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  1. they - olympia make a pump machine ,if you wanna buy one of those at new prices go ahead
  2. its made in Switzerland, people buy into the branding. their pump machines were fastically overpriced also
  3. this model should have the newer coffee burrs from memory
  4. have you got room for a lever. cabinet clearance and can you plumb or not... to make this thread quick advise you will get from the rest of the posts are buy a londonium and the niche is not ag goodenough grinder to pair with it.. if what you have makes amazing coffee why go through the hassle of selling and buying, surely the end game is the drink, not owning stuff ?
  5. Yep....hard to qualify the score given on this info
  6. yes then buy scales and read this... a pressure gauge on its own will not tell you if your coffee is under or over extracted and largely defining it as such is moot. you are trying to achieve consistent tasty coffee , first step buy some decent fresh stuff , then read above.
  7. Will vary from grinder to grinder , some conics ( niche ) are zero some are not. Niche is a marmite looking grinder for sure, any choice will be a compromise , depends what you are compromising on and what's important to you- price- size -looks- retention - grind quality. There is no perfect grinder in my experience. If you say single dosing is important you you will get people saying Niche. I thought the WAF ? (People will say monolith etc but that's a price was to far for me , so rules them out for being perfect, my compromise is cash and counter space for example ) How about Hg1 Anyway depends what people have to offer you not what I say is good for you. People will say monolith etc but that's a price was to far for me , so rules them out for being perfect.
  8. weigh in, a dose needs to be an appropriate amount for the bakset , too much or little can lead to quick shots weigh out, will help us suggest adjustment to your shot. dont judge a shot by when it starts pouring time shot from when you press the button, note time but stop the shot by weight not time sense check , double bakset ? ditch razor is the coffee stored sensibly lastly focus on taste of the shot where it needs improvement ,not on labelling it under or over extracted, which we cant tell as we don't know how much coffee you are using and jow much it is making.
  9. you want a flat or conical...how much retention is acceptable? niche ?
  10. inconsistenty won't go away until you pid it...pid or temp stable machine before grinder upgrade
  11. BB are out of stock of these, do they still sell them?
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