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  1. thanks for kind welcome guys..... started with Rok presso then Delonghi EC155 + Porlex hand grinder. hard to live without espresso, ha.ha.ha.. looking for a more decent machine like silvia V3.
  2. Just info - reverse osmosis machine with 5-step filtering will cut down ordinary tap water into 10 ppm or lower. One in http://www.pusatro.com/mesin-ro-reverse-osmosis/10-cck-reverse-osmosis-50-gpd.html produces 50 gallons/day and merely costs GBP 86.00 in Indonesia. However, as an esspresso newbie, I cannot tell the difference in taste for using hard/soft water. Would somebody like to share?
  3. Glad to join the coffee forums!!! new espresso addict is looking for a decent machine :-)
  4. Is the V3 Silvia still available? I wonder if you ship to Indonesia? email me at [email protected]
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