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  1. There's definitely a huge difference between Cafelat and L1 jumbo seals, but it's most likely mostly because the jumbos are so oversized. T.
  2. I'm late to the game, so don't really care about delays much, but I reckon people who've been following them since the start must be getting a bit miffed. T.
  3. I think their crew is in Milan, I've seen a photo (from Milan) of the jug on peakwater's IG account, so it looks real, just a huge shame they don't communicate. Also they are taking a piss out of themselves that there's so many delays - just a classic case imho of someone releasing smth for the first time and not realistically judging how long stuff takes. T.
  4. Yup looks like it was marked with something sharp or some sort of internal defect? T.
  5. How did you manage to slice the silicone gasket? As for piston seals I definitely prefer silicone ones when putting them on, it's a massive ballache putting rubber ones on as they have almost no give (especially true for L1 jumbo seals which are uber tough). T.
  6. In the end I switched my wife's phone to another Pixel 2 as the camera (or postprocessing) on it is the best on the market imho (I think only Apple gets close or is better). As it was a new phone I didn't bother setting much up and in the end it received the latest Android update which pisses me off to no end. Anyone else hating the latest Pie crap? Also, I'm seriously slowly starting to hate Android altogether, stuff on it just stops working, even on a vanilla release straight from Google :0 T.
  7. Another delay? I'm down on the list of pre-orders so this of course also affects me... Anyone has details? I've not backed the Kickstarter campaign. T.
  8. I'm sure the word "nigger" was originally used to describe dark skinned individuals, later on it started being used as a derogatory term and that's why it's not used anymore. It doesn't matter that technically there's nothing wrong with the word, it's the connotation that causes issues. Surely the same can be said about the word "Paki", although it probably carries less weight than "nigger" due to historical usage etc. T.
  9. Very curious if anyone disliked all the coffees? Or am I just mad / weird / both? T.
  10. Any examples? I do agree that in some cases things are going a bit too far, in a lot of scenarios there is no right or wrong and a lot depends on the context, background info etc. T.
  11. Purely the fact that they are silent or almost silent (apart from boiler refills), I'd need a rotary pump for quiet operation on a pump machine and that makes the whole machine bigger. T.
  12. I'm now at a stage in life (ie. have a 1.5 year old) where I haven't got time nor space for anything. This is one of the reasons I'm seriously debating selling my L1 and getting something smaller which heats up faster and can be used very quickly even from cold. I would love however to stay with the 58mm size format as I'm not a fan of LC / Cremina 4#mm almost toy like format (no offence). Apart from those little Gaggia lever like boxes (have my own reservations about those) is there anything else on the market which could work? T.
  13. Any properly designed single dosing grinder will deliver what you desire, just bear in mind that the more static the more retention, so be sure to use WDT (add a droplet of water to your dose) before grinding. T.
  14. @admin Is there a way to make the whole retarded "Kin" thing to go away on TT? I've ticked the "don't show this" box but it pops up all the time anyway. T.
  15. Would love to but it's a rented property, so no drilling in the countertops :/ Got a jug + filters on Friday, coffee tastes good, drinking water is a bit on the metalic side sometimes but better than tap. Will use it a bit more and report back. T.
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