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  1. I've got a K30, the only thing I've done so far is to get a custom glass hopper and lid for it (although I did like the look of the standard large hopper, this is more practical). Top tip, don't try and adjust it with the grinder running, it will whip the lever out of your hand and spin it round to maximum setting pretty violently. I know a lot of other grinders recommend it be running when adjusting finer but this is not a good idea with the K30. Don't forget the Barista mode setting (press both buttons at the same time to turn it on) ... although I don't usually use that mode as I prefer the timed dose mode.
  2. I'll have one of those two please. ~ Mike Not sure if I can PM or not yet?
  3. Have you tried porters in the market square of Newark? they roast their own but I've not tried them for espresso. Worth a try.
  4. I took a few days worth of red slips to the post office depot today. It was a good swap! In return I came back with a pack of Square Mile 'Red Brick' Coffee & a pack of La Serrania (for the aeropress at work), a Rattleware shot pitcher & a Rattleware handle-less 12oz milk pitcher.
  5. The big hopper lid does make for handy extra storage though!
  6. Very pleased so far, I've only run about a kilo of old coffee through it. It is however dialed down close to zero on the scale so I might re-zero once I run through these old beans. The experiences I've read about on forums suggest that they tend to vary in calibration from the factory. It fits very nicely on the side too, will look even neater when I get a short glass hopper (couldn't resist when looking at the Jorg custom woodworks site)
  7. I like the glass hoppers but they are pretty expensive.
  8. I thought the HG-One was pretty reasonably priced considering it's low production volumes and the quality of it (from photos ... I've not seen one in the metal). If I were to have to source all the parts and have them machined and anodized etc. I think I'd struggle to get it much under the £586 the are charging (can't really factor in import taxes and shipping as that isn't going into their pockets) Plus they have to make a living out it, you don't have to pay yourself much before it adds a big chunk onto the price of a batch of 300 grinders (going by their website and the fact they have just recieved 300 mazzer burr sets).
  9. I got the wrong end of the stick by looking at these photos. The electronics I thought were part of the adjustment are just obscuring the view of the actual mechanism. http://www.home-barista.com/grinders/mahlkonig-k30-es-vario-v-prom-v-baratza-vario-home-t12525-40.html I don't think it would have swayed my choice.
  10. I went for black, I really did love the look of the polished ones though but the premium over the standard colours is quite
  11. A Rocket R58, I upgraded from a Silvia a while ago and I am enjoying the simplicity of such a stable machine and not having to wait for steam etc. It has it's niggles too ... but they are minor (which is annoying I suppose, as it would be simple to sort them out). Overkill for home use, but it is the pleasure of using a nicely made bit of kit that is part of interest in coffee for me. I also have the OE Lido to look forward to trying out at work, that package is currently weaving it's way around America vaguely towards the UK in the hands of USPS as I type ... ETA is ???? From what I read it will be around 2-3 weeks by the time customs have processed it.
  12. After lots of thinking and few e-mails around various suppliers I have reached my own personal decision ... a Mahlkonig K30 Vario. It's slightly smaller footprint and the design of the grind adjustment sold it to me over the other options. Of the final 4 real contenders the last 3 fell away for the reasons below: Pro-M Espresso - Very nearly there but I don't like shape of the hopper and the electronic grind adjustment didn't fill me with confidence; mechanical, robust and analogue is what I wanted. HG-One - lack of availability and shipping from the States, I might buy one at a later date purely out of interest. Compak K8 Fresh - Size. I bought the K30 from Coffee Omega (think they advertise on here) and its arrival is eagerly awaited to see if it meets my needs in reality. I did originally want one in the polished finish but the additional premium would have pushed it well into K10 Fresh territory ... a lot of money for vanity + I would have had to wait Think I will hang on to the Vario home for now, but I might sell it if I get on well with the K30. Any suggestions as to a selling price for a 2nd hand Vario Home in excellent condition? I have a couple of friends interested already
  13. The Caedo E37 looks interesting but I'm not that convinced by the adjustment mechanism. The Compaks mechanisms seems like a much nicer solution, and from the prices I've seen in europe the Caedo isn't exactly cheap, in fact I think it costs more than a compak K8 fresh. My latest thoughts are still with the Compaks ... the price and the size puts me off (especially the K10 ... it's almost totally out of the question due to the price hike over the K8). But I have been looking harder at the Mahlkonig K30 as it is after all in the same price range as the compaks but more compact I am intrigued by the Sanremo on demand range but they don't seem to have any prices listed anywhere ... I guess they are selling to retail only and not consumers? I did have a bit of a measure up of the work surface around my coffee machine and all the machines would just about fit ... the "best" physical fit would be the Pro-M Espresso or the HG-One. I think if I looked at my prime requirement (precision/repeatability) and factored in the price and the size ... the HG-One would be the ideal. As a spin off of this hunt I'm also patiently waiting for the OE Lido to come back in stock after justifying it to myself as being necessary for work use (currently using a colleagues hario and having to switch between press and aeropress settings).
  14. Not very local as I'm in Notts ... so quite a way off It's a shame as I am considering some training, I figure I could do with some upgrading too as I am sure I am the biggest variable in the whole process! The whole mention of the OE grinders has got me off on a mission looking at the OE Lido for my areopress/cafetiere at work. Thankfully it's out of stock otherwise it might have been an expensive tangent
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