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  1. I know, I just didn’t want to tear it all apart before I have the part so I can drink café ...guess will have to. Thanks for your help
  2. Does anybody know the thread size? I get 2 results 1/4 and 3/8” Seems hard to find too...
  3. Hi all, I have the Isomac machine and it almost always weeps water from the overflow security valve located on top of the boiler and is dumped into the tray, nothing serious just annoying. I would really like to fix it. It’s number 57/58 Does anyone have any experience with that? Can I just unscrew it from the top of the boiler and soak it in citric acid? Is that the probable cause of leak? thanks
  4. Hi, sorry not replying sooner, didn’t see a reply. (BB might get different varieties again, who knows) I don’t want to imply that Bella Barista doesn’t have good beans, they do and are the most pleasant and helpful to deal with, but I wanted to try a larger quantity of good/different beans and carefully monitor my roasting to get different results with same bean. (I have amateur, home made roasting equipment, very manual) I use them now: https://www.smallbatchroasting.co.uk/ They have a very large selection of beans, fast delivery (to France) and are not more expensive than others. Recently they added a taster pack 5x100g, free? for UK, unfortunately @16£ shipping to France....thanks i just bought another 10kg https://www.smallbatchroasting.co.uk/product-page/10kg-tanzania-aa-majinja-estate and Dominican Republic Barahona AA I really like the Tanzanian, for my personal taste and definitely I am not doing any advertising for them because everyone’s taste is different so YMMV. Cheers
  5. I Completely moded a grill into a roaster. Changed the motor to 60rpm, insulated it with special thick wool like material held in place with sticky aluminium tape 2” wide. Even the window on top is covered with this stuff to keep heat in. I added PID because the thermal control stopped @230 Celsius The problem is there are only 2 elements and I can’t find additional ones which means the roasting capacity is rather small, around 150 grams. Otherwise it works great. if anyone is interested I will post a few pictures.
  6. Bella Barista has nice beans, good variety of 5x2kg. Definitely worth a try. I bought many times, always good quality, but lately they seem to have the same beans forever. Used to be, they would change often and have lots of various beans from all over. I just got 10 kg of Dominican Republic beans from “small batch roasting supply” . They just started 5x100g testing packs for 2.50£
  7. Hi, I roast in an over-gas, manual drum roaster, capacity of ~500-550 grams. Roast time to F.C. is ~10m. And..... Never mind ?
  8. Hi all, I got a complete SSB kit consisting of ICOM-IC 706MKIIG HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver CG 3000 Auto tuner antenna ICOM OPC 639 DC cable with Filter SAMLEX SEC-1223 power supply. DAIWA CN-410 M signal meter and various accessories like headphones, morse key, cables etc. All gear in very good condition, if bought separately it's around 1400€ Asking 500£
  9. I like the: "even in France" LOL are you serious? ....or on a sentimental journey? France never had good coffee, it's an illusion and nowadays, decent coffee is in big cities only. But I got into serious coffee after working in Coffee Connection in Boston in 80's... Best coffee and he proved that there is life after Folgers.
  10. What they said above^^^and I would add some penetrating oil/liquid on the bolt, (those liquids that loosen) screws. They are "time based" so as you wait for new bolts let it work... Good luck
  11. Thanks for the link. It is interesting, obviously the manufacturer saves money when they don't insulate the boiler. It would be so easy for them to wrap it in some stuff before it gets assembled.... so I don't use the machine as a heater ... I think I might go with muffler insulation tape 50mm x 3mm fibreglass of low thermal conductivity. unless someone proves me wrong...that it's not good material
  12. I would really like to insulate the boiler in my Isomac TEA II. A year ago I bought material for insulation of pipes which turn out to be a disaster. It dried up brittled and got stuck to the boiler. It was too low temp resistant. What do you people use that is good quality, thin enough (less then 6mm or 1/4") and lasts? Thanks for any tips
  13. I found a genuine Dow silicon lubricant for high temperatures. It's really good, stays long time. I don't have the model number, but it says on the little pot: for lubricating pens. got it on eBay few years ago.
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