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  1. steve

    Not In My Mug

    And as I say Cam, I don't always get the tone right, and for this I apologise and I am sorry if this offended you and it remained a problem. Anything I can do to fix this either privately or publicly I am very happy to do.
  2. steve

    Not In My Mug

    Hi Cam The reason twin baskets came in the same size, was that VST sell them in double packs as well as single packs (but they are the same size) they are meant to be close to the same machining as each other for consistency, but they both come in the same size. When ordered you could only select one size (if I remember correctly you selected 15g but then left a comment to ask for an 18g) It created such confusion (I agree maybe we didn't do such a great of of making it clear) that we stopped doing them. I don't want to go over the reasons your right there was a mistake made either in listing packing or both or missing the comment either way mistakes were made. Not trying to "play ball" trying to offer an explanation, and offer stands. If I had known it was an issue that had bothered you so much I would have course followed this up I thought it was resolved. I am very happy to do not in public feel free to email me and we can take it private (which is always easier). I would like to just back this up, we have lots of issues on email every day, and I know we do not always get the replies right. Replying via email is tough, you cant see my face, you don't know me, you cant see when I'm being jolly or if I have a face like thunder. We get lots of honest issues like the two raised here, and we get a lot of people that are not so honest, we swipe through them and sometimes get it wrong. But I always try my best to answer as professionally and courteously and quickly as I can. Do I get the tone right every time, no. But do we always fix problems if people keep bringing it back to us? We hope so.
  3. steve

    Not In My Mug

    Hi Cam The deal with the VST's is that they were always in pairs and never in individual sizes, so you bought them in 15's or 18's. I don't believe I was showing attitude but if it came across that way I apologise, and let me know how much your return postage was and I'll send it on.
  4. steve

    Not In My Mug

    Hi Mal I don't think I replied its not us we sent it. It had been just a couple of days and it was a bit soon to say its lost. Royal mail wont say its lost until 15 days but we often we re send stuff way before this. But we also find that often postmen cant be bothered to try putting things in letterbox's or leaving cards and take to the depot. You would be surprised how often this happens. If its not with you by next week we will do what we always do in these cases and re send it out for you at our cost.
  5. Nice one Chris well done, will "look" forward to hearing my voice
  6. I Can not believe it. In My Mug (the video bloging thing we have done) is in the top 20 on the UK food podcast chart. I’m just behind Gino d’aCampo whos at number 13, how cool is that. I want the top ten I’m on a mission, please please please please, even if you watch them on the site, please click this link here and it will ask you if you want to open your itunes program, then click subscribe, just for me. It will make me smile a lot !!!
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