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  1. His measuring process is really flawed and that's fine but you can't use it to define your reason for making coffee when it's hugely flawed in the way it's done. Saying I make the highest EY when you aren't using and following benchmarked processes for measuring is really misleading. If someone is brewing off the chart extraction yields then it should be ok to ask about the way it's done and how it's been measured otherwise it can set unrealistic expectations of people try to replicate. Lastly he was unable to take any constructive criticism at all and if anything was inferring we shouldn't be drinking low EY coffee .
  2. They do agree with him there....
  3. You can't make good respectable tasty specialty coffee for the same price as a robusta and commodity blend.
  4. He is doing exactly the same thing on HB now ...just won't answer questions about his process.
  5. Unfortunately I think if you happen to question any info on his posts , then it is taken poorly , to the point where he justs spit the dummy out and leave. ..
  6. Is that a yes you want it , or a I think I might .. best to be clear in these threads.
  7. Stop the shot by weight not by using the pre programmed buttons. It's not a volumetric machine that will give you precise shots . I haven't read the whole thread so apologies. If you are single dosing don't. Each time you adjust the grind it is probably chasing itself as it will have some old setting in it. If you are wanting to goet a brew ratio stop it manually . The combination grinder quality , tamping mech means you are never gonna hit the same ratio consistently and accurately using the buttons on auto -imho.
  8. The are a retail seller and I've always been a bit wary of their "reviews" tbh .
  9. Don't fiddle with the dose . Get scales aim for a minimum of 45 g out in nominal time ranges . Taste
  10. Pull your shots heavier in weight
  11. Do you like lighter roasts as filter coffee or just not at all....
  12. It's a blend so little less acidity than rocko
  13. @jeebsy picked up a two group rancillo and did it up , plus got a second hand NS Aurelia i think , so things are out there
  14. There are no magic cheap beans....just crap ones.
  15. Im not ordering a coffee backed product until my Invergo arrives. Old school ..
  16. Used this grinder at @jeebsy place . Solid delivery on the timer function. Fluffy and straight into the pf . Makes a tasty espresso .
  17. Perhaps start a thread called hit extraction photos and leave this one be.
  18. Want a unfettered opinion ..send me some
  19. Depends on your definition of misaligned. Comparing it to the tolerances of boutique made grinders like a monolith then it will be different , have variance .. Comparing it to other commercially manufactured high volume grinders then it isn't.
  20. This post make me feel a little bit sad for you tbh .
  21. This ..... Drink , taste and and enjoy or not You should be able to do this in a cafe without a refractometer , . One person, no matter how knowledgeable or how many gizmos or is the arbiter of taste and quality for the rest of the coffee drinking world. It makes me feel a little sad inside to think of people behaving this way In a cafe.
  22. It's a shame you have to dump coffee that most people, i suspect would find enjoyable. You are extracting or wanting to extract espresso to yields that the roasters themselves are not aiming for, so that feed back would be interesting for them I guess.
  23. I had one of those 2017 crops this year. My evaluation is entirely subjective . It was banging.
  24. How were the extraction yields from the Gardelli coffee though. If there is not much in it , this would make it harder to extract ? Trying to balance a brew ratio and measured extraction yield and blonding seems counter intuitive to me, but am open to being convinced?
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