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  1. Really like mine too. Effective and dead easy to use. Still on my first membrane
  2. I bought 25x 50ml Plastic Centrifuge Test Tubes on eBay for Β£8.40 to use. Weigh out all doses in one session and then use as required. Makes workflow really simple with a Niche.
  3. Great refurb and very nice set up. Coffee looks good too πŸ˜€
  4. Thanks Graham. Seals all received safe and sound πŸ‘
  5. Looks great. Good job πŸ‘
  6. Try Moonroast who do a great Tunki. One of my favourites too. https://www.moonroast.co.uk/collections/all-coffee/products/peru-tunki-coffee
  7. Hi If the gaskets are the modern lever set suitable for a Londinium I will take these please at asking. Thanks
  8. The Peru-Tunki is one of my favourites also. Very nice flavour. What are the Sainsbury tubs you are using?
  9. Great first loaf. Very professional looking πŸ‘
  10. RIP. Sad day πŸ˜”. But at least you can enjoy planning a replacement πŸ˜€. Hope you get sorted soon
  11. Don’t send it to heaven. I’d be interested in trying to rejuvenate it as a project. Please let me have it if you do decide to skip it as must be worth a bit of testing to see if it can be fixed. When I first went on a barista course 10 years ago the instructor used one and I always fancied one after that πŸ˜€
  12. Good luck with the new website Mr S. You deserve it to take off from all the help and support you have provided on this forum
  13. The older and bigger 3-way valve is thought to be less prone to blocking from small pieces of scale which can be an issue with Classics. Not sure of any evidence to support this but that is the common view.
  14. Jollybean

    Mara X

    Great idea. Do you add any minerals to the distilled water Rob?
  15. Code Harts20 still gives a 20% discount though πŸ‘
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