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  1. I think it possibly is.
  2. I am trying to get video to upload to show what I mean
  3. I have a Cherub and it’s quite noisy when I switch on in the mornings. My neighbours have even commented that they can’t work out what the noise is at 6am! Anyone else getting the same?
  4. Hi @foges, the portafilter from Fracino is spot on, heavy, chrome and well worth buying directly from them. I would say, buy cheap, buy twice. Call Fracino directly, they are really helpful, you will have to pay P&P but in the long run it is worth it. Good luck ☕️☕️
  5. I've had my Cherub since 2013, used every day and still going strong. I would recommend paying out for new, its a good investment.
  6. Bloody hell, I've literally just got off the phone to Fracino and ordered from them direct. Wish I had known. Will bear in mind for the future. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, I haven’t posted for years but I’m still a coffee addict. My Fracino Cherub needs a new single portafilter (whole thing with handle and single basket). Any recommendations for where I can get one? I’ve had my machine since 2012/13 and it’s used daily.
  8. Have drained water tank, back flushed, cleaned gasket holder and generally done what I should've done ages ago! She's kicked back to life and I'm about to order a new water filter and thank my lucky stars I don't need to buy a new machine.
  9. Hi guys, I've been away from the forum for some now but I've been using my cherub every day. Today it's let me down badly. I purchased in January 2013 (a group purchase with other members) and have to admit I may have let the maintenance slide a bit. This morning it will make coffee but there is no pressure to froth milk. The bar is at zero. There is nothing on the pressure bar. Any suggestions? I live in Shaftesbury if anyone knows someone close who could take a look. Thanks
  10. Shrink, I have just seen this thread after posting on your for sale thread. I do hope you are OK and I hope things get better for you.
  11. Shrink - are my eyes deceiving me? You're selling the Cherub? Why and what next?
  12. I did try contact Costa/Whitbread but they were not terribly helpful.
  13. Thank you all for your help. Down Under Dylan, please let me know if you find out any more info on the make of the hot chocolate powder. Its the powder which makes the Choco Mocha Latte I am particularly interested in.
  14. Does any CF member here work for Costa coffee? I am after buying some Costa coffee beans but it seems they may be a little hard to get hold of! Also, I quite like their Cocha Mocha Latte and I would like to know which chocolate powder is put into their milk. Please PM me if anyone can help. Thanks in advance.
  15. Well the updated situation is that I switched the machine on this morning, the familiar noise was back - something like an aircraft starting up and my cats darting in different directions. Signs good so far. Warmed up for 40 minutes and then 2 coffees, no leaks and no problems. A mystery. After discussing what the problem might have been my husband came up with his own theory. "Darling, did you have your glasses on when you filled up the machine? You know you are blind without them! You could have missed and water will have spilled over the side slightly. The machine might be in warranty but you aren't!" Well what could I say to that!!!!
  16. Well I switched it back on and it heated up OK but what it did not do was make that massive sound when you first switch the machine on. Fellow Cherub owners will know the noise I mean. The red light stays on until the pressure is on the green bit of the gauge and then it goes out. No water leak. I dont think I over filled it - the only thing I did was to fill it up whilst the machine was switched on and as these machines are used in some coffee shops etc I can't believe that would cause a water leak.
  17. Yes I am still in warranty, only got the machine in January. I cannot believe it would leak water if I refilled when the machine was switched on? I would a clue as to where the gasket is. I am going to be brave in a while and switch it on to see what happens.
  18. Update: I turned off the machine, let it cool down and have switched on again. It seems to have reset itself and so far no leaks. I am wondering if I made a school boy error by filling the machine when it was switched on? Anyone else had this? Just trying to work out why it chucked the water out!
  19. Morning everyone. My day has not got off to a good start. I started up my Cherub this morning and although it is normally noisy for a very short time this morning it was unusually noisy. I checked the water and filled her up and the machine started to make very loud noises. Left the machine for about 30 minutes and then the machine started making coffee. It was then that I realised I was standing in the middle of a mini waterfall. I have looked underneath the machine and the drips are coming from the centre of the machine - almost underneath the water tank. So my machine is leaking, there is no pressure and I have not had a coffee. Any help from anyone who has experienced the same would be appreciated.
  20. Don't tempt me!!!! I'm happy with my Cherub..... for the moment.
  21. Thank you everyone, that is the one. Nice machine.
  22. I have seen a trailer for Peter Andre's new reality show on ITV2 and as most of all us know, he is a coffee lover who has his own coffee shop etc etc. Peter seems to have a collection of coffee machines in his kitchen. I know that he has a Nespro machine but in the trailer I have seen for his new series starting soon, there is a big monster of a machine in the background with blue neon lights going down either side. Does anyone know what machine it is?
  23. Just to confirm I did sell the Mazzer SJ, a great grinder but just not for me. It went to another CF member who got a bargain. I did buy another Vario.
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