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  1. have finished my bag of the workshop espresso, as always rested 2 weeks got better at 3 past roast . tasty stuff , for enough citrus in there to keep it interesting , in milk plenty of chocolate notes and hints of fruit .
  2. Tubing isn’t great in these machines ... what size do I need to get now
  3. Unimodal leaves in bean behind spoons is the way forward
  4. No I don’t have hard water , machine is less than a year , I run with steam boiler on ,eco mode for brew boiler
  5. Unimodal , spoon is the way forward , on leaves one bean behind
  6. You are so out of touch , no modal burrs are the way to go now .
  7. All the tubes look connected , none look they are leaking , the excess steam dripping is coming with the outlet into the drip tray and it continuous .
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