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  1. So how often would you think, also I was thinking of using the Puly descaler if need be, he said this would be ok?
  2. I had the White glove service around the other day, he said to descale my dual boiler every 4 weeks as "the pipes are very fine on these" this seemed excessive to me. I'm using Waitrose essentials water. Can someone suggest a descale regime
  3. On my Sage the tamper is fixed magnetically. Maybe a neodymium magnet superglue somewhere?
  4. Not sure about the protocols of this I'll let you know when it's on the for sale forum
  5. What about another Macap then? I'll be selling one next week
  6. Just wondering what I could ask for it. I believe you can get new burrs for about £30 - £35 Gaz
  7. I've had it 9 years burrs replace about 5years ago
  8. Whats it worth in need of a service and descale About 5 & half years old
  9. Any chance of a CC code. I need to try some in my new machine. Any idea what the decaf is like.
  10. Yesterday Sage Dual Boiler Still to get a God shot but working on it
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