milky drink...
  6. I will have the Silvia then please. Cannot sort money until I get home next weekend (in France on holiday at the moment) - hope that's OK, and then maybe another week until I can collect (need to find a spare day to drive over). How much for the tamper? And the milk jug?
  7. Firstly, apologies for first post in a couple of years (nearly) being a request for help- been overwhelmed by work for the last couple of years included a period of illness as a result. But doing much better now! Am in charge of a bunch of people getting together to get a surprise pressie for someone's 40th birthday. He doesn't have much money so looking to get th best bang for buck I can for him. He has my old super jolly grinder The absolute max is £350 (though that's a bit of a risk for me as organiser!). I think he options are 1. Gaggia Classic used from 2+ years ago to avoid latest model? Around £150-£175 2. Europiccola lever or something similar - he's quite geeky and I think would really love a manual lever. Someone is advertising an Arrarex(?) lever down south. But pickup only 3. Rancilio Silvia - one for sale at £340 but Guildford and pickup only, sadly - cannot justify driving to get it (500-600 mile round trip) ottherwise looks just the thing 4. Something else. There is an in between machine up for sale in Ormskirk (I am in Preston) quick mill 820 but that doesn't get terribly positive reviews (I think Patrick called it "tinny" when it came out) Have been looking on here for about 4 weeks so far and time is moving on - am on holiday in France for next week, home 20 August. Friends birthday is 2 September so would like to sort for then. Not desperate to spend full budget as can easily use up with beans, bits and pieces, trip to a roasters event etc any extra ideas?
  8. Oops wrong way round - but rather pleased with this pressie from my bro and sister in law. Also about £60 of Atkinson's vouchers
  9. oop north

    Ek43 - £1350

    That saves making a decision
  10. Lots of bits of Naim Hifi scattered round the house (three separate systems). Though spent lots more on cars (the highlights of which were a couple of Caterham 7s) over the years learning to play the drums (when the drum kit appeared in the house my wife said "why do you have to be so ridiculously over the top about everything?") to add to electric bass and piano (fancy getting an acoustic bass for a bit of occasional practice). When I retire I am going to get a saxophone and learn that, too
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