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  1. We use a Marco Mix, set to 97, 85 and 70. No complaints after two years, but my friend had one in their cafe which broke fairly soon after purchase. The capacity is pretty small so maybe not one to go for if you're expecting to do crazy volumes, but we've never maxed it out.
  2. In my house I have a Best Taste X plumbed in, which goes to the coffee machine and also to a tap I use for water for filter. We also use them in the shop just now for both batch brew and the espresso machine. It doesn't add anything back, but helps to get rid of some impurities. I think our coffee in the shop is generally pretty decent. There's a new filter on the scene, the Best Soft, which apparently gives better balance and also a little scale protection but it's 3x the price of the Best Taste so the decision on whether to switch to them is pretty tough. The Best Max (I think) which adds stuff in apparently relies on dwell time, which can make it inconsistent - never really heard anyone advocating them for up here.
  3. Go right towards city centre, right at Seaward St then along Scotland St, right at Shields Road, left at St Andrews Road, up Darnley St, left at Minard Road and then right onto Deanston I reckon you're maybe 5-8 minutes.
  4. The shop turned two recently (although IASH is four) so we had a wee party last night. A rare sighting of the full IASH team in one place
  5. They went on the facebook group earlier, sorry. I have 250g bags of the Kenyan though if you want one? Could do it for £10 posted.
  6. Got these left over from last week, about 180g of the Colombia and 200g of the Kenya. £10 posted for both.
  7. If you're doing different brew methods I think the EK takes some beating, but the espresso it makes isn't your typical espresso so you need to make a judgment on that. We're Mahlkonig dealers so if you do decide to go EK gimme a shout.
  8. Yeah I still use it at home, my starting recipe is 20 in 50 out in 25-30 (and most stuff is good somewhere around there) but don't feel like i hit those 'wow' shots as much as before
  9. Some of my favourite ever EK shots were those early 20-ish second 3x out gushers. Liquid gold.
  10. jeebsy

    Custom Linea

    Not quite as fancy as that but we got our Aurelia a custom paint job
  11. Campbell and Syme Norma Fiallos macerated natural https://campbellandsyme.co.uk/products/norma-iris-fiallos-honduras
  12. I'm really glad you liked it - Denis (our barista) said he thought this coffee tastes really boozy so whisky is on the money!
  13. Sorry to have missed you! Hope the lack of response isn't telling :-) It's a pretty wild coffee we have on this week (I'm worried it might be too much for a lot of people, but if you don't test the boundaries, you don't know where they are) - a macerated natural which tastes like mulled wine and lemon curd, so I'm not sure it would be to @Teejay 's taste, but you never know...
  14. jeebsy

    Pouring kettle

    @edpirie i think that would be perfect although maybe a bit over budget, do you have a price in mind for it?
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