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  1. Presumably you don’t wear t shirts with any branding by anyone on them either ,
  2. Your lm is 9 bar with no pre infusion ( yours just pre were ) so unless your gonna up dose you won’t get slow flow espresso porn. besr you can do so change out the giglicuer For a slower flow what did the ey come out at
  3. Same as anywhere else , I’ve been to m and s and seen some horror stories made by bored non hipster people. ive had passable cups at Costa , good people are good people no matter where they work or what they work at . m and s certainly got taken for several 1000s by some hipster consultant tho as most have mythos and a group for each customer they need to serve .
  4. I didn’t read the video that way, and there are other machines . A new Silvia and if you sell you’ll dump cash on it IMO u less you hit eBay and the pain that is to sell on. dont under estimate the importance of temp stability and just how hard it is to understand how to make espresso with a machine that has a dead band of 10c to it . id save up or wait for some decent e61 second hand .
  5. Thankfully the OP experience is not mine , there is good and bad coffee everywhere same as food. its easy to think how it is to make great coffee at home , then try a shift at a busy bar and watch the shot dribble down your trousers as the queue builds. its harder to imagine trying to see it your career in minimum wage. its easy to knock all coffee shops , but without them the price of the hipster coffee you buy would be astronomical or it just wouldn’t be there , and yes to everyone else in the world that fact you make espresso at home make you a hipster , weirdo.
  6. I’ll take both Please at asking
  7. I really don’t think they are great value new , second hand you don’t see many in here as the new apes I suspect have dropped off in the last few years. Don’t order form coffee Italia or cafe Italia to save a few quid Having had a Silvia , you soon get bored of temp surfing quick, I’d say the same thing about a new gaggia tbh
  8. I have no experience of this machine 57mm portafilter size is a pain here is a decent starting point
  9. The numbers don’t matter as they are a function of roast level, dose amount and accurate calibration. You can always clean and recalibrate if you are that bothered
  10. There were plenty reasons he hammered the Aldi as well as the 16 bar
  11. Substantial user experience here . It will allow you to change espresso beans without fuss of purging . verusus a Sage grinder I found it different class for espresso . it will do pour over as good as a decent hand grinder like mbk.
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