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  1. Not the baratza for the reasons above i own a niche as I have limited counter space and I like to single dose , your needs may be different .
  2. You buy a niche to single dose , it’s flexible to do brew too and for its small foot print. example , I drink caffeine my partner drinks decaf, it’s easy to do this with a niche , as I don’t need to purge and it holds its grind settings really well.. you can get a big flat but the trade off is space it takes and the cost , only you know if that is a good trade off for you. I’ve always weighed dose on any grinder IVe used to get a consistent dose with those timers you need to be filling up the hopper to the same point each time to be honest and even then it’s not accurate enough for me. I never felt comfortable leaving beans in a hopper for periods of time , but if you get through more coffee than me they it’s fine and you may be comfortable with a 0.2 to 0.5 g variance of dose. I wasn’t . Both grinders will make really taste coffee .
  3. That looks way to coarse , can you grind finer
  4. Is the coffee fresh, safe you suing a grinder ? Crema is not the be all and end all , its taste quite horrid and can be a function off type of coffee used and the roast level.
  5. Need to give your stuff a try. I don’t chase processes per se . I’d like to see a bit more variety , there are what 4 naturals and an anaerobic on your site at moment ? I’d rather have one or two real farm yard stinker naturals , than what I see nowadays which , I honestly think has become a marketing term, half the time I can’t tell the difference between a washed and a natural much . Of course buy the coffee you love and want to sell and when it’s seasonal. I’m not adverse to blends , I buy square mile and James gourmet and Atkinsons blends but I’d like to know what’s in them, beyond say a Brazilian , you have some good info on scores for the single origins but not what is in the blend . Is this because it’s under an 86 ?
  6. And your money . glad you are enjoying your new purchase .
  7. You need to blind taste test for it to be honest ( if you aren’t already doing it )
  8. Part replaced , leak fixed. now getting excessive steam constantly into the drip tray . Not from the opv but from the nipple pointers on where to start .
  9. Mrboots2u

    Coffee from the Cat

    Taste will always change a it cools , if you are using it for espresso , then as above leave it be for a bit longer ,
  10. Red Brick is not the most complex of blends but never disappoints. 3 days post roast IMHO is way to early to evaluate . Me I wait 2 weeks .
  11. Anyway , looks like its had a hard life, no history of water used etc and wants payment that is non recoverable . for any machine LM or not I’d be not dropping 2.5k on it with little protection or history
  12. Yeah distribution is key along with dosing to 0.1g . The volume of coffee in the basket ( not the weight ) will also be a function of how coarse or fine you grind that coffee. 17g finely ground will take up less space than the same coffee 17g more coarsley ground.
  13. A 1:2 ratio is never likely to be over extracted . It’s more likely that reducing the dose , gave you more even extraction in your basket to give a more balanced sweeter taste . Coffee needs headroom in the basket , you may have just not had enough to give you as even extraction . Remember taste and extraction are not linear , shots do not go sour sour , sweet , bitter , bitter. Lastly the salami shot can be misleading as you never drink a bit of a shot, it can tell you What the first drops taste like , strong and under extracted but this doesn’t then equate to how your overall shot tastes in the long run. Extraction and taste are a mix of all the water that goes through the puck and the stuff it pulls out in the cup, along with how that stuff is pulled out of the coffee into the cup ( evenness across the pf , pressure etc etc etc )
  14. if only we had the jealometer. look at bean , do you like notes , does bean match approximate expectations, if yes , buy more from roaster , if no try other roasters . Repeat.
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