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  1. Got the following for sale, photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3GKH7aQeiT69WbFK8 Sigg Metro Mug (white one has less dinks)- £5 each Has Bean cup (I can dig out saucers as well) - £3 each Illy cup (+ saucers) - £5 each Bonavita Dripper (good condition) - £15 Sowden Softbrew brewer (used a few times) - £20 Hario Skerton (used a few times) - £25 Clever Dripper (used for a few months) - £7 Walkure Brewer (used several times, almost new) - £50 Open to offers, all prices need P&P adding, or you can pick it up in Dorking.
  2. I'd suggest trying a droplet or two of water, it kills any static which makes the finer particles cling to anything in and around the grinder. T.
  3. Do you mix post grind? Do you spray your beans with water to reduce static? If not do those two and see if anything changes. T.
  4. Borrow a different grinder or invite someone else to have a go on your kit. Are you single dosing the mazzer? Is the mazzer modded? Static might be causing loads of issues, with finer particles clinging to everything and thus not making it into basket. If single dosing spray the beans with water and mix everything well post grind. T.
  5. To some extent, but it was always because most non speciality places where shit, not because most speciality places are shit, at least imho. It's a sad state of affairs when places which should be leading the way are shite and can't be recommended. In speciality cafes it should be an exception to get bad coffee, not the norm T.
  6. It's kind of sad to see how many people agree that most places are disappointing, especially as we are talking about good reputable cafes, not Costa or Sbucks. I might be the odd one out not liking the current trends or thinking that mediocre spro is just vile, but I always assumed most people are quite happy with what they are served. As for brewed after a full meal - that is rather odd imho...(brewed is another thing which mostly brings disappointments btw). T.
  7. The place I've been to yesterday had all the kit, scales everywhere, the guy pulling the shots was sipping on a spro tasting and making adjustments, the crew was genuinely convinced that the spro served to me was top notch, yet it was uber harsh and salty. What gives then? This is one of the reasons why I mentioned personal preference before, perhaps it's my taste buds which are just not agreeing with bright spros? Similar thing happend a few times before with ek type spros, to me all the ones I had were absolute mouth killers. T.
  8. It might boil down to personal preference in some cases, which is also the reason I asked. For me 90% of bright spro simply tastes salty and harsh, that is all I taste regardless of the taste profile for whatever bean is used. T.
  9. Not sure if it's simply the case of bright roasts still dominating most cafes, but after another face twisting shot at a Richmond cafe I thought I'd ask here. How often are you happy with the shots you get served at good reputable cafes? Honestly I can't remember the last time I had a shot and thought to myself, wow that was good. T.
  10. Are you grinding straight into the basket or into a container first to premix the grounds? If straight into basket try grinding into a cup, the whisking the grinds with a small whisk and then dump that into the basket, level, tamp and pull a shot. T.
  11. What grinder are you using? T.
  12. Do this on every single dosing grinder with a vertical feed, especially conics. T.
  13. I'd say that unacceptable, but then again I'd say that about most (all?) handgrinders as I'm yet to see one with the bottom burr properly supported. T.
  14. I'm currently converting my office / small bedroom into my daughter's room and I need to seriously downsize my PC rig as it's most likely going to end up in the living room. Rig is running in a mid-tower ATX Corsair case with 4 drives: 3hdds and 1 ssd with a single wide screen monitor. Plan was to keep all drives and just switch to a smaller case, but I'm not so sure this is doable as small cases usually mean enough size for only 2 drives. I'm also not keen on doing a fresh install of Win10 but I don't think there's an easy way to just move drives and have no boot issues. I've used Intel's NUC PCs which are superbly small, but I'm not so sure about using them for CAD related stuff (Solidworks, AutoCAD, but nothing super intense or demanding). Laptop seems like a good idea at this stage but a) they are more expensive b) I always preferred stationary PCs with proper keyboards. Anyone out there using NUCs or smth similar as their general use PC? T.
  15. I used to post loads, but it was back when I actually had time to spare, nowadays it's mostly work / home / baby matters and there simply isn't enough hours in a day to read things on here let alone post. Another thing which sort of drove me away was lack of gear / technical related topics, most questions nowadays are from new members (which is fine) and the rest of discussions are bean related which gets boring quickly for me at least (as it's so subjective). T.
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