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  1. Spoke with Ceado guys at London Coffee Festival. Asked about worm gear unit. They said it will fit later models of E37s and that serial number is needed, to know whether or not you have a suitable version. I assume this also applies to the ‘puffer’ unit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Check out the Delter coffee press. Might do the trick... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 3 days later... Apologies for the delay. It takes a while when grinding new (different) beans and pulling only 3 shots a day! Definite improvement in clarity of flavours. May try the same method with the lower burr, soon!
  4. While doing the whiteboard marker/burr rotation alignment process. I noticed a simple and easy way to tell when the top burr is in the best of the 3 available positions. With the rubber collar in position, it is easy to note the point at which the burrs start to touch and ‘chirp’. The further to the right this is, the closer the burrs are before they touch. Therefore they must be at the best possible alignment using this basic method! Finer alignment can be achieved with shimming or even, maybe, sanding the burr carriers as described by Scott Rao on his website. But this simple method will get the E37s closer to ‘perfect’ without consuming a lot of time and effort!
  5. ULKA pump is rated at 48 watts. ARS/Invensys at 65 watts. Makes a big difference in performance. Listed on eBay by a seller who does lots of good parts for the Gaggia Classic. Listed as - CP3A Pump 65W Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine Maker Invensys ARS Eaton D Seller is shock_waves_shop. Reduced vibration/noise in my machine by running it with the top removed and watching how the pump moves. Careful, though - 240v LIVE MAINS connections are exposed and too easy to touch!Adjusting the angle of the pipe connection from the top of the pump can affect how it moves.
  6. I had one of these. Inveterate modder! Brass dispersion plate, IMS shower screen, PID, manometer, etc. Noticed you still have what looks like the Ulka pump. Replaced mine with an A.R.S. (Invensys clone). Much better. Slightly higher wattage and enabled use of a dimmer to emulate a lever pressure profile. Real improvement. The machine is still in service. Gave it to a family member. He loves it.
  7. Ancap make a competition cappuccino cup which is slightly smaller at 150ml. Ideal for a flat white and makes a great double shot espresso cup, too!
  8. Thanks rob177palmer! Got tube and ball bearing setup now. Much better for consistency. Still had problem of wastage of beans with the E37s, due to the size of the grind chamber. Had been laboriously digging them out with a small plastic spoon - very inefficient. Then found this on eBay - Visiovac universal valuables trap. Works really well for removing and saving beans from the grind chamber. As long as you only use it for this and keep it clean! Also, makes it much easier to adjust grind according to the manufacturers instructions (with an empty grind chamber). Various sellers at various prices. It’s worth hunting around for a good deal. Got mine for less than a tenner.
  9. Sounds like it could be a dry solder joint to me. Tricky to remedy, if you don’t have the skills and correct tools etc. If you do have a small soldering iron and know how to use it, then reflow any suspicious looking solder joints. If this won’t void any warranty! (Unlikely!) A new replacement is the best option, though.
  10. Noticed at nearest Waitrose to me in NW London - small 500 ml 6 packs are still Stretton Hills. 2 litre 6 packs are Lockhills. 5 litre bottles are Princes Gate! Only Stretton Hills has the desirable balance of minerals. I fear the others will create more scale, as well as affecting the flavour, unfavourably. I have been using a fifty/fifty blend of Stretton Hills and Volvic. Now looking at Volvic only, or re-mineralised distilled. Need to research that!
  11. Just got the Decent funnel. Works fine. Sits around the basket, but on the pf. Bit heavy, though...
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