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  1. Mrboots2u

    Two Chimps

    Cheers . I don't need all that from any website , just what process , clear , somewhere . Its l very nice to know but none of that stuff ever really swings a purchase for me .
  2. Save yourself some cash https://www.amazon.co.uk/Domire-Digital-Electronic-Magnetic-Kitchen/dp/B00URCOR1E/ref=asc_df_B00URCOR1E/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309861911472&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10162187593160899637&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1006854&hvtargid=pla-714907019212&psc=1
  3. I used to go below 17 with a 9 bar machine, don't worry you have 16 more notches to use.... If you were on 1 or 2 and getting 20 seconds shots then id worry. Fineness will be dependent on roast level, basket used ( VST require a finer grind ) age of coffee, and how good your prep is ( do you use a naked pf ) The old Tesco stuff will be stale so ignore what setting that is on.
  4. Mrboots2u

    Two Chimps

    Atkinsons should have the Natural Hambella on offer soon. Always a winner. Two chimps door seem to tell you if its washed or natural etc, Little bit annoying.
  5. Its not really the low end.. Nothing bad will happen below 17. Why not grind finer? Lastly Have you calibrated the grinder as per the videos DaveC put up. Are you using decent fresh roasted coffee
  6. How much coffee , in grams are you adding to what size basket ( double or single )
  7. Mrboots2u

    Two Chimps

    Hambella is a good coffee, local roasters have the washed and natural versions of it at mo. The website for two monkeys is, my lord, style over usability...
  8. Amerciano is a dilute drink , so this may help explain a little. You are not alone in being able to dicern more flavour through a weaker brew, and that is fine. SO re these brewing methods Work towards your preference not the internets.
  9. Your brew ratio sets your strength , if it tastes better than 12 g into 300g isnt low, it is just what works for you. Where do you normally enjoy coffee ( cafe etc ) and how ( drink type , with milk ? )
  10. Brew ratio will set the strength of the shot, different people prefer different strengths..
  11. Ignore tiger striping, crema as a quantifiable indication of extraction. If you are running 15 seconds pre infusion your shot will run fast after. Forgive me is this with a Lever btw ( if so belting it with 9 bar after will give you some channeling etc ) It's a hard thing too do , but ignore where other people are grinding , what the shot is doing ( speeding up and visual clues ) and perhaps hey use some spouts for a bit. Ignore the hyperbole of older threads ( mine included ) . The EK can be a bitch, where you end up second guessing yourself as it makes a different style of espresso , visually and in the cup. You can drive yourself made going " if i got it to this alignment it will be earth shattering, if i could get a shorter shot on a longer time it would be earth shattering and on and on. Dont compare the cups to traditional espresso don't compare the timings , looks, visuals to previous shots or youtube clips.
  12. Did you let it cool before tasting .
  13. Reading your post I think you should just enjoy the coffee you make. If the upgrade didn't exist would you be unhappy with the drinks ...if no , then save some cash and enjoy what you've got . Perhaps dont look to your coffee experience to alleviate some boredom? Cure to upgradeitus is too log out the forum for a while .
  14. Couple more points . Don't focus in if it's under or over extracted , just on how it tastes. As related at 4 mins it's not going to be over extracted . Are you letting the coffee cool at bit before tasting . How coffee can taste burnt or bitter , letting it Cool a bit can help open up the flavours .. If you are longer steeping this negates this step .
  15. Not sure how the valure of the r58 is justified at mo. The Bianca offers you much much more than the r58 at a lower price .
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