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  1. I had to revisit this topic after a friend of mine sent me the video below. Interesting to say the least and for me it does make a noticeable difference. As I tend to have the radio on while I'm having my morning brew I'm wondering whether the music at the time of drinking is having an effect. Combined with the variables Mrboots2u has mentioned above and we have even more complexity. I tried it the first time without knowing which sounds would affect bitterness or sweetness. OK, that's just me but the research does appear to be valid. Anyone else tried this? http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150109-does-sound-affect-your-taste
  2. Thanks for the replies. All good observations.
  3. Much like wine I find coffee such an unpredictable thing taste-wise. For example, yesterday I made myself an early morning ristretto which was amazing, sweet and smooth. Exact same extraction (and beans) this morning and it tasted quite bitter. I hadn't eaten or brushed my teeth before either. 90+% of the time I love what I make but there are occasional weird times when it tastes unpleasant. Perhaps something else more subtle is going on but I've never managed to link anything to it. Apart from wine I don't get wild differences in taste with other foods. Just curious if anyone else has the same experience with coffee ... or is it just me?
  4. Hi. I recently bought a Sage Duo-Temp Pro which has a chunky water filter in the water tank. It's nearing the time to replace it but checking on the Sage website the replacement filter is nearly £14, which seems a lot every three months. Do I have to use this filter or can I use water from my Brita jug instead? I don't want to invalidate the warranty or cause any harm to the machine. Any advice would be welcome.
  5. Hi, My Gaggia Classic has failed. I think it's the pump as that stopped while I was drawing water through. BTW, the power light is still working. I'm wondering is it worth getting repaired as it's a good 7 years old and used frequently. If it is, does anyone know someone who can repair Gaggias in the Hastings area? Cheers, Del
  6. OK, I gave the grinder a good clean and still the same problem persisted. Was on the verge of ordering a new one when I wondered if it could be the beans themselves as the problem started so abruptly. Sure enough, opened a new bag of the same brand and bingo, it's all working perfectly again. Must have been a bad batch.
  7. Hi. I've had a Gaggia burr grinder for about 6 years and quite suddenly I'm now not able to get a grind fine enough to get a good espresso; the cup fills rapidly (within 10 seconds) whereas I used to get a nice 26 second draw with a decent crema. Is it a case of the burrs suddenly becoming blunted? The grinder is on the finest setting. If I'm honest I've never been totally happy with it and if indeed it has reached the end of its life I'm happy to change brand. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a replacement? I haven't got a huge budget.
  8. That's excellent, thanks. I'll be up that way next week so will pop in then:D
  9. Hi After much thought I'm narrowing down my potentials for an upgrade. I like the Rancilio Silvia particularly but would like to be able to see it "in the flesh" before committing. Does anyone know if there are any retail outlets in the London/South East area where I could look at them? Many thanks
  10. Thanks, already on that trail. I'll go for a dual boiler almost certainly (unless someone persuades me otherwise). Other than that I need to read the pros and cons reviews to get a clearer picture.
  11. That's great, thanks for this. That gives me something to focus on and seriously investigate. I've seen quite a few mentions of Ascaso as a brand to look at. I notice it's not on your list. Would you say they're not quite up to the mark?
  12. This is getting crazy... I'm even starting to dream about machines now! I need to make a decision soon I think. OK, on the basis that I'm finding it hard to narrow choices down even between makes, never mind individual machines, could someone perhaps give me a measured steer on the basis of brands to avoid? At least that may then help point me in the right direction and I can then investigate more fruitfully Thanks in advance
  13. That looks like a good figure OK. According to the catalogue looks like that's about half the original price, although not quite the same model. Not sure it's the one for me though. I have a feeling this is going to be one of quests that is going to drag on until I'm forced to make a decision when my Gaggia finally falls down! In the meantime I'll keep looking and thinking. Does anyone know how effective the lever machines are. And how difficult?
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