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  1. I have a Gaggia Burr Grinder ... Model Maciana A I want to get new grinder plates but having difficult identifying them. Gaggia sent me a spares drawing: http://www.4shared.com/document/3vj6Q-hL/ER0020MMGRINDER_Rev01GRINDER.html I can identify the lower grinding disc ... item 15 MM0432/A However there is an error in the drawing and I can't identify correctly from drawing te upper grind plate .... it looks like it should be item 18 but description says it's "4 brass nut" which does not match the item ?? There is a description for item 22 that reads as "Grinding Plate" but in drawing 22 is the electrical capacitor. Anybody know correct part numbers ?
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    My Gaggia Carezza died, and I invested in a new Gaggia Classic. I had been using various 'vac packed' espresso blends .... but decided to once again visit a 'local' coffee importer as I used to buy a blend from them that I loved. I went to 'Ferrarris' and bought some of their Piacentina blend .... roasted that morning, and when I got it home it was every bit as good as I remember. At £12 a kilo (if you collect) it's also great value. I like a strong skinny Latte and this hits the button. Going to Ferraris is also always interesting, not a shop, .. a warehouse full of raw beans of every type .. including some very expensive ones. You get to see the roasters & blenders, and they are always keen for you to try any of the pure estate or house special blends. http://www.ferrariscoffee.co.uk/pix.html If you are in S.Wales at any time any coffe is your drink - it is worth a visit.
  3. my other consideration is the Rancilio Silvia It costs about 30% more than the Classic
  4. If I want a solenoid model, metal (no plastic) ... is the Classic The option to go for ? Is the Dosing system and touch button electronic controls not worth the extra money ?
  5. Interesting comment ... I understood from Gaggia that same boiler & pump used on all domestic machines ? .... maybe it's controls were the difference. Any links or makes for the demos you saw which were good.
  6. My electric domestic Espresso machine after almost 15 years use has now died. The machine was Gaggia Carezza, I also have a Gaggia burr grinder. It is time to buy a new machine. If I describe what type of coffee I drink, then I would welcome recommendations on what I should consider for a new machine. I use machine first thing each morning and occasionally once in the evening ... I fresh grind beans and make a long double espresso and add to that roughly equal quantity of hot semi-skimmed milk ... so I guess it's a strong Latte. (or Skinny, Grande with extra shot ?) That is it's use 90% of the time. The machine need to be stainless or chrome finish. I looked at Gaggia range … the Classic hits my needs at a minimum level ….. is it worth having a double boiler if I am not making cappuccinos very often ? (assuming that is their benefit) Also is the dosing system and solenoid worth the extra ? ….. such as ‘Baby Twin’ However happy to consider other makes.
  7. The boiler, pump etc. work fine ... the 3 switch assembly has snapped. The previously white plastic casing is now a decided tinge of yellow - and SWMBO is happy for me to get a new m/c (I'll post separate on this) I'm in S.Wales if anybody wants to buy it for spares.
  8. I have had a Carezza in once a day use for more than 15 years ... so they certainly keep working. Today it finally dies ... 3 button switches snapped - so time to buy a new machine.
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