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  1. Another batch from Limini in Bradford arrived this morning. Over the past few days I have been drinking some excellent Rave "Indian Monsoon Malabar", very nice prepared in an Aeropress, this is my next coffee in line. First shot of the Limini blend was 14.5 g ground at 1:4 in my Aergrind, medium hard tamp before preparing it in my Europiccola. Nice hard pull, no splattering, tight dark crema, it looked good. Slightly bitter nose, first sip was slightly bitter, disappointed, but as I moved further down the cup it mellowed out, WOW, this is the best result so far from my Europiccola. Second cup of the Limini blend was 12 g ground at 1:8 in my Aergrind and prepared in the Aeropress with 150 ml of water at 80 C. Difficult to taste after the Espresso, perhaps I should have waited more than five minutes between the two styles of drink, the third cup proves this to be true. My coffee has improved dramatically since I replaced my Porlex with an Aergrind.
  2. I ordered a thermometer a couple of days ago. All I needed was something to check water temperature for my Aeropress brewing. Many electronic thermometers have bad reviews for inaccuracy, I would have expected 100% accuracy for such a modern high-tech gadget. In a flash of inspiration I ordered a good old fashioned scientific glass thermometer from Amazon.
  3. 1 Kg Aged Gouda 1 Kg Extra Mature Gouda 500 g Smoked Goat Gouda Shipped in from the Netherlands. Goes very nicely with a strong coffee
  4. I was surprised by the delivery speed, I was not expecting it to arrive before the end of week. Hopefully yours will arrive very soon. Might be worth checking up on how best to use it while you wait, there were no instructions included with mine.
  5. Yabba Dabba Doo! 😀 Another nice toy arrived this morning. Ordered last Wednesday, that's only five days for delivery.
  6. Still dunking milk chocolate digestives in his coffee! 👍 (Did his wife give him blackcurrant tea for his "blind cupping"?)
  7. Yes, I have those already, they came with the Europiccola. I now remove them, clean, dry and store separately from the machine. The deep pitting has been there for years, I guess the tray overflowed and it got forgotten for a few days.
  8. Looks good, eight years and not a mark in sight. I have just been watching a video clip about removing rust from chrome surfaces using diet coke and aluminium foil. If only life was so simple, the corrosion in my base is way beyond that.
  9. Rust and corrosion seems to be a standard feature of these machines. I would like to stop the corrosion on my machines chrome base from progressing further. Currently I give the occasional blast of WD40, is this a good idea, or can anybody suggest anything better?
  10. Thank you Dave, that was the problem. I had my Stanley knife ready to carry out a full autopsy on the cable, but once I was able to slacken the plastic cable clamping bolt, the cause became obvious. Should be able to fix it this afternoon, might nip down to Wilko for a pair of rubber gloves before I make my next coffee. Cheers.
  11. If somebody is able to advise... My test meter has arrived already so I have checked the Europiccola electrics as well as I am able, all wires and connections have been tested for continuity, note, I am not an expert. The resistance across the heating element was about 54 Ohms, is that in the right range? I think the next step has to be a dissection of the compressed mains cable section, I can't plug this beauty in again till I know what is at fault. Test Summary: When it blew there was no flooding, the base was dry inside, it was on a dry surface Mains cable appears sound apart from the section that was tightly clamped at the point of entry to the base. Test shows no shorting even when the cable is twisted. All asbestos covered internal connecting wires appear sound, undamaged, no sign of electrical burning or shorting. Earth connections to base and boiler have good continuity to the newly fitted UK style mains plug. Neutral mains-in wire to switch-in, good. Switch on/off works as expected. Switch-out to thermal fuse-in, good. Thermal fuse has good continuity, good appearance. Thermal fuse-out to boiler terminal, good. Boiler, no continuity across boiler terminals, resistance about 54 Ohms. Boiler terminal to thermostat, good. Thermostat to live mains-in wire, good. Thanks for any advice, suggestions, or assurance.
  12. Thank you Dave, will the award appear in the sidebar under my profile name? More seriously, I realise I was a bit silly, however all my portable appliances use non UK plugs connected with adaptors or foreign extension leads when I am home, this one should have been changed. I purchased this wonderful beast a quarter of a century ago when I was working in Rome, I saw it in a shop window and it was love at first sight. Ever since I have lived a nomadic lifestyle, never enough spare time at home to get the beauty up and running. Fifteen years ago the Portafilter and Steam wand went missing when I was moving to a new apartment which did not help. Last month I purchased a replacement portafilter, a tamper, tamp mat, head gasket set, a Stanley spanner set, split ring pliers, TX20 torx key etc, etc, etc, and was heading towards being able to make a drinkable espresso. There was enough pressure to get one last shot pulled after it had blown up yesterday, and that one was quite decent. Hopefully I will be able to check the electrics out early next week, replace the plug, and get it fired up again!
  13. Maybe using this mains adaptor was not the best idea. 😅 Thank goodness that the main circuit breaker was working.
  14. Good advice, unfortunately my multimeter is no longer working. Right, I need to get one ordered ASAP. No point plugging this in again until I am 100% certain where the electrical failure was. Edit: Multi-meter ordered, due next week
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