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  1. @Cuprajake 2 yellow cups here
  2. I’d be looking at what the alignment is like on this grinder, otherwise expensive burrs won’t deliver any potential promise in the cup . Alignment is harder to get right with a flat burr grinder Geometry of the burr are diffferent https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/ssp-64mm-brew-burrs-in-espresso-range-t60429.html
  3. I am no expert either , titanium coating primarily for me extends burr life, which seems a little academic in a home grinder. I have never seen any real hard data that they improve extraction or cup quality but am happy to be proven wrong ( same with red speed tbh)
  4. Only post and it’s about this company and its how great they are . They are very lucky you took the time to join and be an advocate for them aren’t they . ii feel sorry for the companies that took a risk investing in time and effort to learn a skill, borrowed money to get equipment and premises to actually make a product and be honest about it . They need our support more .
  5. Marketing is promotion of a product or services , in this case it’s the coffee and the story behind it . As the years drag on and the internet makes it asker to avoid any regulation it becomes more and more a house of cards . the story behind it ,is dubious at best and simply false at worst and actually imho is just plain lies .they use “we a lot” the team that roast it isn’t theirs they do not find the beans do any of them have roasting experience they are promoting some else’s product and service , they are adding what package design , some photos . Would p
  6. Semantics But Sage grinder is entry level £500 to most people is the most they will ever spend on a grinder.
  7. However I am 1000% sure that the Mazzer Major with the mods offers the same grind quality as Niche, if not higher. Probably right , but they are massive and noisey. One of my first grinders was a Cimabli Magnum with a doser, great in the cup , wouldn’t fit anywhere and noisey and messy as hell though . There is just a massive group of people who dont want a coffee shop in their kitchen ( more than do I suspect ) . Commercial manufacturers ( mazzer in particular ) have never been interested in trying to grow that market.
  8. Anything on here ? https://coffeecups.co.uk/pages/search-results-page?q=yellow
  9. Just as a point Grinders dont make chaff its just a function of the beans not any grinder. I’d love to see a flat burr grinder with great tolerances and some better burrs under £1000 I’d be tempted , ive looked a few times at the levercraft but just dont wanna send that much cash on one. My gut feeling is this new grinder will new some alignment work doing to it to make the SSP worth while . My days of having to align flat burrs grinders are long gone , the EK43 did for me. There is no reason though why this new grinder shouldn’t make great coffee and if it’s cheaper and more available t
  10. Ha yeah i though I’d had a cull but I dont use half of those ive got now
  11. Tbh though I am not sure any of the influencers are Making a fortune from Niche directly. If someone has had a niche then they can say what they want about it, they put there money where there mouth is, entitled to an opinion If they haven’t had one , all seems a bit mealy mouthed . I fond it odd that people seem to get annoyed by people enjoying a product they bought. Buy a grinder for its functionality, space and price. Moist grinders if used in the right way will give people a good cup of coffee. The niche is not the best grinder in the world or in the cup , it’s pretty good th
  12. @jeesby is his name , great cafe and a good guy all round
  13. I suppose it controls your cash flow with the demand v supply like this You know what you’ve sold, you have the cash to pay people to make it. As opposed to a traditional build em and hope your stock sells through. Re scaling up , who knows could be production bottlenecks , scaling up might mean moving to a different factory and the hassle that entails , or it might mean that the minimum orders other places want to do business , is excessive and risky compared to min numbers they get do down now. Also @Cuprajakewho are the influencers , Hoffman has one , Real Sprometheus
  14. Sixes only ... https://machina-coffee.com/products/inker-luna-24cl-8-5oz-240ml-yellow-box-of-6
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