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  1. does it taste good? with filter are you letting it cool right down..
  2. was it a suprise it was shite...i mean airport coffee, universally bad.
  3. was at seattle coffee fest with no price... pricing was meant to be announced at host... id conservatively guess £5k plus
  4. they would have to essential makenit a different machine to do shot profiling.. i suspect , its energy saving stuff or timer etc. the mini is about a simple 9 bar extraction , take that away its not anymore in machine name , ethic or price...
  5. No idea OM mazzer burrs would e a good idea. I am not sure of the benefit of precisely made burrs like SSP on really old Sj's, one would think at the least you would want to check alignment etc.
  6. Or treble, or quadruple .... Id love it to be £1500 but given swiss and german design , and it features I think it will not be anywhere near 1500
  7. you will need to sell a kidney and your first born for this machine tho.
  8. what coffee though. ... dont use tamp to drive extraction time. dont use extraction time to stop or judge a shot. do one thing at once only, so you understand what its impact. if your coffee is poor or stale , it will be watery anyway. make sure your dose is an appropriate size to the basket, significant under dosing will to quick watery shots. decide on s ratio the range of 1.2.5 to 3 is too big. so say 1:3 as an example then grind finer if you want it sweeter at that strength. if not strong enough reduce the ratio.
  9. i would be checking the alignment too
  10. Then don't look on youtube , invariable people are using products given to them or they are selling. There are tampers out there that have levelling mechs on them , but really with a little practice is should be too hard to get a level tamp with any well fitting tamper
  11. For 2500 dollars id want better then a bottom entry grinder tbh but sage/breville only really to that grinder . It doesnt help when you see people single dosing the thing too. It proper isnt designed to cope with that
  12. Will need to be around the £1100 mark. Sometimes retro is a design decision , sometimes its coz they just aint changed the design for 30 years
  13. not sure id be paying £1.5 k for the specs of this. A Bianca can be had for £1700-1800 If it's say £800 then people might look at it , given the silvia price at the moment , i doubt it though . Be interested to see how they are running the 0.3 litre brew boiler and the temp management it has . 1 litre steam boiler , it has a temperature indicator not a PID ? Photo looks like a franken silvia , looks wise is pretty dated or like they just cant be bothered to make a new machine. Steam boiler is 1litre so on the small side too? The drip tray looks tiny ? which was really frustrating on the slivia , can it be plumbed ? Looks like a half arsed response on paper with old bits from the factory , lastly it is neither shiny nor a kitchen friendly home appliance looks wise
  14. You can still make shots unlevel with them if you are cack handed, are you just looking got stuff to buy or trying to solve a specific issue with these things ? There are some cheap palm tampers on amazon and ebay ... Get a 58.4 and above
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