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  1. Mine arrived today too - really looking forward to these. Thanks @Hairy_Hogg and @Daren for your herculean efforts
  2. drude

    Portafilter funnel

    Great. Moving to PM
  3. drude

    Portafilter funnel

    I’ve got a short one I don’t use. You can have it for £15 plus shipping if you’re happy with the size.
  4. I've had my L1 since 2013. The only thing that has failed is the pump, which went just out of warranty. I was the first person this happened to, and Reiss was kind enough to send me a replacement part for free despite being out of warranty, and then FaceTime me through the installation. Any other issues have been solved by replacing seals and re-greasing the bore. It's been a fantastically reliable machine with superb service whenever I have needed it. I don't think I can think of another company whose product and service have been better.
  5. £90 and a free espresso if I ever make it to Glasgow (Scotland - last visited in 1983) and we have a deal. Let's go to PM
  6. I’d have to look in the garage tonight , but I don’t think it will fit in the box anyway as it ships with the crank arm off but it can’t be easily removed once it’s on, from what I recall
  7. Ah, I didn't spot this. I can't go that low, though, I'm afraid.
  8. I’ve just listed a Hausgrind in the for sale forum
  9. I am selling my walnut Hausgrind as I have two and that seems excessive. It’s an early model but not had much use. Works perfectly but has a few scratches and a ding, as seen in the picture. £100 plus delivery or collect from Reading.
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