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  1. Better make it both eyes 👀 to ensure no cheating
  2. 1. Hairy_Hogg (Chris)2. mctrials233. Filthynines4.Jacko1125. NickDems6.cjonny7. fatboyslim8. Rhys9. Carola10. Flying_vee11. AmandaH12. Jollybean13.14.15
  3. Can he do it blindfolded yet though?
  4. Please include me for a guest slot too
  5. How exciting. I hope you let Minty open the box as she seems to have won the sweepstake 🙄
  6. Fantastic restoration. I am loving following your progress and attention to detail. Thanks for explaining about the mercury switch - really ingenious device.
  7. I’ll keep an eye out Mildred. Thanks for letting me know😀
  8. Is this a special Mildred as I couldn’t find it on the hasbean website.? Sounds right up my street
  9. Yep that is correct. Hope they are not too hard to undo.
  10. 1.MildredM 2.NickDems 3.Jacko112 4.Junglebert 5. Filthynines 6.Cooffe 7.Jollybean 8. 9. 10.
  11. Apart from being a beautiful machine that makes fantastic coffee yet another reason to love the Londinium is the support available from Reiss. I had a problem with the low water level alarm not working on my five year old pre loved L1 last Friday. After posting on the Londinium forum Reiss responded immediately and within half an hour had rectified the immediate fault and arranged for a minor part to be provided. This arrived free of charge the following day. Superb service especially as I was not even the original purchaser. I can thoroughly recommend an L1 for great coffee, good looks, ease of maintenance and use and unbelievable customer support.
  12. Jollybean


    You certainly are a quick learner. Great progress 😀
  13. Great machine and a bargain for one in such good original condition
  14. Jollybean

    Porlex Grinder

    All arrived safe and sound thanks Floss
  15. Jollybean

    Porlex Grinder

    I will take this at asking please Floss. Thanks
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