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  1. Not sure artisanal has much to do with it.
  2. This machine is made to perform with pre ground? Hence no single walled baskets. If you get them the possible issue you are goign to have is that the machine may be set up at like 15 bar pressure too.
  3. Havent you got the londinium one already
  4. Does it matter what it is ? I tend to have two definitions of what I drink, tasty and not tasty. I suppose you could say it's a short black with milk if you wanna get technical or cal it Derek if you don't.
  5. Atkinsons in lancaster or at mackie mayor's in Manchester.
  6. Cocktail shakers etc, Not sure what makes that Aussie Cup " precision " or why it needs to be made to order. I use to use a old small milk steaming jug at one point
  7. I want to delete my entire inbox without having to scroll through 40 odd pages and each time select "all" Am i the only one that has been punished in this way?
  8. Urgh, I have messages in my inbox that have appeared from like 3 years ago. Its 2500 messages full and there appears no way to select "all" to delete By all I mean not just the page you are viewing. I didn't have these messages stored or saved so no idea why they have come back.
  9. Sales thread now appear to be open to joiner with no posts @Tait
  10. I currently use a 58mm tamper and although not ideal you can still get decent naked extractions with it. Your 58.4 should be fine. Don't pull the tamper out too quickly after tamping. As always a clip of prep might help
  11. Unlikely tamping too hard is the reason. Out of interest what size tamper are you using and what basket, make and size?
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