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  1. To be clear: I didn't reheat the americano in the microwave, I just microwave-heated the water into which I pulled the espresso shot. So the differences were just between kettle-heated water and microwave-heated water.
  2. I'm resurrecting this thread to report an interesting finding: I normally make an Americano by pulling a double shot into a cup of hot water that I've boiled in the kettle and allowed to cool slightly. I discovered that if I heat the water in the microwave instead of the kettle I get a drink that has more body and depth of flavour, and a noticeably thicker and darker crema. My wife thought she was drinking a different coffee until I told her what I had done. I have my own theory as to why there is a difference, but first I would like to hear from anyone else who cares to try it and explain it.
  3. HG-1? Luxury! When I were a lad an' I were lucky enough to snag a coffee bean, I 'ad to roast it on t' fire and grind it wi' my teeth.......
  4. I can't imagine in what way I could be said to have misused it.
  5. I noticed exactly the same thing. I'm keeping my thumb clear of the numbers now.
  6. I'd like to try them but I can't see them on the Coffee Link website.
  7. What are these beans like? Has anyone started to use them yet?
  8. @Kilo See post #349 for info on this.
  9. I didn't know mine was coming until I saw the DPD van arrive. No prior email.
  10. Good recommendation, I'm really enjoying the CC Guatemalan and it's no hardship moving to decaf. I found that they need quite a fine grind, at least 3 marks finer on the Niche than CC Mystery beans.
  11. Training it to keep still could be a challenge, particularly when the cat's around.
  12. That's absolutely correct. Cats have whiskers, but they don't use them for whisking!
  13. Look on eBay for 'coffee dosing funnel'.
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