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  1. Could try here, never used em. They used to sell em Leeds based https://www.caffesociety.co.uk/contacts
  2. you probably need to decide if you want 1kg suppliers only or not, not means you are limiting yourself. Anyway why not ask them
  3. Yeah £15 a kilo and free shipping will not be an 86 score coffee. The economics don't work. Not that that should put people off on itself but unless they are doing it out of the good of their heart then you can't buy an 86 plus coffee, roast it well, pay yourself a wage, have a building and pay tax and offer free shipping over a tenner. To those who bought from here, I know I sound churlish and little crappy, I just don't think that their marketing and info is accurate of what they are selling.
  4. The magical £15a kilo specialty coffee vendor.. One part of the website says all coffees score 80 plus, the other say 86 plus. Big difference in quality between those scores. Personally I'd like to see just a tad more info than this coffee is Peruvian to convince me of its quality and traceability. They are channeling the anti hipster thing quite well, "we all know coffee tastes of coffee", and it's the poncey tasting notes that makes people charge more for it. That and those hipsters actually pay the farmer a bit more for a more traceable product. If you want good quality coffee at good prices from someone who has been in the game a long time, try James gourmet. Hope what you get you enjoy, just said my two Pence worth. Just trying to make the point that not all coffee is equal.
  5. On v60, vanilla, juicy but with thst rhubard aciditt bite and tang.... Nice filter. In espresso runs long and quick, 1:4 to take the acidity v strength equation. More tang on the tongue but enjoyable for sure.
  6. End of crowd funding won't mean you'll get a longer warranty... Niche is Into 1000 plus grinders I think guessing world wide. Take from thst what you will. Mignons and niche should last you a while but there are more electric gizmos in the mignon if you are concerned about longevity, no digital screen to go wrong etc. Yes burrs size matters 50mm or 55mm are significantly different in quality to the niche larger conical burrs, IMHO. And the adjustment mech on the mignons is poor IMHO.
  7. Do you apply the one year warranty principle to all your white goods too.
  8. It will stop beans bouncing up as high, it doenst stop the effect of single dosing and pop corning . The beans at the start of your dose have the weight of the other beans behind them , which means that they ar efed through at a different pace than the beans at the middle and the ned of the dose. Popcorning is a symptom of this there is no weight to stop the beans jumping up , a weight decreases this and alleviates some but not all of the difference in grind between the start and the end of the dose. This effect is why you should, shake or stir the grinds up a bit otherwise you get different grind sizes sitting in top of each other , instead of mixed up. Some grinders get over this by bring either vertical fed and or or having auger to feed the beans through .
  9. Depends what you mean by sufficient puck resistance tbh. Really early on we were massively over dosing and mashing the puck down in the old l1 and ek ( A rave meets spring to mind on this but this may be a function of the coffee we were using_ You can get tastier , longer and quicker shots on the EK than other grinder, 25 seconds is not the benchmark of a shot or resistance ( i am nit sure if that is what you are alluding to ) Other machines were you can control the max pressure exerted are pre infusion or the flow , make it easier to hot some of those timing benchmarks people have , but it might not mean it's tastier. EK shots for me were tasty at 1:2.5 and over but with the original EK's/l1 i was getting to the limit of my dose/water combo. So shots were quick and weaker , sweet but clearer . After pre infusion if a shot ran 15-20 seconds max that would be normal. Of course my experience will vary from others, in the same way that it would appear not all EK43's are equal from factory either . Ed's are just not, having had three in one room at one time ... Don't fell like I am being very helpful tbh...
  10. Ditch the razor. Weight your dose. Use a double basket. Whats wrong with the coffee you are making. Bitter? Sour? How much coffee is you single basket making.... Weight or volume please Are you using good fresh roasted coffee? Just saying single basket, coffee bad, isn't enough info to understand how to help you. Lastly post your question on one thread only please.
  11. Champion of what? He must have been roasting pretty dark , if you think chatswood isnt
  12. Makes sense, but the visuals from am ek shot are gonna be a little differing to other grinders. Harder to get a coffee porn extraction. Coz you can't lower your flow to pressure after pi, then I found shots ran quicker and uglier
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