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  1. Worth the trip on a train All started here Southisde Glasgow Jeebsy who used to frequent here cafe Check instagram for current rotating roasters Other than that - good coffee cartel worth a visit
  2. This is knock out as a filter https://www.themissingbean.co.uk/collections/all/products/ethiopia-mohamed-ali?variant=40776550219944
  3. You can change most grinders back and forth from espresso to filter ( you can on a mythos ) doesnt mean it will be an easy experience for the user. Niche burrs = same set as a kony mazzer which is an espresso gridner. What makes the niche more useable is its retention and adjustment mec
  4. That is just your experience, and while a one valid one is not a transferable fact .
  5. It may be how the marketers at Sage say the machine works but there is more espresso than the Oracle can provide > Yes I owned one btw. Pour time is impacted by grind size but also my other factors such as dose weight, distribution of grinds in basket, heat of portafiler and basket. As pointed out the machine itself is not volumetric or gravimetric so it cant produce shot after shot all the same extraction time . Even the heat of the beans in the hopper can impact on the time of the shot. Getting really consistent espresso with no human interaction on a consumer machine is imho not doable.
  6. Cheap set of scales and some reading will deliver for more consistent shots than a meter
  7. It doesn’t measure over or under extraction , it cant, its marketing nonsense . A shot in that zone can be tasty or in tasty but will largely depend in the amount of coffee you have dosed in relation to the amount of coffee it makes * along with a few other variables . Most machines dont have this meter as the more traditional manufacturers realise it’s nonsense It’s there to let the user now that the puck is producing some kind of nominal resistance to the water but that isn’t related to correct extraction ( tasty shots can be made form lots of different combinations of variables ) these machines are marketing as plug and play, hit the correct bit of the meter, let the shot stop when it stops , use a razor. They work to a degree but will only get a user so far if they use anything more than a medium -dark roasted coffee .
  8. Mrboots2u

    Brown bear

    Only you will know if you enjoy brown Bear as much as as much as another roaster. At least you have an idea now of how borwn Bear may be cheaper.
  9. 1. Hate to break this too you but the meter doesn’t reflect if a shot is over or under extracted at all. All the “meter” is doing its showing you some form of pressure being reached i think . 2. None
  10. But there will be no difference between a sage and a grevillea coffee machine though
  11. Mrboots2u

    Brown bear

    `There is no magic for formal to selling beans for £11 kg other than 1- selling good quality at a loss 2- buying cheap greens and trying to make out its artisan roasted blah blah lol 3- being so huge you can leverage prices given the description of the coffees on the website i doubt its 1 . And companies just don’t survive 3 years doing this . It’s not 3 , ive seen big buyers like has bean and they cant leverage coffee to £11 a kilo that a decent grade this doesn’t mean you wont enjoy it , but when you are looking for prices of this v more reputable roasters the difference is s result of the coffee being sourced and used.
  12. Kenyan coffees can be easier to over extract or not harshness early on ( brewing espresso ) . Without a brew ratio it’s hard to tell what adjustments you can make . I tended to fine quicker shots for Kenyan espresso . Sounds like your too fine and this may be causing channeling l don’t be afraid to break out of your standard recipes for Kenyan. personally not a fan of Kenyan espresso
  13. I’d like to see the Shute when the bellows are being used, i think there was some artistic license and editing to remove some mess in that video.
  14. Here goes , did you buy online, I struggle to see how your are not at least covered by online distance selling laws. secondly use the grinder as intended , fill hopper. Yes the dose may vary 0.5 g or so , that’s faulty standard for any hopper fed grinder. It some coffee, rest it , 10 days . make sure you dose , is appropriate to basket , clean and calibrate grinder .
  15. Has the hopper got a decent amount of coffee in it did you purge between grind settings and or changing to filter ? it is in the finest setting , or just near it
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