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  1. If I were to change it , I’d do it primarily because of its functionality ( noise , adjustment mec , retention ) . If you are not going to single dose the functionality of the niche may be overkill for you.
  2. I had the same L1 - run on thank also
  3. Not negating your experience , just saying it won’t be the same for everyone with that machine . You dont see hardly any pressure/flow profiling machines in good coffeee shops , they will have 2to3 bar line pressure ( unless using a limiter ) , so do they all maker bad espresso for everyone , will come down to personal preference . This again is my experience only , is different to yours , I am not right you are not wrong , no absolutes but I got good results from lighter roasts with a old l1 ( mythos , k30 , Ek43 grinders ) . You can always spend more money and get better , margin
  4. Ignore principles 18 into 36 is just a base as is time Set up a lever profile with a slow decline , there are some here , along with other user experiences Dnt be tied down by narrow variables of time , the biggest factor in your extraction is still the dose , weight out and grind you use.
  5. Have you cleaned and or changed the steam tip?
  6. Kickstarter has gone live, snippet here re the value of machine and software and how vat will be applied at import . VAT and import duties will be applied to the espresso machine hardware at the time of shipment, the declared value of which is: 550 EUROS. The espresso machine software is shipped via the Internet and will not be part of the shipment. Depending on your country's tax laws, you may have to declare VAT to your government for downloading the espresso machine software. Two invoices will be generated, one for the amount of the espresso machine and one for the amount of the value
  7. Been trying out some new roasters and Carve have hit the spot for me. Got the Kochere , nicely roasted, suitable for filter and espresso , and milk based drinks . Sweet and floral , bit overly acidic and seemed easy to work with. https://www.carvecoffee.co.uk/shop/p/ethiopia Also had the Riptide Blend, with milk nice chocolatey tastes without being roasty.
  8. Via here or Kickstarter people will ask and should ask hard questions around functionality, fit and finish and durability , back up support , and value for money, what financial backing a company has.more so than any other purchase as its a new start up and its on kickstarter. It can be beneficial for the company to hear these concerns and address them ( themselves ) as there will be a number of people thinking the same thing.
  9. If the final price after Kickstarter come in at 1600 euros plus vat to the Uk , then that might put people off a bit . My concern would be , and ignore the functionality and the profit or not being made , will people be happy at the price for a machine that has the fit and finish of a 200 euro one. ie when they get it out of the box and look at it. Time will tell. Post Kickstarter lets say 1900 euros to the uk ( £1650 ) , how will its fit and finish and durability compare to other machines , albeit with lesser functionality than that ? Plus I’d question some of the costs for
  10. WIth your flow profiling video I can’t really see what’s tablet and flow is doing or what it was meant to do. Can you do one where you tell us what you expect the flow to be, show how the shot progresses and achieves that., currently all i can see Is lines on a tablet and I’m not sure what they are for and what they are meant to be doing.
  11. Thanks, worth addressing at the start tho and it if needs to be tethered tho , you may be in as position where you have to supply a tethered tablet with the Machine , which changes the cost .
  12. Thanks for the replies Sorry i didnt phrase the tablet question very well. Re Tablet I think the compliance , safety issues was around someone hitting the shot , button on the app, when the tablet concerned is not in the same room . Re shot weight , please do more than one shot so we can see how consistent it is Thanks for the replies
  13. Hi I was referring to the last video only you made. Re milk steaming, video shoes how much air you out into jug but not what the temp of it was , just for clarity Helios people understand how long it takes to get it to a good temp ( not filled with air ) Re flow profiling you made reference too, is this function measuring the flow of water into the puck from the group? And is it able to adjust real time. Or is it simply flow into the cup form puck? It would be good to see a few shots pulled back to back to view the claim of 0.1g accuracy of shots via the scales . ( if this is
  14. Can you shoot one with as milk thermometer in it so we scan see how long or if s jug gets up to temp
  15. `these marketing video are fairly pointless, can be edited to show anything Lets see a shot that you say has a target wright, unedited and how the machine and scales deal with that
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