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  1. Where are you? I could ship it but it would be totally at your own risk. The hopper might have to be shipped separate. Any price would be + shipping but to be honest, I'm pretty much out of time to do it. I leave monday at 8am ricki
  2. Fracino now sold elsewhere online. Had someone not turn up for the K30. Will sell that now for £400 (no lower offers please, collection from Bristol BEFORE Sunday). Could possibly meet Monday morning to anyone who wants it and lives close to the M4 as I drive to heathrow.
  3. Sorry I did miss your message and I apologise. I've now sold it to Anthony and have agreed to drop it off on my travels tomorrow which works great for me. Sorry that's my bad.
  4. Just the Reg Barber, K30 and Fracino available now guys and gals.
  5. hahahaha. It's yours for £30 anyway buddy.
  6. Slow replying but glad there going to a good home on here.
  7. I will do if you don't mind. Saves me the hassle.
  8. Yeah as of right now the RB is still available. What that one at 30 posted?
  9. Can you collect? or + postage as you were the first to reply?
  10. No, prov sold ^^ See previous post and thanks for the well wishes
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