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  1. Happy Birthday Mildred. Hope you had a great day
  2. I used to run my Gaggia PID set at 95 too to allow for water cooling between the thermocouple on the boiler and the group head and had good results. Suspect poor distribution as has been suggested or some fault in the grinder.
  3. I do hope Ian has been paying attention for his sake
  4. Ooh exciting! More toys for us all to drool over then?
  5. Super Jolly is the way to go if you want a better long term investment but if put off by the size my daughter’s boyfriend bought a SGP which he is very happy with and he does make great tasting coffee with his Classic.
  6. Well worth the effort Mildred. Really brings out the beauty in the wood
  7. Great day yesterday. Fantastic to be able to play with so many levers and top notch grinders. Good company, great coffee and badges, excitement/disappointment re the L-R draw (tempered by the lovely Londinium cups), tasty biscotti and flapjack and that beautiful Conti to drool over. Thanks so much to all involved for the hard work, organisation and enthusiasm.
  8. Nice set up. Have fun learning with it
  9. Are you single dosing with the grinder. If so the retention may be caused by static so try adding two or three drops of water to the beans before putting in the grinder (RDT)
  10. I recommend you buy some freshly roasted beans rather than the supermarket beans. Should improve the Crema. Lots to choose from as noted on the forum but Rave or Coffee Compass are a good place to start.
  11. Great packaging on this month’s Colonna and Craft House. Looking forward to trying these two
  12. Very nice. They do make great coffee.
  13. As you get better gradually cut down the volume you use. I put any leftover milk on my porridge in the mornings
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