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  1. The crack you can see in the first picture. it is around the display at the number 5 and then at the lower right of the display. with regards to travel, I work in East Yorkshire as a structural engineer and am required to visit construction sites as the industry is still working. I therefore get around a square from Stamford bridge to flamborough to withernsea to Goole. I’ve been to rawcliffe this morning to inspect a potentially dangerous barn on a farm that does indeed require urgent attention. I could therefore agree to meet up in this area without going beyond the realms of a potential site visit, that I would hope to tie it up with. asides from visiting sites I have not left my house in the car as I have been able to secure deliveries from local shops thankfully. I'm being as Responsible as I can, and would prefer not to post this really as I would have concerns about safe transit given I have no box or packaging. hope this helps!
  2. Any interest at all? need this to be gone.
  3. I joined a while back and then have been out of touch for a while due to various things. was about to list my k30 on eBay but figured I’d give a genuine coffee buff the chance first! bought from Dave here about 5 years ago I think. had a crack in the ring then, and no worse now than it was then. it did have a hopper that was well used, and i git rid, trading down to a jam funnel so it fits under my kitchen cupboards. working as well as it always has, and has just had a thorough clean ready to leave me. collection would be good - I’m in Beverley near Hull. i could post this but I’ll take advice from the experienced guys here on the likelihood of damage to the grind chamber. I’ll pack it well and box it but obviously the inner workings are free to move ... looking for £450 if that seems reasonable or I’ll take advice again here. stiil a cracking good grinder. cheers Lighty
  4. Hi hawk any chance of sending some photos by email? i can send my email by pm if this is okay? Mrs L would like more photos ;-) lighty
  5. Best High street stuff in my area is from M&S by a country mile based on Latte and a very occasional mocha it varies a bit but slaughters the other main 3 anyone find the same?
  6. Best of luck J Single dose nappy to single dose grinder ... dont confuse things with your knock box :-)
  7. Cc back at post 796-7 I was after a short white handle for 25 euros probabbly lost in the masses !! could you pm me payment details and I'll sort it asap cheers lighty
  8. Hi Chap Could I have a short white handle please to fit me old trusty base Drop me a pm with payment details and I'll pm my address No titanium snake oil for me at present ... Please ask Jens to make a titanium with leather handle as I so much want a Torrs Hammer Cheers Lighty
  9. Lighty

    Sold Londinium I

    No brainer. Lakeland for a Sage.
  10. Go on then .. How much? I think my current White one is about 75mm in height - what's yours?
  11. Interesting stuff Mark Area is a simple function of pi (3.14 roughly) times the radius of the circle squared so the increase in area from 56 -> 58.5 is 9.1%, but as you say a radius end edge complicates things ... with volume I was meaning that taking a fixed weight of grounds in the basket, and then looking at tamper area you need to look at the volume that is tamped, not just the area. The increase here is nominal really. The 45' shear line starts at the contact edge of the tamper - so as above with a sharp edge it's easy to calculate but not so with a radiused one. The pressure and depth graph would be affected by the basket so that's complicated too! again the minimal area difference is unlikely to massively Impact on the pressure curves It just looked to me like the area increase was the usp and I didn't agree with that premise being a killer deal breaker. As I have tiny mits I need a short handle I think ... I might get a new base if the threads are different and as this looks like being the next big thing it seems sensible to go for it if the handle won't fit! all the complicated refraction stuff is something I haven't got into too much i drink pretty much latte all the time so the talk of % stuff with the shot isn't that critical to me my prep and stuff is quite shoddy no doubt compared to a lot of the guys here but the output tastes alright to me compared to the high street so it'll do me ;-) Coffee is an interest of mine but I've never gotten too crazily into it. I nearly bought an L1 off cc thinking that's me done forever but ended up with the Isomac that I'm now happy with. I would probably go sage DB for ease if I ever change and the Lakeland thing is a no brainer. You're right on the poor research thing - there have no doubt been shed loads of posts since the original Pergtamp kicking here and I haven't read any of them ! i hope the guys who buy the perg find some improvement I really do. I'm not knocking the perg as a product just the 'science' it was sold on. That said if a few of the boys n girls here measure improved shots then it clearly does the job it's meant to and that's cool - if lots of people see it in the cup then it's not a fur coat (no knickers) as my old grandma used to say i will lurk around here and post, sometimes ingnorantly no doubt, and enjoy the crack. Good set of guys who help each other and sometimes have handbags at six paces ;-) nice To chat Lighty
  12. Cool it's really a short handle I'd like in white preferably do you have one
  13. Hmmm what do you have at moment Dave? i could do with an xs / mini handle for my small mit maybe with the flat base as above .. what colour is the 58.5 - ss or titanium? cheers oh yeah is Jens up for a leather handle? i was thinking of a 'Torrs Hammer' :-D
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