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  1. I'll take the 18g at asking if still availiable?
  2. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-household-goods/baratza-encore-coffee-grinder-e8/1259180295 Might be a good deal for someone.
  3. Do you think they'll send us the natural next month seeing as they finished the letter saying we'd have to wait and see?
  4. Hi so i was adjusting with this at rest. I know its ideal to adjust whilst running but this thing grinds too fast for me to be able to do that without creating lots of waste / mess. regarding the burrs touching, I didn't hear any metal on metal if thats what you mean. I can't say i didi check for stones. The coffee was this: https://www.heartandgraft.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/nicaraguan-el-bosque-felix-natural-process-microlot Many Thanks
  5. After trying to dial in some beans that kept wanting to finer and finer, the grinder (F83) started producing really coarse grinds. Did i push it too far? It was further than i had tightened it before but the tightening action didn't feel any different. How do i return it to 'normal'? How do i avoid this happening again in the future? Many thanks Ewan
  6. 1. jlarkin 2. madforcoffee etc. 3. mildredM 4. EwanEdwards Superlative gesture and the coffee sounds alright too.
  7. As another owner of an f83, i can tell you it produces wonderful fluffy grinds very quickly, 3-4 seconds for 18g. Its easy to use and adjust. I have no complaints at all . Heres a photo of mine next to my classic if that helps, the body of the grinder is pretty much the same height as the classic whilst the hopper is a fair bit taller.
  8. Just got round to drinking La Bolsa. This coffee is really delicious. I think its my favourite i've had from them.
  9. COuld be agood starters setup for someone. I know nothing about the grinder though and doesn't look that great. Nevertheless £50 classic with jug and tamper. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine-and-sunbeam-bean-grinder-the-complete-setup/1235670411
  10. In my experience oxford is particularly bad for macbook campers. I haven't heard of Mostro before will have to go down cowley road next time i'm in town. Interesting to hear good reports of UE, I used to work in a place that served them and i found their roasts to be uninspiring, but that of course may have been from the ignorance of the bar staff as well. Also UE boast of their wood roasted beans, apart from some kind of green credentials can anyone think of a way that this would improve the flavour of the coffee instead of making temperature harder to control?
  11. Good idea, but does this mean without a fresh shot you don't get foam on top of the martini?
  12. Yes. If the Yirgachiffe sounds up your street, go for it its delicious.
  13. I see, do you know if the thermometer is reading the ambient temperature or temperature near the burrs? Does high tempereature mean you grind finer or coarser?
  14. I'm with DKF41 here. A month or so with he grinder and i'm really enjoying it. Though my knowledge of the competitors is minimal to non existent, in my eyes this is a really good machine. The coffee tastes great. Really nice and fast, and i love adjusting the grind time digitally without a fiddly knob. It delivers into the portafilter light flufffy mounds with out any mess (except for the one time i didn't hold the button down for the 5 seconds to adjust the time and instead released 18g grams of coffee on to my worksurface.) DKF41 have temperature and humidity readings ever
  15. Before having an espresso set up, I'd spent at least £2-£3 a day on coffee but often, £5-6. On my current budget, thats ridiculous spending so, I've definitely save a lot of money. Only times i allow myself to go to cafe's now is if i forgot to take my flash with me, or to meet friends. Definitely agree that focusing on improving what you can make is useful. Both addictive and rewarding.
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