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  1. Looks great. Lovely grain pattern on the handle
  2. @DavecUKand @The Systemic Kid Thanks for the advice and also guidance regarding water. Will continue to feed my L1 with Volvic in the hope of staving off a descale for as long as possible. Are there any signs I should look for that would indicate a descale was necessary (e.g. scale build up in any easily accessible places?)
  3. Thanks Dave. That does sound easier than needing to strip the boiler out. I can't understand why a drain plug is not included in the Londinium to allow a similar approach.
  4. I understand from Dfk41 that you need to remove the boiler to do it. Does the Vostock have a simpler system?
  5. What is the descaling process for the Vostock Dave? Is it easier than for a Londinium?
  6. I'm in the same boat as you. £40 for seals every one or two years does not factor high in my selection criteria but others may have a different view
  7. Londinium is set up for home repairs with Reiss the owner and designer very happy to provide guidance and loads of how to guides on the website. The panels all come off so access is pretty straight forward. I suspect most levers are pretty easy to maintain if you are willing to learn how and prepared to give it a go
  8. @Callahan Found this on a Czech website. Seem to ship internationally but do your own research before deciding to buy. Hope it works out
  9. Beautiful grain. Looking forward to seeing these fitted.
  10. Very generous offer @BadgerBean Congratulations to the lucky recipient and I hope they enjoy the coffee journey. Just wish I lived close enough to collect 🙂
  11. Hi - I would love this for my son in law who is very keen to make espresso but has no kit at present. However we are on the south coast so collection is not possible. I would gladly arrange a courier if you would pack it up but fully understand if you prefer to stick with collection only. Very generous offer on your part to whoever the lucky recipient is 👍
  12. They have a plastic lining which seems to seal quite well. They are watertight if you do them up well so I guess this means they are pretty airtight.
  13. Hi Joe - I think it was yours I saw that prompted me to do my own so thanks for that 👍
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