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  1. I've seen on IG that they'll start shipping but I only have a pre-order in so not expecting anything till say June T.
  2. £1225 is as low as I'm willing to go, already a bargain [email protected] said. T.
  3. It's a vibe pump but this is a lever so the pump is only used for filling the boiler, not for shots. I think there's a kit for plumbing it in (@coffeechap knows), but the machine doesn't come with it. As per the original post, it comes with two sets of piston seals and a cut down naked PF (original, just with the bottom removed). T.
  4. If you can meet me in the middle ie. £1225 then we have a deal. T.
  5. https://www.japaneseknifecompany.com/
  6. Price drop to £1300 [emoji2956] T.
  7. @Stevebee So overall it was around £400? Seems like the same as the cost when ordering from Germany. Also surprised to see Flair being much cheaper, although from what I've read somewhere above the Robot is much quicker to use? @mcrmfc they seem to offer both a pressurised and professional version although it seems like the basket that comes with the machine anyway. T.
  8. I've done very limited testing with an off the shelf kitchen strainer and had much better brews that way (taste wise that is). Actually your idea of sifting the largest 15-25% is indeed much easier so I might try that. This is purely for experiments as I can't see myself sifting every single brew. T.
  9. Cheers Mark, but are we talking sifting for grind analysis or just plain sifting to reduce the amount of finer material? I'm after the latter at this point, just not sure how fine the fines are [emoji23] T.
  10. I wanted to give sifting a try using cheapo "lab" sieves from ebay / China. Can anyone recommend a good size / size range for sifting coffee from a large conic? Will be using a V60 + paper filters for the brew process. T.
  11. @Stevebee Can I ask what the total was including taxes, fees etc.? Just trying to compare ordering from Germany vs directly from Cafelat. Also, noticed that they sell smth called professional baskets for the Robot: https://www.coffee24.de/CAFELAT-Robot-Filter-Professional I reckon this comes as part of the Barista model anyway? T.
  12. I've already accepted this, but recently had a think that maybe it's not 100% right. Bought a stroller less than a year ago, turned out to have a few issues, it was advertised as fully adjustable seating position but it only really goes up to 45deg which is a bummer. Contacted the store, sent them some vids, they contacted the manufacturer and collected the stroller for inspection. After two weeks the store sent over a copy of the email that they got from the manufacturer which basically says all is OK, the seating position is just the way it is and was fairly obvious from their website (it's not), but they will take it back anyway. They said that they will refund the store and for them to exchange / refund me. So I told them that I'll take a refund to which they replied that I can't pick that option and only store credit is available. Any advice on what the law says here? Can they force credit rather than refunding me? T.
  13. My beloved L1 is up for grabs, the machine simply isn't getting much use these days (too busy, hardly at home), so needs a new home. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LF3my4NXhUUjZJtK6 Some light scratches on the drip tray cover as can be seen on the photos. Both hot water and steam valve have been serviced recently, cleaned and re-greased, piston has been cleaned and re-greased two weeks ago, everything works perfectly. Machine comes with the original PF cut down to a naked / bottomless PF and two sets of seals (original L1 jumbo seals and larger Cafelat seals, currently the machine is running with a set of normal Cafelat seals). Oh it's got 01/15 stamped on the boiler and pop-off easy to remove panels Price: £1400, collection only I'm afraid as it's too big of a risk to send anywhere. I'm in Dorking / Surrey, happy to meet people half way, assuming half way is reasonably far away (not in Liverpool for example). Also happy for someone to come in and have a play, have a think etc. Also let me know if you need more photos / vids etc.
  14. I gave up caring months ago even though they told me it would get delivered by the end of the year. I agree it's a bit ridiculous, instead of trying to match unrealistic deadlines they set themselves, it would be much easier if they tripled their estimates, added 3 months to that just for some extra lee way and then communicated that. T.
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