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  1. sold to John, many thanks for picking it up tonight and happy coffee making
  2. Shirley to my place Sharnford is 40 to 50 mins leaving at 7.30pm, according to google maps, i would says thats about right. I leave for my work on the Thursday evening about 7ish and stay over in Wales. So either tonight or tomorrow a bit earlier, or Monday. Ill send my details over, you can call or text if your coming tonight or not.
  3. Ok John for the sake of an easy sale i will accept your offer. Your welcome to test it when your here. Im working away from home Fri, Sat, Sun every weekend. I dont get back until 9pm on the Sunday night, your welcome to come and view it as soon as i return home. I know how horrendous the m6 is, my work is in North wales and its unreal how many 50mph restrictions there are. If you want me to hold it for you i can accept a £20 deposit which i will refund should you find a problem/reason not to buy it, if your sure that you want it then im happy to hold it. If not then it will still be first come first served.
  4. 4270 and 45mm (hopper outer diameter and housing inner diameter) The instructions tell you that a double shot is counted as 2. Myself and the previous owner did quick purge each day to expel the old ground coffee, so that counts as 1 each day too, the timer was set to T1 for 2 second, the T2 was used for setting for your double shot.
  5. @ajohn Are you still interested, no point checking these things if your not interested.
  6. Hi John, i will check the dose count tomorrow night when i get home, im working away at the moment. If your serious i could measure the hopper outer diameter. Yes it has the original grid and the original box and packaging.
  7. Thanks for highlighting this. Yes i missed the price, now edited and put the price in. Cheers
  8. Price £325. I bought this excellent coffee bean grinder in July 2017 (forum member), it has not really had too much use but it has given me great results. The original owner took great care of it and he paid £750 from Bella Barista when he bought it new. The grinder still performs flawlessly and is in excellent cosmetic condition. These machines can produce a little static so a modified grid has been installed. I have an original spare one if you prefer to use it. My grinds were very good and i did not really get any clumping. I also have the original box. If you do some searching you will find a lot of info on this great piece of kit. I live near Hinckley LE10, its about half way between Leicester and Coventry just off the M69 also not far from the M1 Junction at Rugby. I prefer cash on collection. If i dont sell it soon i will consider posting but you need to arrange this yourself as couriers are so shoddy these days. A small deposit secures.
  9. Your spot on coffeechap. Thanks for sharing the inside information. I also ordered some Columbian Suarez as per Jacko's suggestion. Many thanks folks happy days
  10. Thanks for your suggestion. That tool is very handy indeed many thanks for posting the link. At the moment im not really familiar with tasting notes although i do read them when buying from the roasters. We have tried a few different ones from Rave but so far Fudge and Signature was out favourite. When we order again i will try a few different small bags to try. Many thanks
  11. Many thanks for the info Jacko ill try a bag of these beans with my next order
  12. Me and my girlfriend were big fans of the Rave Fudge coffee beans but they dont seem to have that particular on for sale any more. Can anyone suggest something similar or even better that tastes great with latte coffee drinks. Many thanks folks
  13. Thanks for you reply. I will buy some of the filters and ill wait another month before i swap them. Thanks for the tips, i will get the shower screen cleaned too. Thanks for the advice. Where should i look for scaling, i dont know if im likely to get much scaling or not. I would rather not go down the bottled water route if i can help it. I will try out the back flush thing i got with the machine. Many thanks
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