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  1. How long is a piece of string ... I dose 18g in 18 g vst . Generally work flow, let the pressure rise to 2bar switch off flow. Tend to let the coffee bead across the basket , can happen around 20 -30 seconds , then hit it with 8-9 bar and bring it down . Generally around a 36 to 38 g shot weight which takes around 35-30 seconds to extract Grind wise anywhere between 5 and 10 ish, coffee and roast dependent. What do you mean by standard e 61 pre infusion ? Are you not sing the padre to control flow and pressure ?
  2. I understand the attraction of using blonding ( skill , manual , not scales , analogue, different ) but in terms of extraction I have never found it to be a reliable way of stopping a shot from bean to bean , roast to roast, origin to origin . Coffee never really runs clear from a puck for one. If you have all power to you. If it works for you brill, its hard to trouble shoot when it goes awry though. It's a little unclear what the terminology is being used for here. Longer shots denties time frame , or how much coffee is going in the cup? Playing around with fine grind and long time shots , it is possible to go too far ( Bianca, Niche set up here ) . If you are doing a fine grind and making alot of coffee then that is a recipe of potential over extraction. Lastly as others have said , dilution means the shot you made is weaker but still that same extraction yield . Making a bigger shot ( more weight volume etc ) by putting more water through the same puck, is a different taste ( extraction yield ) weaker potentially but with you are also changing the extraction yield ( how much coffee end up in the water )
  3. Without knowing your dose and water Pouring regime, waht your Pouring with etc I can't really comment on what's happening with you chemex recipe and the draw down time.
  4. Mrboots2u

    Shot size

    If we are gonna use names then 1:2 is normale. Your 1:4 is lungo way Me I call ma drink Derek
  5. Mrboots2u

    Shot size

    No need to worry. A double shot is made using a double basket and can be any size you want. Styles and definitions have moved on alot since a double shot was, had to be 2oz of espresso made with 14g of coffee. A double doesnt have to be anything other than tasty and made with a nominal double basket.
  6. 40 to 60 isn't very corase for a v60 with this grinder.
  7. Dont expect the timer on either of these to give you a truly accurate dose.
  8. Nice improvements , good luck with your venture
  9. There is an espresso basket in there too and the decent is controlling the flow a little more consistently i suspect . The grind i think will be alot finer than anyone uses in a aeropress . I do a blooming shot ( not decent , bianca ) 2 bar pre , 20 seconds bloom then 6-7 bar after , currently no paper involved .
  10. If that shot was too weak aim for so 34-36g ish , in a roughish time frame of 25- 40 seconds . Again stop the shot by weight, taste , report back
  11. 17 g into 60 g is a weakish shot, dont try and define if it's under and over extracted just focus on taste balance . 17g into 60g will define the strength , so does it taste weaker than you would like ? Weigh as you pull the shot , this is why shot glasses can be misleading. Grind finer Taste , report back
  12. Ok lets qualify this a bit more . 17 seconds to make how much espresso in grams ? What was the dose ( in the portafiler not added to the grinder )
  13. Respectfully Disagree , where is the evidence that backs that up ? What is hard ? When does tamping become too hard as to cause channeling not at 25lbs but at 26lbs ? , why it is not the more likely poor distribution of coffee in the basket or poor grinder ?
  14. You don't need to worry. Press until you feel the coffee compress, it doesn't need to be an exact pressure each time. Getting it level and the coffee even before tamping, is way more Important than a nominal pressure.
  15. dose need to be appropriate to the basket size , too little and it could cause channeling . I am unsure what the dose level is for your stock baskets, i suspect 15g is on the low side but i have no experience with your 54mm basket. Do Sage refer to a "dose" I think it's sitting lower in all honesty due to your dose size , which may be low and then you are grinding finer which means that dose will sit lower still .
  16. Your buying a precision instrument it's seems counter intuitive to use one in such an imprecise way .
  17. Brew results are comparable IMHO, mouthfeel is too vague a concept to be asked to clarify , especially for brewed coffee ( filters etc making a difference , brewing method etc )
  18. agree, timing differently just for the sake of it in machines like this is pointless. Water hits coffee ,
  19. Starbucks don't use commodity beans.
  20. Ok Adjusst your grinder as instructed, change the coffee if not better. Don't buy from Amazon again , you can't guarantee the freshnese.
  21. Weigh the shot How long does it take to make 36g of Espresso
  22. Your coffee is two months old , which although not completely stale , unsueable , is not ideal. But to help , Ignore the pressure gauge for now , How much coffee it is making, in grams over what time .
  23. Minimum wage has risen quicker than that.
  24. Where are you getting 3 percent from
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