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  1. Hi Glenn Thanks for the message and happy to help... Looking forward to interacting with you and the members over the coming week and months. Best regards, Dominic
  2. Hi there, You may want to try http://www.coffeehit.co.uk as they have a great selection of professional nik naks and they deal direct with domestic end-users, as well as being extremely reliable. Happy shopping... Dom
  3. Hi Lee Standard blanking plate usung a 75cl Motta... How about this then? It's amazing what staff these days get up too.
  4. I fully endorse Lee's recommendations and techniques... It's all in the texture of the milk and this needs to be your first port of call before you go onto making the drink. Personally I find that homogenised milk works better for me, but that's my own personal preference. Just taken this shot to demonstrate what can be achieved with great textured milk. Just having a bit of fun with this one, not bad for first attempt...
  5. I too have just had this email, threatening to shop me to my service provider. Our IT boff has just checked our systems and nothing what so ever would suggest we have a virus. This user needs to get a stiff warning for sending malicious emails via the forum as it's not in the spirit of good manners.
  6. Hi Freddo, In regards to the new service company taking over for Gaggia, I've heard through the industry that Qualitasse based in Basingstoke have taken over the servicing of all GAggia equipment in the UK. There number is 01256 396319 and ask to speak to Mandy or Brian. On the matter of the on-demand grinder, I would strongly recommend an Anfim mini on-demand with a price of £230+VAT brand new. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4020/4362488801_2998d500f5_o.jpg Regards,
  7. Hi Lee, great blog and will look forward to reading a lot more from you over the coming weeks and months. Dom
  8. Give me an Anfim Mini On-Demand any day of the week, and cheap at only £230 + VAT with a full 12 months warranty. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4020/4362488801_2998d500f5_o.jpg
  9. I always tell our customers to keep their unused opened coffee beans is a dry airtight container, and to store the container in a cool environment away from other strong smells. For best results and in an ideal world, coffee should be used within 3 days if you still want optimum flavour and results, especially when you are storing espresso beans. We never endorse putting unused coffee in the fridge or freezer, which I've heard a number of companies say is the best way, but you will never hear a coffee roaster promoting this method.
  10. Hi Folks, After spending the last 12 years using and promoting the Mazzer professional espresso grinders in our business and to our customers, I'm considering venturing outside my comfort zone and taking a look at the Anfim traditional and on demand espresso grinders. What would be helpful is if anyone could let me know who has worked with this brand of espresso grinder and what their experience has been? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi Bob, Just been reading the problems you have been encountering in getting inconsistent espresso shots. The problem is most likely down to the fact that the pre-ground espresso you are using is to course, hence the reason for the shot running too fast. There are also numerous variables to getting a poor espresso apart from the grind itself and this could be down to the amount of coffee used, the freshness of the coffee and temperature which I think you have already picked up on. The pressure you apply of the tamp has also a lot to do with the extraction as the ideal pressure you appl
  12. Hi Chris, hope your well did you get my email OK as I've not heard back from you. Cheers.
  13. Hi Rose, welcome on board hope to exchange comments some time soon.
  14. Hi folks, were delighted to annouce that the world's no 1. espresso machine brand "Kees van der Westen" as voted by Mark Prince from Coffeegeek, is now available from Ue Coffee Roasters in Oxford. Happy to answer any questions and provide additional information that anyone may need. Just drop us a line at [email protected] or give us a call on 0845 299 7480
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