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  1. bought in october Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira da Grama Bourbon Pulped Natural 2009-2010 Colombia Nariño Consaca bought on 19th november and it says on packet roasted 19 november. Costa Rica Finca de Licho 2010-2011 Guatemala El Bosque Amatitlan Red Bourbon 2010-2011 Crop I dont bother weighing each time my routine is fill it just over top and smooth it out, now its level with top or just under. The top rim of the metal tamper tells me the level that it will have to be tamped, taking note of the tamping pressure used to enable it to fit under the group head. I used to have a habit of overfilling it on occation and having to roughen up the top of the shot and blow some off the top lol, but I dont have that problem anymore. I had some other beans from http://italiancoffeebeans.co.uk which were much dryer roast wether they were roasted more or just an old bag as it was a free sample IDK maybe a little of both but I had a really fine grind and a hard tamp to achieve the same flow as the has beans. So that led my to this conclusion because I thought WHY is there SO much difference between these with flow of water when variables are the same. I will see if hasbean steve can give me any recommendations for espresso machines.
  2. wish I could get decent microfoam enough to do that on my gaggia classic, I have the rancillo steam wand modification too!
  3. Appologies for the pun. Have been buying beans from hasbean coffee. I am using gaggia classic and iberital mc2. I have found with all 4 types of beans I have bought from there the roast has been quite light. By that I mean I am having to grind the beans quite coarse to get the correct flow, even with a light tamping with some beans. With a fine grind its too slow flow I would get like 5mm at the bottom of the cup as its choked it. On each bean page they have roasting advise and I put 2 and 2 together that some beans are best lightly roasted to get the best out of them thus making them not so good for an espresso machine as you have to do a coarse grind? Are my assumptions correct on this? So to use the coffee in my espresso machine is best to just look at the beans that state espresso beans or good for espresso. Also am I correct in saying these are always the cheaper beans and the premium beans have the light roast?
  4. cool, thx for the puck pic. Banish instant, 20 seconds!!!! I am sure mine goes from brown to yellow in 2 seconds.
  5. thanks for all the replys! I guess my grounds needs to be much finer. I have an iberital mc2. It stoped working for like 10 seconds last week so I frantically started pushing buttons turning nobs but it started working again for no good reason Anyhoo thats all just doesn't matter I know to use a finer grind and watch the amount of espresso (water) I get out after 25 seconds, I guess I should have realised that already but actually not. This pic I just took of 14g 1 week old grounds. I think it can still be a bit finer. I Will keep ajusting.
  6. Yes! I will weigh a 14g then on electonic scales and extract as you say for 25 seconds and post a photo tomorrow. (Will be interesting for me as I admit I have not bothered weighing grounds I just relyed on making it so the single or double shot of grounds was touching or just about touching the pertruding screw on the gaggia machine.) About the grind.. I can hear the machine kinda stressing a bit already and I didn't want to put too much strain on it as I have just had one baby dose go belly up from too much back flushing. PS I am not an expert maybe my grind IS too corse. The tamper I use is a happy donkey 15 pound job. Its ok but I have my reservations about it.. 2 reasons, I measured it at 57mm (not sure if it was sold at 58?) .. I measured the portafilter inserts at 59mm So this means there is always 2mm gap. Kinda dumb isn't it? Yes I do tamp around the edges tho. I am considering making my own tamper why dont they sell ones that fit perfectly! Thx will post back tomorrow
  7. Is this supposed to happen? I get always some sort of damage to the puck when inspecting it after the shot has been extracted. Either a 2mm deep channel 3mm wide from the edge of the portafilter thing. OR I get some sort of slight crators in the puck. NEVER have I got a perfect puck out. Is this normal. If you can you advise any errors I may be making? The image does not show that well but there is a slight channel all around the edges of the portafilter .
  8. I bought a gaggia classic off ebay, so I have the faulty baby dose left as spare. Please message me if you are interested in buying it off me or parts of it. thanks
  9. thanks for your responces, I am thinking about a second hand gaggia classic as it takes the rancilio silvia steam wand + it can be picked up cheaply second hand. The rancilio silvia is a bit out of my budget its 400 new and I cant find 1 second hand.
  10. Hi sorry I am sure its been discussed before but I didn't hit anything on a quick search. I have a gaggia dose which is broken atm. anyway I am wondering if there are better home machines for steaming milk. I was not particularly impressed this this machine I was never able to get a micro foam with it and I believe (with my machine) it was not possible. I had taken off the frother attachment and gone through the process as shown online without ever making micro foam. So can anyone recommend a better machine that is possible for micro foam. 1 problem I did have the the gaggia baby dose was the wand was so small without the attachment you couldn't get a good size frothing pitcher under it if especially when dipping tip lower down, as well as that there is very little space you could only get a small pitcher in there and then your milk goes all over the show, just not good really. Anyone know if these issues are there in the baby class? thanks dave
  11. I am in the south, worthing, east sussex. that would be great thanks.
  12. I have has this coffee machine for a while, bought off ebay working all fine but the flow started coming through VERY slow. I have taken off the casing and had a look put it back together again and now the lights dont even come on I have the connected the ribbon to the control pannel). It still heats up when you plug it in but the control panel isn't working. Could anyone give me any advise how to fix it or know where I can send it for repair off warranty? thanks dave
  13. davey

    slow flow baby

    Hi mark, I didn't see any scale in the shower head, I took it apart and poked a hair clip into the hole. Please can you advise if there is anything more I can do?
  14. davey

    slow flow baby

    thanks for your reply, I have performed unblocking of the solenoid valve as you describe. I didn't find the center hole to be blocked also I unkinked the black hose too but still no luck. I am still getting hot water as normal through the steam wand. Is there anything else I could try?
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