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  1. Now on eBay so could a mod close this please. had a message offering £200 so I figured it was time to auction it.
  2. Thanks CC I will have a look. wanted to offer it to someone here first but no dice. might be the way to go now!
  3. The crack you can see in the first picture. it is around the display at the number 5 and then at the lower right of the display. with regards to travel, I work in East Yorkshire as a structural engineer and am required to visit construction sites as the industry is still working. I therefore get around a square from Stamford bridge to flamborough to withernsea to Goole. I’ve been to rawcliffe this morning to inspect a potentially dangerous barn on a farm that does indeed require urgent attention. I could therefore agree to meet up in this area without going beyon
  4. Any interest at all? need this to be gone.
  5. I joined a while back and then have been out of touch for a while due to various things. was about to list my k30 on eBay but figured I’d give a genuine coffee buff the chance first! bought from Dave here about 5 years ago I think. had a crack in the ring then, and no worse now than it was then. it did have a hopper that was well used, and i git rid, trading down to a jam funnel so it fits under my kitchen cupboards. working as well as it always has, and has just had a thorough clean ready to leave me. collection would be good - I’m in Beverley
  6. Hi hawk any chance of sending some photos by email? i can send my email by pm if this is okay? Mrs L would like more photos ;-) lighty
  7. Best High street stuff in my area is from M&S by a country mile based on Latte and a very occasional mocha it varies a bit but slaughters the other main 3 anyone find the same?
  8. Best of luck J Single dose nappy to single dose grinder ... dont confuse things with your knock box :-)
  9. Cc back at post 796-7 I was after a short white handle for 25 euros probabbly lost in the masses !! could you pm me payment details and I'll sort it asap cheers lighty
  10. Hi Chap Could I have a short white handle please to fit me old trusty base Drop me a pm with payment details and I'll pm my address No titanium snake oil for me at present ... Please ask Jens to make a titanium with leather handle as I so much want a Torrs Hammer Cheers Lighty
  11. Lighty

    Sold Londinium I

    No brainer. Lakeland for a Sage.
  12. Go on then .. How much? I think my current White one is about 75mm in height - what's yours?
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