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  1. I’ve had three different tools like that , always end up going back to Rdt and tapping
  2. Yep it capitalism for Better for worse . If the item is only a few months old and in short supply , then it’s wrong ? If it’s an item not made and 10 years old it ok ( vinyl, cameras etc etc )
  3. ? I he fixed a grinder u bought second Hand
  4. It’s going to be a signicnat cost to get a pallet shipping to the uk. How do you intend to ship ans have you investigated the costs .it needs to be a pallet ship to get any chance of arcing safely IMHO
  5. Your calibrating like this after cleaning
  6. Let’s be clear you are girding at 1 ? Not 10 ? recalibrate again if you are as something isn’t right here . Unless your coffee is stale . take it too bits , recalibrate as per @DavecUK video ans try again
  7. If you have too much coffee in the pf and or the grind is too fine , the the pump will struggle to force water through it , means you will get a slow pour and less coffee . pits a process if elimination , if you have descaled 6 weeks ago , the. I’d struggle to see how it needs it again , unless your filter is defective or depleted
  8. With low flow I’m at 8 for some and decaf 5
  9. Recalibrate again or the coffee may be stale draker coffee should be coarser grind , your ball aprk James gourmet was right
  10. Your grind ,ah be too fine for the coffee you are using or the machine may be over dosing . dpse should be 22 to 22.4 g . Tip out a full pf of dry coffee into scales that are 0.1g resolution to check. . low flow could be descale for sure but you normally get a machine warning if you haven’t for a while .
  11. How long didn’t it take and waht was the shipping , been a little while since I’ve had any , and there are always great for me .
  12. Had a few gardell over the years, top three roasters I’ve tired for me .
  13. And does anyone use it , storm in a tea cup really isn’t it.
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