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  1. Please ignore this. Got over excited at the end page one and didn’t realise there was a page two ? Please add me to the second batch list if you do some more
  2. Great Mildred. Would it be possible to make it cover the full base (apart from the return behind the vertical support) as I tend to slide the cup around and want to protect the total surface? Sorry to be demanding. I could cut a paper template if that would help.
  3. Would you be able to do a snazzy leather mat for my HG1 Mildred? They do look lovely ?
  4. Beautiful workmanship. Looks stunning ?
  5. Do you let the machine heat up for at least half an hour, ideally 45 minutes before using? You need to weigh your shot and the time it takes to be able to see how fast the flow is. Try grinding finer and see how it tastes ?
  6. I find a few drops of water on the beans before grinding and a stir with a three pronged distribution tool after normally gives good pours
  7. Yes there is a motor upgrade. Looks pretty good. I have both and the Niche holds up pretty well against the HG1. However having said that I normally use the HG1 when just making coffee for me and only use the Niche if I have visitors and need to make a few together
  8. Great job. I am loving seeing your progress
  9. Looking forward to trying these. Great looking packaging. Hope they taste as good as they look ?
  10. Better make it both eyes ? to ensure no cheating
  11. 1. Hairy_Hogg (Chris)2. mctrials233. Filthynines4.Jacko1125. NickDems6.cjonny7. fatboyslim8. Rhys9. Carola10. Flying_vee11. AmandaH12. Jollybean13.14.15
  12. Please include me for a guest slot too
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