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  1. I had to revisit this topic after a friend of mine sent me the video below. Interesting to say the least and for me it does make a noticeable difference. As I tend to have the radio on while I'm having my morning brew I'm wondering whether the music at the time of drinking is having an effect. Combined with the variables Mrboots2u has mentioned above and we have even more complexity. I tried it the first time without knowing which sounds would affect bitterness or sweetness. OK, that's just me but the research does appear to be valid. Anyone else tried this? http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150109-does-sound-affect-your-taste
  2. Much like wine I find coffee such an unpredictable thing taste-wise. For example, yesterday I made myself an early morning ristretto which was amazing, sweet and smooth. Exact same extraction (and beans) this morning and it tasted quite bitter. I hadn't eaten or brushed my teeth before either. 90+% of the time I love what I make but there are occasional weird times when it tastes unpleasant. Perhaps something else more subtle is going on but I've never managed to link anything to it. Apart from wine I don't get wild differences in taste with other foods. Just curious if anyone else has the same experience with coffee ... or is it just me?
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