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  1. Go back to 16g , 18 g is too much , dose fixed the amount of coffee you make Dont stress you dont have the same basket size as a roaster
  2. You've changed coffee? If it's sour grind finer or extend the ratio. If you havent changed coffee then just go back to where you were , a ratio isnt a bible its a starting point . For now ignore the basket changed , its adding in a variable you dont need. Problem with lighter roasted coffee and the silvia is that unpidded means you are temp surfing and guessing. Sour can be a function of too low a temp . To combat this pull 16g > 50g taste , adjust. Dont focus on things like dark spots , this isnt helping .
  3. You keep saying new product and warranty , if there were major problems with it then these would tend to surface in the first 3 months ( like Baratza grinders ) . As with alot of grinders , they are pretty bomb proof in the home environment. Just out of interest how ling does a product need to be in the market place before it it trustworthy and how much of a warranty does ones need? Brexit - your a Dane , let us worry about that, we are the ones that have decided on self immolation There are other grinders for sure out there, it's just given what you are looking for ( brewed and espresso , mi animal retention ), you are going to keep people saying niche. Anyhow just decide , how much you want to spend and what you want it to do. Run with hopper , single dose , just espresso or brewed as well. They will lead you to a grinder you want to get and the cash you want to spend. Like any hopper fed espresso grinder a k3 will have retention each time you dial back and forth and it's adjustment mech isn't easily set up to go back and forth between coarse and fine as repeatable as the niche. And the burr size and quality will not be the same as the Niche . It's a decaf type commercial grinder versus a home single dosing one. I get not wanting to spend £500 on a grinder that is fine, just say your budget ( £300? ) and accept that it will be a compromise on the things you want from it. =
  4. Got the Chapin here at mo. Nice choco nut base for milk drinks, well developed without exhibiting roast, imho
  5. Sorry some people won't buy unless it's in 1kg bags... What did you get
  6. Could try here, never used em. They used to sell em Leeds based https://www.caffesociety.co.uk/contacts
  7. you probably need to decide if you want 1kg suppliers only or not, not means you are limiting yourself. Anyway why not ask them
  8. Yeah £15 a kilo and free shipping will not be an 86 score coffee. The economics don't work. Not that that should put people off on itself but unless they are doing it out of the good of their heart then you can't buy an 86 plus coffee, roast it well, pay yourself a wage, have a building and pay tax and offer free shipping over a tenner. To those who bought from here, I know I sound churlish and little crappy, I just don't think that their marketing and info is accurate of what they are selling.
  9. The magical £15a kilo specialty coffee vendor.. One part of the website says all coffees score 80 plus, the other say 86 plus. Big difference in quality between those scores. Personally I'd like to see just a tad more info than this coffee is Peruvian to convince me of its quality and traceability. They are channeling the anti hipster thing quite well, "we all know coffee tastes of coffee", and it's the poncey tasting notes that makes people charge more for it. That and those hipsters actually pay the farmer a bit more for a more traceable product. If you want good quality coffee at good prices from someone who has been in the game a long time, try James gourmet. Hope what you get you enjoy, just said my two Pence worth. Just trying to make the point that not all coffee is equal.
  10. On v60, vanilla, juicy but with thst rhubard aciditt bite and tang.... Nice filter. In espresso runs long and quick, 1:4 to take the acidity v strength equation. More tang on the tongue but enjoyable for sure.
  11. End of crowd funding won't mean you'll get a longer warranty... Niche is Into 1000 plus grinders I think guessing world wide. Take from thst what you will. Mignons and niche should last you a while but there are more electric gizmos in the mignon if you are concerned about longevity, no digital screen to go wrong etc. Yes burrs size matters 50mm or 55mm are significantly different in quality to the niche larger conical burrs, IMHO. And the adjustment mech on the mignons is poor IMHO.
  12. Do you apply the one year warranty principle to all your white goods too.
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