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    Portafilter funnel

    Great. Moving to PM
  2. drude

    Portafilter funnel

    I’ve got a short one I don’t use. You can have it for £15 plus shipping if you’re happy with the size.
  3. I've had my L1 since 2013. The only thing that has failed is the pump, which went just out of warranty. I was the first person this happened to, and Reiss was kind enough to send me a replacement part for free despite being out of warranty, and then FaceTime me through the installation. Any other issues have been solved by replacing seals and re-greasing the bore. It's been a fantastically reliable machine with superb service whenever I have needed it. I don't think I can think of another company whose product and service have been better.
  4. 120.5g for a Maxtra+ in a packet
  5. Mods - please can you mark this as sold? Thanks
  6. £90 and a free espresso if I ever make it to Glasgow (Scotland - last visited in 1983) and we have a deal. Let's go to PM
  7. Yep, found the wooden box and packaging it came in
  8. I’d have to look in the garage tonight , but I don’t think it will fit in the box anyway as it ships with the crank arm off but it can’t be easily removed once it’s on, from what I recall
  9. Ah, I didn't spot this. I can't go that low, though, I'm afraid.
  10. I’ve just listed a Hausgrind in the for sale forum
  11. I am selling my walnut Hausgrind as I have two and that seems excessive. It’s an early model but not had much use. Works perfectly but has a few scratches and a ding, as seen in the picture. £100 plus delivery or collect from Reading.
  12. Mine arrived today, which is great timing as I finished a bag this morning. Will get stuck in tomorrow. Thanks as ever for organising this
  13. This happened to my L1 a little while ago - might have been my thread you saw. Problem solved by putting new seals on
  14. These are now sold off the forum. Mods - please can you mark the thread accordingly?
  15. Price drop to £150. Ideal for the teenager in your life as xmas approaches
  16. 1. Coffeechap 2. dfk41 3. Mrboots2u 4. CageyH 5. Dylan 6. MWJB 7. Snakehips 8. Joey24dirt 9. Kennyboy993 10. LukeT 11. arellim 12. Stanic 13. AndyDClements 14. Jony 15. Johnealey 16. GingerBen 17. Flying_vee 18. Soll 19. MatBat 20. Steveholt 21. Johnbudding 22. grumpydaddy 23. Thecatlinux 24. Greenblood 25. David Bondy 26. jimbojohn 27. Joelarkin 28. Christos_geo 29. MediumRoastSteam 30. Tewdric 31. Heligan 32. blackstone 33. Salty 34. Stevied62 35. Jackblackmore 36. PPapa 37. Simon_s 38. Xpenno 39. Daren 40. drude
  17. In the last couple of days my L1 has started leaking from between the two parts of the group. It's not due to loose bolts. I did relube it a couple of months back, but the seals are at least a year old. Any suggestions as to the likely cause? I'm guessing I might need to put a new set of piston seals on, but interested to have this confirmed or to hear any other probable causes.
  18. I've been sticking with the Taylors of Harrogate / Kew Gardens one for a while now
  19. I’ve installed RetroPie a few times - pretty easy to get going from what I remember
  20. I have a pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones in special edition matt black for sale. They are unopened. RRP is £249 according to Amazon. They sell them for £210 but have none in stock right now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beats-Dr-Dre-Wireless-Headphones-Black/dp/B01LW0M4J1/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1506010389&sr=8-2&keywords=beats+solo+3 They are for sale at £175 shipped.
  21. drude

    Windows Emulator

    If all you need is Excel, it's easier and cheaper to buy Excel for Mac than Parallels + Windows + Excel for Windows. Unlike older versions the current one is pretty much identical on both operating systems.
  22. drude

    Windows Emulator

    Forgot to say, a recent Mac with plenty of RAM and preferably a SSD is a must if you don't want it to slow your computer down badly
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