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  1. Ive had my oracle for a number of years and its been treated pretty poorly and it still functions OK.
  2. How is the lcd communicating the change in grind setting, by a purely arbitary scale same as any other grinder. Its not telling you anything different to any other markings on any other grinder
  3. making coffee is not really about those visual clues such as pressure gauge but more about understanding the relations between coffee used and coffee made , what we calla brew ratio and using some scales to help you set up a coffee. No machine is super plug and play, your partner may be able to get by using a two cup button if properly dialled in by yourself ( see above ) the auto milk function is really good , i used it on the Oracle no touch version , i cant see why it would be any different in quality on this machine . I am not sure you would out it into manual mode on a this version of the barista as on Sage model i had milking was activated by a physical lever on and off. Check with Sage tbh as i cant see a mention on their website , perhaps it could be on off via the touch screen. Re Lcd panel , i do not think this brings any help to making coffee better quality IMHO. Daul boilers are great machines but if you are not gonna do high volume and do not ant to spend more than £200 on a grinder then perhaps it isnt for you. The grinder in these Sage models is entry level , does a decent job on your medium and dark roasts , will struggle in a lighter fruiter based coffee.
  4. Hi Sorry for late reply, I found that my timer , simply changed the state of the machine , so if it was on and the timer was set to on , it would set it too off and vice versa , so it was just toggling the state.
  5. In a nutshell, I routed the brew line through the hot water valve, which is a needle valve. This means ALL of your brew comes through the water valve. If it is closed, NO water gets to the puck/group, no matter how hard or long you run the pump. To do a Slayer shot, you just crack open the water valve, start the pump right at full pressure and keep it running. After it fills the headspace above the puck, pressure will start to build, only just as with Slayer, it will build all the way and not stop at one or two bar, even though the actual flow is still slow. You will see the thickest stickiest gloopy gloppy espresso start coming out and then you can increase the flow by opening the knob (at whatever rate feels good to you). As the shot progresses, you can slow the flow by progressively closing the knob as you wish (which you cannot do on Slayer), and end the shot by turning off the pump or closing the valve all the way and then turning off the pump. My very first shot, with no practice and experimentation, was a masterpiece. I just used the same grind setting that I had been using for the last few weeks doing Breville-"Slayerlike" shots using PP55. I wish I had four hands and an LED espresso light and a fancy mirror for video'ing. You guys would die. They are not adding a needle valve in the dB. See above
  6. You just need to read the first post
  7. Your method Is pressure profiling, the mod being discussed is manual flow profilng. Mod discussed here https://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/breville-dual-boiler-slayer-shots-t54849.html
  8. Im not sure you will find allot of people that have had them side by side tbh , let alone have the capability of telling grind quality. There doesn't seem to be a Uk outlet for the Nano grinder looking in google, given this is a predominantly uk forum . Lots of people have a Aergind and like what it makes, perhaps that's the thing to take at face value rather than the odd one person who may have had both at the same time.
  9. There will be some retained grinds there for surem perhaps drop 2 to 3 g in at the coarse setting to blow through this before grinding for your chemex.
  10. I would imagine the miriad of variables that happen to the coffee, in an espresso machine are more likely to change taste than if the vengaboys come on the radio...
  11. Let it cool, at least a bit don't drink it hot
  12. Guide to coffee happiness Buy gear> enjoy gear>never read forum again .... Someone somewhere is always saying they are enjoying their coffee more than you (it may be me:) )
  13. Also your letting the coffee cool to rooms temp ? This helps pull out subtle fruit flavours
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